Cheap Z28! 1980 Chevrolet Camaro

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This 1980 Camaro Z28 is far from perfect, but it’s also pretty darn cheap at just $2,800. The seller is firm on the price, but notes that there’s no rust in the floors or trunk and the body is “…pretty straight.” I dig the colors of copper brown with the black hood bulge, and the Centerline-style wheels are a good look. Find the Camaro here on craigslist in Klamath County, Oregon. 

Image courtesy of Classic Auto Advertisements

Thanks to Barn Finds reader J. Liu for the find. There’s only one picture included in the listing, so we’ll have to use our imagination as to what a possible restoration would look like. This period advertisement shows you a range of cosmetic and mechanical features that came standard on the Camaro; I wonder how stock this car remains underneath. The seller notes the 350 is paired to an automatic that shifts well, but that the interior is a weak point in the car.

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No photos of the supposedly tired interior are included, so we’ll again have to assume it’s pretty bad but entirely expected for a sub-$3,000 Camaro. The only immediate change I’d make beyond getting into reliable, running condition is to swap out the wheels for some OEM turbine-style rollers, as they are period- and factory-correct. Aside from that, I’d just try to keep my investment as low as possible in this already-cheap Camaro. Would you use it or restore it?

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  1. Pat LMember

    Jeff those turbine wheels are correct for a 1979. You want the N90 style for ‘80-81 Z28’s like the ones in the brochure. Even better would be an upgrade to 17 inch while you are at it.

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    • Superdessucke

      Correct. The famous steel 5-spoke rims were standard from 1977-81. But there were two different sets of optional aluminum rims during that time period. The turbines in the picture (1978-79) and the ones in the brochure (1980-81). The car for sale looks like it has Centerlines, a very popular aftermarket rim in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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  2. ccrvtt

    Sorry Jeff, the Centerline wheels were never a good look. Despite the garish color (which is period-correct) this is a good-looking car. If it’s as free of rust as the seller claims it could be a nice low-effort project.

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    • Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

      I agree about the Centerlines’ but I am saying that color is just…

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  3. Barzini

    I assumed it would not last long at that price but the ad was posted 23 days ago.

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  4. JoeMac Joe Mac

    How is this not gone bye-bye at $2800?

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  5. Sal

    In person, this color looks great.

    Years ago, a friend of mine had almost the exact same car.
    One day he windowed the block coming home from work. As a joke, a buddy of his put the car in the swap sheet (for you kids out there, that was our Craigslist, only in analog form)
    The ad said something like ’79 Z28, solid body, blown motor, ran 10’s, $900 or best’
    He received 100’s of calls.
    At first I thought it was pretty mean. But after a few days, I couldn’t help but laugh. You couldn’t even have a conversation with him without the phone ringing.
    And no, I was not the one that did it.

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  6. A.J.

    Jeez, still up at $2800 for now 24 days. I can’t believe it’s still available. Wish it was closer, I’d add it to the fleet.

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  7. tommy

    I had a 1980 Z28 Black with T-tops that didn’t leak nice car bought it for my wife.

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  8. Tricky

    Great buy and still for sale, what the….!!!

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  9. Keefer Zeller

    Wish it was closer to Florida. Can’t get much farther away!

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  10. Dave L

    I had those turbine wheels come on my brown 78 Camaro from the factory. They had yellow accents on them. Black interior T-Tops and a 4 speed

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  11. Diego

    is the car still available? if so how do i contact the seller?

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    • Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

      Unless the seller(or buyer) re-lists it, then you are out of luck. I guess you could go on Craigslist & search this car & see if it pops up in that area of Oregon again? It’s a Longshot but good luck, it was listed more than a year & a half ago.

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      • Diego

        i figured as much, been looking for a z28 for a long time now. i might take a shot at that, thank you

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