Cheap Hauler: 1989 Chevrolet K2500

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Buying a new 4-wheel-drive pickup with the power to haul a heavy load can be an expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be. This 1989 Chevrolet K2500 is a perfect example of his philosophy. It offers the torque of a diesel engine, 4WD capabilities, and it is all wrapped in an affordable package. Making it more attractive is the fact that it has a genuine 34,000 miles on the clock. The owner has decided to part with it, so he has listed it for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. It is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, and all you need to do is hand the owner $4,000, and this beast can be yours.

You don’t need to be Einstein to realize that any pickup with such a low sale price will not be showroom fresh. However, that doesn’t mean that the machine in question has to be a dog, either. What you are looking at here is the worst spot of rust in the entire truck, which is in the driver’s side rocker. The rest of the panels are clean, and are also free from significant dings or dents. It would be interesting to treat the exterior to a wet sand and polish because I suspect that the results would be a surprise. The underside of the Chevy has surface corrosion, but it is structurally sound. The 8-foot flatbed looks to be in good condition, and the receiver adds a further touch of versatility. The exterior trim seems quite acceptable, while there are no problems with the glass.

Power and torque for this truck are delivered courtesy of Chevrolet’s 6.2-liter V8 diesel. This monster should be producing a respectable 132hp, but more importantly, from a load-carrying perspective, 257 ft/lbs of torque at an impressive 2,000 rpm. Couple that with a 3-speed automatic transmission and a dual-range transfer case, and this is a classic that should be able to edge its way into some pretty harsh territory. That mountain of torque should also allow it to haul some hefty loads with ease. The engine in this vehicle does start and run. The truck will move forward and backward under its own power, but it will need a few things before it could be deemed roadworthy. It does have an engine oil leak and will also need a pan gasket for the transmission. One tire has a slow leak, but the owner is throwing in three spare tires. Fix those few things and treat it to some old-fashioned TLC, and the open road will be beckoning for this beauty.

The Chevy’s interior isn’t perfect, but it is definitely serviceable for a hauler, daily driver, or shop truck. Aftermarket additions include a volt gauge, a JVC CD player, and a 12-volt accessory socket on top of the dash. The plastic looks to be respectable, and what can be seen of the upholstered surfaces shows promise. The brake pedal is missing its pad, and the carpet shows some wear, but I wouldn’t consider replacing anything until I treated everything to a clean. Items that initially look bad have a funny way of becoming quite good after applying some high-quality cleaning products.

Suppose you found yourself in the position tomorrow where you would be hauling or moving heavy loads. In that case, you could wander into your nearest Chevrolet dealership and buy a 4WD diesel pickup with the same sort of carrying capacity as this 1989 K2500. The fact is that if you did this, you would be driving away in a shiny new vehicle, but you would score the double-whammy. Your wallet would be lighter to the tune of $41,000, and the depreciation in the first year alone would be enough to make you feel nauseous. This classic helps potential buyers to avoid both of those consequences, and that’s why it deserves a closer look.

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  1. Chevy to the Levy

    I am sold ..praise GM.
    Can I get a testify 😉

    Its low miles but is the frame sturdy without rust?

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    • George

      Has surface rust on the frame.

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    the only thing that has 34,000 miles is the replaced instrument cluster.

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    • Pierre

      ..Or the mower, underneath the truck (1st pic), maybe.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    I wanted to see where this went, after all, it is a BF classified. I never thought the previous model, the “squarebody” would ever garner so much attention, but if trends say anything, this will be the next collectible truck. Right now, it’s pretty tired and it’s main feature is the 4wd, but who knows?
    Just a quick, polite heads up to the seller,,,most here know what 34K looks like, and sorry, this isn’t it. Still, great trucks.

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    • George

      The dmv is showing actual miles. If the instrument cluster was changed it would not say this.

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  4. Jasper

    No thanks. Tried to make too many of this caliber rig a decent, usable vehicle. Hard pass! Looks more like $1500. Sink $15,000 into it and hopefully emerge with at least a $3500 truck. Someone’s gotten their use out of this. Park it out back and forget about it. Not the kind of vehicle to look at with any optimism.

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  5. jf85tr99

    Even if the mileage is accurate 34K off-road or farm miles is likely worse than 200K road/highway in most cases. Factor in the possible rust/rot and it should keep the bids pretty reasonable. Regardless, this looks like a tough rig that would probably haul till it broke clean in half. Buyer will likely get their moneys worth!


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    • George

      Most of the miles are road/highway miles.

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