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Cheap Exotic: 1980 Bremen Sebring

The seller of this Bremen Sebring kit car claims he has invested close to $20,000 in the build but is now forced to sell it due to extenuating circumstances. Like so many other Volkswagen Beetle-based kits, the Bremen allowed enthusiasts to enjoy supercar looks with a supercar price tag, and the Sebring went even further by introducing a single-piece canopy that lifted the entire roof, windows, and side panels off the car for passenger entry. It’s wild, and the attention to detail by the seller is impressive. Find it here on eBay with one bid to $5K.

The seller notes his full-time employment as an ASE-certified dealership technician as supporting evidence for his over-the-top attention to detail. Even the aforementioned canopy is supported by two custom-built linear actuators that enable the opening to raise up electronically and via keyless remote fobs.

In addition, the seller personally built the custom wiring harness and full electrical system, with relays used everywhere possible and dual batteries with a selector switch. The dash even features an Itellitronix digital read-out with a GPS module.

The attention to detail on the chassis alone is enough to convince you the seller hasn’t skimped on the details, with the chassis completely repainted and four-wheel disc brakes replacing the drum setup. A height-adjustable front beam was installed, along with a brand-new MoFoCo transmission with under five miles of use. Basically, every other maintenance item you’d expect to see addressed has been correct or replaced, from brake lines to wheel bearings. Despite looking pretty fresh, the seller does note the tires should be replaced.

The custom digital panel / cluster is super trick, and the seller notes all switches are high-quality Carling units. A push-button start has been installed, and you can really see just how methodical he was in putting this car together. Unfortunately, you can also see where it may have stalled, as the once-running 1600cc suddenly ceased to fire after being able to drive the Sebring on short rides. The engine does feature a new carb and electric fuel pump, so hopefully, the issues are minor. What would you pay for this over-engineered kit car?


  1. Redwagon

    All show and no go. I’ve never understood the rationale behind a kit car w a weak engine.

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    • Steve Dexel

      What’s not to understand. The great thing is you don’t have to build one.
      The same could be said of spending $60k on a 650hp car that you legally can drive only 70mph.
      These shells are very well built and about 3/8″ thick.
      At least these unique designs turn heads and bring about conversation.
      Mine does.

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      • Mike Sandy

        The Avenger I built in 1974, had a 1600cc engine in it that I tricked out to 165hp Dyno-tested at World Wide Volkswagen. When your car only weighs in around 17-1800 lbs it runs like a raped-ape!! With a roller bearing crank and rocker arms, I had a tach red line higher than a Porsche 911!

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  2. Rick

    Most were, and that was the appeal. Something you could build in your garage over the course of a couple months of weekends and change your ‘hum-drum” Bug into something else. There’s nothing stopping anyone from changing the engine to something with a little more spark – a well built 2 liter VW engine would liven things up considerably. You have to remember, these cars only weighed around 1800 pounds – you didn’t need a lot of power. This particular car will take a midget to drive. The position of the pedals is ridiculous.

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  3. Little_Cars

    Gotta be the most boring dash layout ever, which speaks to the builder perhaps. Experimental aircraft have less toggles than this thing. I have to admit, with the good looks of the exterior this cockpit is a huge disappointment. With the $20k investment I expect better, not to mention a front and rear bumper so this thing looks complete.

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  4. Mr. Exotherm

    One of the few kit cars that I think actually looks pretty good. The visual proportions of this one work for me. This one could be a lot of fun if you could get in cheap enough. Much of the heavy lifting appears to have been done and to a reasonably high standard. Build or buy a warmed up VW or Porsche engine and have some fun.

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    Not bad looking but they make a better chassis for these which replaces the VW one, and a Subaru engine works well in these but you have to accommodate a radiator and piping

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  6. Tony Primo

    Hard to believe that the same company also offered this kit.

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  7. Fred V

    This is what gave kit cars a bad name.

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  8. Kevin M Fear

    Why spend all that money and not clean up the chassis, differential and engine? Some guys get into these projects where they take a worthless car and make it more worthless. At the end of the day youre driving a vw bug.

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  9. Nick

    First the Fiberfab and then this! I almost brought a Cimbria(sp?) which was this but with more normal doors back in 2009 when i found one running for 5K. Sometimes i wish i did…

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  10. rustylink

    hey Jeff – I think you meant “the Bremen allowed enthusiasts to enjoy supercar looks withOUT a supercar price tag,”.

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  11. Sal

    I actually thought this was a sterling (sp?) at first.
    Not really being a VW guy…. (I wasn’t alive when these came out and live on the east coast) I never even saw one of these before an episode of Full Custom Garage.

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  12. Andrew Franks

    If you are interested in these kinds of cars this is the person you want to buy from if he/she is that meticulous. I agree with either rebuilding or replacing the engine with one that runs reliably and I also agree that the dashboard isn’t tasteful as the rest of the car which may be on purpose. It doesn’t matter. It is unique, you will be apart from the crowd, yes it needs bumpers,
    maybe tires? Give it what it needs and enjoy.

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  13. CanuckCarGuy

    Nice lines, it’s got a Lancia Stratos vibe to it. Tweak the rear quarters to actually fit the staggered wheel set-up, and it would better look the part. I’d go rogue on the power train with a messaged VW TDi, as a nod to the VW bones.

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    • nick

      Id be down with a transverse VR6 with a matching 6 speed with lsd… swap the whole front subframe from a VW into a mid engine set up. The VR6 can sound pretty good with an exhaust.

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  14. kel

    these cars were also made in Melbourne Australia in the 70s . they were called Purvis Eureka .also powered by VW .( made next door to where i worked )

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