Cheap Driver: 1987 Chrysler New Yorker

Who needs to have a car loan when there are nice low-mileage cars like this New Yorker out there? It may not be old enough to be considered a classic, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be a respectable driver. It’s only showing 65k on the odometer and is claimed to drive “like a dream”. The seller mentions some faded paint, but states that there is zero rust. The battery, fluids, and tires have been replaced so it should be ready for duty. It’s located in Sharon, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay for $2,000 or best offer.

The seller doesn’t provide many photos, but the interior does look good enough to believe the mileage claim. I may have said this isn’t a classic yet, but the more I look at it, the more I think I was wrong. This thing has more in common with American classics than it does with any new car being built today. Well, except for the four-cylinder turbo, front wheel drive, and electronic voice alerts… Still for $2k or less, how could you go wrong with this modern classic?

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  1. grant

    It looks comfy. Be a good commuter for 2k.

  2. Bob B

    My dad’s last car was this one in dark blue. It was a nice car. Yep it lets you know when…”your door is ajar” and saying… no the door is a door or… no the door is open are musts if you drive one of these more than once or twice.

  3. hotrod

    ha ha had an identical one in the early 2000s good car and comfortable blast from the past I think that car would talk to you

  4. Mr. TKD

    Isn’t there a robust after
    market for these engines? You could probably make some nice per gains without affecting reliability. I’d definitely be interested.

    • Marshall

      You mean as in take that engine out of an otherwise perfectly good low mileage car? In my book,only if the car got wrecked.

  5. David Frank David F Member

    Just today, a fellow (shower door installer) was showing me pictures of his 87 Chrysler. He was working at Pick and Pull when it came in on a truck. The grandkids didn’t want to be bothered with granddads car. He paid $700 with less than 30K showing. He put new tires and a new battery in it. It really does look like an almost new car. Too bad about the salvage title.

    • Marshall

      Am I missing something here? So did somebody junk an
      ’87 Chrysler with less than 30k, merely because it had a bad battery and bad tires? I did not see any mention of collision damage or anything else wrong with the car.

      • Mark-A

        Said that the kids couldn’t be bothered dealing with Gramps car, every possibility that these types of places make you sign the Title as going for destruction so if it was sent off only way round it will be to reregister & a Salvage title may be the only way (seems lazy on the DMVs part if they could provide the original paperwork!) but I’m in the UK so this is all down to the way I’ve learned from this site but I’d be the first to admit that I may/could be wrong!!

  6. LAB3

    For a Chrysler fan it’s tough to beat it for an everyday car. As for me, a GM with a 3.8 is second to none!

  7. John D.

    An hour away. With the right mods you’d have a potent car that is comfortable, handles good, ad could embarrass many modern cars. The Infinity stereos kicked too. I’d buy it and repair the paint with a scuff and a new coat of clear. With a lot of wet sanding and buffing, I’ve done this color with hardware store rattle can clear. It would be a real Sleeper.

    • Bill T

      I sent the seller a message asking for more photos as I am interested. Let me know if you might be interested in representing me to go inspect should he reply in a timely fashion.

      • John D.

        I would but I had to turn my license into the state after my second stroke, plus, right now I can barely walk.

  8. olddavid

    The ad says driver airbag. I don’t think it does.

    • John D.

      It is not an airbag steering wheel and IIRC, airbags did not come out until ’88 or ’89.

  9. Howard A Member

    Yarrrgh matey, you calls this a New Yorker? (shaking head) Don’t get me wrong, had many K vehicles, all great, but to call this a New Yorker, is a bit off, and mere shred of what that car used to be. Years ago, a New Yorker was top of the line, high class, a step above all the other Chryslers ( save Imperial) This? Sign of the times. Comfy, good mileage, dependable, but make no mistake, it ain’t no ‘ 57 NewYorker.

  10. Vegas Vic

    A work buddy, in 87, 1988, bought one brand new with year end bonus check…. seems like yesterday we all crowded around, complimenting him! 2k? A real steal!

  11. Al

    In 1987, this car was $27,000 + Cdn..
    For a person 6’7″, this was a comfortable drive, then they Quit making them, with enough room for me to drive. Create room for the back seat (heck I never drove from there), by moving the front seat forward a bit.
    Mercedes tried this in 2013 in the GL, the 2 sets of front seats were moved forward. You just could not hold your hockey sticks upright, between the second and third row of seats anymore.
    Could not drive it, did not buy it!

  12. Ralph Robichaud

    This is a true bargain.. these are fantastic & reliable cars.

  13. Bill T

    And it’s sold…

    • Mike H. Mike H

      To you, Bill?

  14. CCFisher

    Never had much respect for these. They were a product of Chrysler’s early-80s desperation, slathered with every American luxury car cliche they could think of, all of it designed to fool customers into thinking they were buying more than they were actually getting.

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