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Chevy Or GMC? 1968 4X4 Pickup

The collectability continues with ’67-’72 Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. Watch any of the televised classic car auctions, and the Chevy-GMC, almost twins, are always well represented. The example that we are reviewing today is listed as a C10, but that being a Chevrolet designation, this truck is probably a 1500 as that would be GMC’s 1/2 ton designation. Or is it? Questions abound regarding this truck’s provenance so let’s take a deep dive and find out what we really have here. Located in Waukon, Iowa, this 1968 GMC 1500 is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $1,842 with 33 bids tendered as of this writing.

By the time that this vintage of GMC truck had arrived, there wasn’t a lot of distance between it and a corresponding Chevrolet. GMC utilized quad headlights instead of singles, a gunsight grille, and two of its own V6 engines, and barring interior or exterior trim, that’s about it. And this truck looks like a GMC until you get to the VIN tag which lists this vehicle as a Chevrolet. Specifically, the VIN decodes as follows:

  • C – 2 wheel drive
  • E – V8
  • 1 – 1/2 ton
  • 4 – Pickup
  • 8 – 1968
  • S – St. Louis Assembly
  • 162035 – sequence number

The GMC VIN is similar though the model type is two-digit and not single. But wait, this is a four-wheel-drive truck, right? It most definitely is but the VIN indicates it’s a two-wheeler as the VIN code would be “K” instead of the reported “C” for 4×4. What do we really have here? I don’t know for certain. To shed a bit more light on the matter, the seller states, “I do have an open 1968 GMC truck title that the previous owner gave to me that goes with the sale, but I could not find any matching numbers from the title on the truck. The title was probably from one of the donor parts trucks. Again, I am selling it as a bill of sale only. I listed it under chevy as I could not find a GMC truck option.” Sounds like the seller has a GMC title for a Chevrolet truck.

There is no way to describe this truck as other than rough. The seller states, “The body has its dents dings and some rust starting. It comes with 2 extra front fenders. The frame looks good. the floors look good“. Owing to the difference in colors, it would seem that the front fenders and tailgate are not original – and the tailgate, in particular, has suffered quite a bit of abuse. Also, the doors and body appear to have been two-tone, fawn with a white band along the bottom edge, separated by stainless trim – not the case with the fenders, however as they are solid blue. Is it possible that the replaced parts changed this truck from a Chevrolet to a GMC? Perhaps, I suppose but I’d appreciate hearing from Chevy/GMC truck aficionados that can shed some light on this perplexing matter. Whatever the case, the exterior needs a lot of work. Though the cargo bed is covered in surface rust, the steel deck appears to be sound so that’s helpful.

The seller suggests that this truck is still in possession of its original engine. Originally, a ’68 Chevy or GMC truck had the option of a 307 or a 327 CI, small-block Chevy engine. What’s in place looks like an ’86 (center bolt hole, black, ribbed, valve covers) or later engine, probably a 350 CI unit. And it’s a “long pump” model so it’s not a ’68 motor. It does run and this video proves it. The seller adds, “This truck does start up and run and drive. The v8 engine runs strong and the manual stick shifts all gears like it should. I am not sure if it’s the original engine or not, the previous owner said it was.” The four-wheel-drive mechanism engages though the seller advises that shifting between the ranges is “stiff”.

The interior has been used in the way that one would expect a work truck to be used. There is a filthy seat cover over a deteriorating bench seat and a typical rubber mat covering the floor. The dash pad is cracked but the instrument panel appears to be intact. Interestingly, the steering wheel horn button reads “GMC”. The seller does claim that the gauges and radio work.

I suppose this truck is a decent basic start but it would be helpful to know exactly what it is before the next owner proceeds. The bidding is unusual too as this truck started out at $100 and 33 bids later it’s only up to $1,842 but it’s a no reserve auction so someone will end up with it. Being aware of its sketchy provenance, do you think this 1968 GM truck is worth considering or would you pass?


  1. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    An Iowa truck,with no title = parts/farm truck.

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  2. Avatar photo b-rad jeepster

    I think someone put a GMC front clip and tailgate on a chevy cab. It may have vortec heads on as that would make it breathe better.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      Vortec heads had a different intake manifold bolt pattern than the heads on this engine.

      Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo Mr Dave

    It’s an old truck. Maybe started out as a 4×4 1/2 ton GMC and a Chevy cab from a 4×2 was transferred onto it because of some old pickup problem, like rust or something fell on it. With the newer engine in it and no title matching anything it really isn’t very hard to realize that the seller is just dummying up and trying not to admit anything. Might be good frame and drivetrain to swap a cool body onto it

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  4. Avatar photo local_sheriff

    There are (at least) 3 trucks going into this one – GMC/Chev frame, Chev cab+bed, GMC front+tailgate. Probably parted together many moons back to breathe a little more life into what served as a work truck beater of little value.

    IMO the only pros of this truck are the 4×4 frame and 4spd – ’67-’72 RWD longbeds in rough condition are 13 on a dozen. It would be interesting to learn whether seller has access to any legit paperwork belonging to the frame itself or whether it has any visible #s imprinted. It will depend on your local legislation whether this one can be legally titled. Many ’67-’72 trucks have fronts swapped for cosmetic reasons (or simply due to access to boneyard parts) – personally I think the Chev version looks way better.

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  5. Avatar photo Billy

    and to add to the smorgasbord, the step bumper looks like it’s off a mid ’90s F-series!

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  6. Avatar photo Karl

    My first vehicle in high school was a 72 GMC it had an automatic. I paid 3500.00 and it was in beautiful condition no rust great paint. It had like 456 gears in the rear, very steep. Over time I of course changed the intake and carb, headers cam and ignition. It only went 92 mph but it got there fast! Very great pickup. I am happy to see them getting the respect today they deserve!

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  7. Avatar photo Chuck


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  8. Avatar photo Adam Killpack

    It is simple Cab has been changed. front clip is GMC. I have done several.

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  9. Avatar photo SubGothius

    This truck is a Ship of Theseus, or the proverbial axe that’s had its handle replaced five times and its head twice but is still the “same” axe.

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