Cheap Humpback: 1937 Ford


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With a promising appearance, and no information, this Ford looks like a deal! Looking to be complete, and having a Flathead V8 under the hood, we don’t think you can loose on this one. Priced at $2,500 or best offer, this Ford will be gone quick! Find it here on craigslist out of Albany, New York.


There is no information whatsoever about anything on this ford but the drivetrain is listed as complete. One of the coolant hoses looks to be disconnected at the head so it doesn’t appear to have been run recently. The engine appears stock and original, and looks reasonable. The wiring doesn’t appear chewed on or worn, neither do the coolant hoses. Perhaps with some work the Flathead could be revived, we certainly hope so. The engine bay overall looks pretty solid with no major rot visible. There is plenty of surface rust though.


The only photo of the interior doesn’t reveal a whole lot, but it does lend an idea of what we are working with. The dash is evenly surface rusted, though the gauges looks clean and discoloration free. The Steering wheel is a little dry, and suffers from some cracking. From what little we can see of the floors they looks solid. The whole car overall looks solid but a tad rough around some of the edges. It would appear that this Ford wears original paint, or a very old repaint. There is surface rust on the exterior but is in the minor stages. The only rough looking spots on the exterior consist of the lower edge of the rear fenders, and the running boards. The running boards aren’t too bad off, but the rear lower fenders look rather jagged. The front fenders look straight and clean with no signs of rot.  The grill is missing a slat or two, but overall this is a lot of car for the price.


Is it too early to beg, plead, and bargain, to get this Ford as a Christmas gift? We don’t think so, but you better be quick, as we suspect this deal won’t last long. How much pleading and begging would you do to get this Ford?

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  1. RayT

    Lots of work ahead for the next owner! I’ve already sent off a quick note to Santa, but I’m betting someone else will get it….

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Make it into an old police car. ( can’t believe it’s not a hotrod by now)

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  3. M/K

    get her running an drive the old gal just the way she is, she’s perfect now

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    • Jim Mc

      Agreed. Even with the minimal rust/rot, this is a deal. Oil up that flatty, sort the electric, brakes, and clutch, throw a blanket on the seat, and go. She’s a beauty. Nice car, right price.

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  4. Fred W.

    Can’t believe they are selling a two door for that price. If the engine is not locked, should be easy to get going. If the brakes are still mechanical they may also be easy, just plan on stopping a day in advance.

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  5. joeinthousandoaks

    Engine looks to be a 60 horse, which is junk. Which doesn’t matter if you are going the street rod route. Rust repairs would be the biggest issue but from the pics it doesn’t look bad. just needs a TCI frame and suspension, crate motor and trans some deep pockets and it could be a sweet ride.

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    • Klharper

      Hey joe, I know nothing about flat head fords, but why is the 60 horse “junk” versus other flat heads, and can it be built into something neat.
      These cars are out of my area of expertise but I do like them, though I prefer a period hotrod as opposed to dropping a modem engine in it.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hi Joe. I don’t think that’s a V8-60. This one looks to be a 24 stud so it’s from a late ’38 or newer. The 60 was only 17 studs. I tend to agree with you on the 60 leaving something to be desired. It’s kind of interesting how the 60 came about: The dealers were begging Ford to come out with a more economical 6 cyl. motor but Henry HATED sixes. He brought the ‘economical’ small V8 which cost almost as much to build as the V8-85. Henry doggedly dug in till ’41 when he finally agreed to build a six. I might add that (I heard) the six was spec’d out by the War Department. I saw some vintage Ford ads for ’41. It’s interesting that they touted the V8-85 and the larger, more powerful V8-95 but not a word was said about the new six….

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    • Jim

      Either 60 or 85hp, it’ll make a nice cruiser. Make it safe and reliable and enjoy it. I hate to admit it but this is a good candidate for western blanket seat covers, it’s a very complete car, well worth the money.

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  6. joeinthousandoaks

    The lower horse engine was just that, low horsepower. They are smaller overall and not worth building when 85 horse engines are available. Taking a closer look at this picture I stand corrected in that this is a 85 horse 21 stud engine. At first glance it looked small in the photo. I didn’t check the studs…..

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  7. ScooterMember

    Looking closer, that hose is busted off at the outlet.

    And hey, the V8-60 deserves more respect. Way too many of these won tons of races in midgets. You guys too young to remember that??? It was a completely different flathead. The first ones even had tin sides. And I’m not even going to diss that ( even though Ford cast them up as quick as they could because it was just to make that marketing deadline), because not too much later Crosley built his tin 4 cylinder, which helped win the war in generators and made for some mighty fast hydroplanes in the 50’s and 60’s.

    So, as a result, almost none are ever actually seen anymore in the engine bay of a ’37 Ford, which makes a bunch more interesting car on the show field then one of lots of common V8-85s. And it’s an 85 anyway. Want to drive one, put in a modern drive train like my ’37 Coupe. If it had been a 60, I would have bought it just to put it on the field as-is.

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    • cyclemikey

      I completely agree, Scooter. I guess I don’t subscribe to the notion that it’s always only about horsepower and more is better. Plus I don’t feel the need to always have the same thing as everybody else.

      I’d rock a V8-60 proudly, just to be different from the crowd. But this little V8-85 is pretty cool regardless. I’d want to see the underside, given that it’s in upstate NY.

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  8. stillrunners

    What Scooter said….the little 60hp were junked so much they bring a good price to midget and the early hydro boat racers….and a good hop up motor for the old Ford N series tractors !

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  9. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Hey Howard. How bout get two and make one a moonshine runner?

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  10. Wayne Thomas

    Ecoboost is what this ride needs.

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