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Cheap Royalty: 1939 Cadillac Fleetwood

Finding cars in similar condition to this Cadillac always excite me. There is enough of the car remaining to do something with, and the price is reasonable making a car that may have once been far out of my budget, much more budget friendly. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information included with this Fleetwood other than the fact that it doesn’t run, and the price is firm. Offered at the reasonable price of $2,500, this Cadillac is an appealing find. Find it here on craigslist out of Staten Island, New York.

Although not currently running, the 346 cubic inch flat head V8 looks promising. The actual condition of the drivetrain is unknown, but hopefully this Caddy can be revived with some fresh fluids and a little tinkering. This Cadillac has an automatic transmission, which is the 4 speed Hydra-Matic transmission. Mildly rusted, but mostly covered in paint, the engine and compartment looks reasonable for a car that likely lives outside.

This Fleetwood is hard to get past. The exterior looks solid, and the paint almost looks to be original. Rust is at a minimum on this Caddy only showing rust on the front passenger fender due to a light scrape, and some other mild surface rust in the rocker region. The chrome, and trim appear to be complete, and in nice shape as well. The only major concern for missing parts on the exterior is the missing headlight assemblies, and some engine cover trim. The interior is an interesting mix of piled parts, and what almost looks like an original interior as well that needs some attention after the test of time. A little rough, but solid with loads of potential, this Cadillac looks like a neat project for the right price.  For the $2,500 asking price you are almost buying it for .55 cents a pound. Would you save this big Caddy?


  1. Beemoe

    If I only had the time and space. A college buddy of mine and I had a dream long ago of getting some antique sedans and limos and starting a classic limo service. This would fit right in.
    Alas we got sucked into the real world and we never got that venture off the ground. Perhaps in retirement we’ll revisit it.

  2. Ck

    You should do it now I’ve got a 47 that would look good next to this 39. I believe it was Elvis ,who said,You gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead you.I live in MA.

  3. Bingo

    The seller says “no travelers checks”. Really? Does American Express still offer travelers checks?

    I love the dual side mounts.

  4. Jesper

    Wow a nice projekt for 2500$
    If engine could run when parked, and dosnt need bigger repair, its a good price.
    Give me, give me :-)

  5. Mark

    Fantastic project for the price! Even as static art, it’s beautiful. One tiny, little problem- no email and no phone number!

  6. Fred W.

    Not very long ago this was someone’s beloved cruiser and kept inside. Older restoration, owner probably passed and the wife put it out to pasture. If the engine turns over, probably one of the best deals ever seen here.

  7. redwagon

    i’m not into pre war cars and even I get excited about that car at that price.

  8. CCFisher

    If originality is a concern, Hydra-Matic wasn’t available on Cadillacs until 1941. In fact, it was introduced on 1940 Oldsmobiles, so it’s unlikely this car came from the factory with an automatic transmission, even as a special order. Could have been a prototype, though……

  9. Coventrycat

    Those late thirties Caddies are on my lust list, right after Packard. Beautiful design.

  10. John M

    Does anyone know what the round hole in the passenger side cowl is for, behind the spare wheel cover?
    Also, there appears to be a large area of rust and failed bondo where the rocker meets the rear wheel on the passenger side.
    However, the lack of contact information in the CL ad sure looks like someone is trying to pull our chain… and has succeeded!

  11. nessy

    Geez, a 60 Special with sidemounts for only 2500? The 60 Special is a very historic car for so many reasons that can’t even be listed here. This is unheard of. We must be missing something. The sidemount fenders and covers can be sold for 1500 and that is a fact, not a guess. This car has wood planks along the frame. Maybe the underbody is gone. If this car is pretty much complete, this is the barn find buy of the week, no, more like the find of the month.

  12. nessy

    Nope, I am convinced, this is a fake ad. No email, no number and a 2500 price on a car that is worth over 10k just as it sits. Nobody is that dumb to not do a little research on the car first. There is another one online in need of work and it’s price is 22k.

  13. Jay E.

    This is at the Hollywood Garage is Staten Island (featured on American Pickers). Those guys know cars and I doubt they would be selling this for so cheap. I suspect this is a fake ad. Perhaps Jesse can call, their phone number is easy to find.

  14. Wayne Thomas

    Calling fake here. Worth more than $2500 and if legit, it’d already be gone.

  15. Ron Bajorek

    begging for a 472/turbo 400 swap

  16. Joeinthousandoaks

    If I gave you that car and you did a full restore you’d be upside down in it when finished.

  17. roger A

    This is a hurricane sandy vehicle survivor if i remember correctly has been on craigslist quite a while here in ny

  18. jeff6599

    I believe that pricing would be 55 cents a pound, not .55 cents a pound.

  19. G 1

    The hydra-matic was of Cadillac origins starting in the late 20’s. When put into production, Cadillac couldn’t afford to take the hit if it didn’t turn out. So GM pawned it off on Olds. The rest is history.

  20. Joe

    Posted on Craigs ten days ago the ad says.

    A dual sidemount cadillac with the drivetrain still there that looks like it does in the pictures for $2500????? and it isn’t gone? Something isn’t right here.

  21. Rustytech Member

    Probably forgot to hit another zero!

  22. MRE2ME

    Just saw one of these licenced & sitting in front of a mansion of the same vintage. The one here was cream coloured & seriously infected with the tin worm. Even as a Sandy car would the body be salvageable for the one up here.(Ontario)? Is it even worth the effort?

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