Cheap P-Cars DO Exist! 1981 Porsche 928


I’m having a really hard time not calling about this Porsche 928. I’ve always liked them, and yes, I realize they are complex automobiles, but this one’s even a manual transmission car. Thanks to Barn Finds reader John G. for this terrific find–and please think about picking it up before I do! It’s located in Booneville, North Carolina and is listed for sale here on craigslist for only $650.


That’s a well-known (in North Carolina) combination of mildew, green “gook” and snail tracks on the hood. It looks like the GM (Regal?) coupe next to it has been keeping it company for a while. According to the seller, it has a clear title, was running when parked (!) and has been sitting for about 6 years.


I’m surprised to see that the seats don’t look too bad, although the dash has deteriorated greatly! I’ve actually refurbished a Jaguar XJS that was considerably worse than this inside (would you believe mushrooms growing on the steering wheel?) but I can tell you that getting the smell that undoubtedly pervades this interior out will be extremely difficult. However, for the P-car fan on a budget, I can’t imagine a less expensive buy-in price–but I’m not too sure about the final total. Tell us what you think in the comments below!


  1. Jeff Staff

    I want this badly.

  2. Woodie Man

    The mold……the mold…

  3. sparkster

    Always like the 928 with a manual transmission ( hard to find ) Still love the ” Risky Business” movie . The cloth interior makes this it even better. Aluminium hood is worth the money alone.

  4. DJ mcQuaid. Member

    GM ” LS ” conversion …… Always wanted to do that with one of these ….. Buy a late model GTO wrecked and put the drivetrain in a 928 …….

  5. Dolphin Member

    Worth it for the transaxle / shift linkage / pedal box / clutch+flywheel alone, and maybe the engine if it actually did “run when parked” as claimed in the ad. But some of the electronics will likely be toast from sitting in the humidity and heat cycles, and the interior will need a lot for anyone just to want to sit in it. What I’m wondering is how does a 928 end up in Booneville, NC?

    • Jeff Staff

      This is what always gets me. God, I’d love to be able to figure out how cars end up in the places they do…who the owners were…why they left them there…etc.

  6. Doyler

    Like many people, I find myself strangely attracted to this.

  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    these things were house money – what happens?

  8. OKCPhil

    Yeah I see race car here. Strip it to the bone and clean it with a power washer then install a cage and run only the basic wires new. Maybe Rally car this thing. Sell anything left over and it might be free. No need to to preserve this one.

  9. sparkster

    I have an old friend and they have over 60 cars and trucks on their acreage in the central valley of California. 64′ SS 409 Chevy’s etc etc. They get completely offended if someone comes to their door asking to buy any of the vehicles. Yet they are on the poor side of finances. I just don’t get it..

  10. randy

    I love the way a 928 engine sounds, but I have always hated these bulbous butt cars. That said, I’d buy this in a heartbeat, were I within 2 hours. I bet it’s already gone.

  11. Jason Houston

    There’s one of these abandoned in a small ghost town on the outskirts of Death Valley, if anyone’s interested.

  12. D. King

    “Ran well when parked.” Was that just before the flood?

  13. Jason Houston

    Don’tcha just love the

    (pick one)

    “Ran when parked”

    “All original”

    “One owner”

    “just needs TLC”


    “they only made 12,477”

    “XXX original miles”


  14. BradL

    The only way this P-car will remain cheap is if it’s left in this condition. ANY attempt to resurrect it will not be cheap.

    Love the snail tracks on the hood.

  15. Chris Clark

    What about the Buick Grand National sitting beside it

  16. Adam Wright

    That dash looks like this 928 had the same electronic gremlins that like to see flames and fire, figuring out wiring on a 928 is like re-wiring a space shuttle, and about as cheap.

  17. Fogline

    Good thing it is on the other coast or I would be hooking up the trailer right now. Wheels alone have to be worth the asking price or close to it.

  18. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Would love it!! I love the looks and the V8! BUT, I cannot fathom the bank this would cost you just get it back to the “running when parked” condition!?!? I often wonder why if it was “running when parked”, WHY was it parked? And, considering what it is, I don’t believe these were ever a dime dozen, why it was left outside, without any type of protection, knowing it was guaranteed to rot???? Sad, very very very sad!!

  19. Claus Graf

    If this car was in the Houston area, I would buy it and park it next to my rusty 914 project.

  20. dj

    Thats a Grand National sitting next to it.

  21. Brenda

    What year was it parked. I had one for 25 years with only 100000 km when i sold it. Needed a bank roll just to maintain cant imagine what this would cost to restore.

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