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Chopped And Channeled: 1932 Chevrolet

Now this is a hot rod! This ’32 Chevy has been chopped, channeled and equipped with a V8. It was parked in a barn in 1962 and that’s where it stayed until just recently. It clearly is going to need some work before it will be ready for use, but how cool would it be to show up at the local car shows in this beast? You can find it here on eBay in Larsen, Wisconsin with a current high bid of $8,350.

The photos aren’t great, but from what I can see, this looks like a fairly well done hot rod. Some of the features and craftsmanship are typical for the early ’60s. The engine is said to be from a ’57 Thunderbird, so I assume that means it is a 312 cui. And the transmission is from a 1940 Lincoln with a Columbia 2 speed rear end. It currently doesn’t run, so it’s hard to say what all it’s going to need to get running.

As cool as this thing is, it looks like it will be a challenge to get in and out, even for the most flexible of drivers. But, when your ride looks this cool, who cares if it’s easy to get in and out of. And once you finally get seated and fire that V8 up, you aren’t going to care that it takes 10 minutes to get in and out of!


  1. Bob

    That’s a switch a Ford in a Chevy.

    • grant

      My first thought was “put a flathead in it” just to be a smartass….

  2. Jon

    Now that’s a time capsule. … if it could only talk, the tales it would have, I’m sure would be pretty cool.

  3. 8banger Dave Member

    It would give thanks, for being awakened after a long, bird-infested slumber.

  4. JW454

    Interesting little buggy. It reminds me of the little Hot Rod that sat in the back of “The Egyptian” body shop in Dayton, Ohio on Springfield street all through the sixties and seventies. Rode my bike past there every day to see what they were working on.
    Kinda wondering why you would need the ten toggle switches on the dash.
    Otherwise… NEAT.

    • Tom S.

      Re: “Kinda wondering why you would need the ten toggle switches on the dash.”

      I wondered that, too. You really need to be able to turn it up to eleven.

  5. Not fast anymore, just old

    It may have a ’32 title, but the body around the windshield looks to be pre-1932.

  6. Tom Member

    Pretty freakin cool. Lots of work needed but pretty freakin cool.

  7. Joe M

    This is cool, a bit of a time capsule. I hope that this isn’t chopped, and reformed. This is a bit of history, I hope someone restores this as is. But may be too tempting to redo the whole thing to the new owners taste.

  8. Al

    I thought it would have had a Chevy 409, which I have not seen in a very long time.
    Maybe the toggles are in lieu of a push button radio or possibly a ten speed trany, but I can’t see the latter. Too inconvenient.

  9. BeeMoe

    At the risk of asking a dumb question… where is the shifter?

    • brian crowe

      shifter is right there in the center. There is a notched out area in the lower center of dash to clear the shifter.

  10. Alan (Michigan)

    Digging it.
    looks like an “Ahooogah” horn on the right frame section, next to the engine!

    • Mike Williams

      It’s got to have a Ford horn too.

    • peter

      In my opinion, that horn is not a 20/30s horn but a Taiwanese reproduction that were not available until the 60s and I would guess that it was not fitted in 62 or prior and as such the car might have gone into the garage later than 62.

      That style of repro horn is still available today.

  11. JW

    Awesome, some one needs to bring it back to it’s glory. I’m sure all the toggle switches are for anything electrical that needs power such as ignition, lights, horn maybe even some of the gauges. This would be fun to do as it has no purist history to it.

  12. KevinW

    Neat, Neat, Neat !

  13. Al

    If there is no shifter BeeMoe, I guess the toggles are the shifter, kind of inconvenient though.
    Imagine leaning way over to the right for higher gears.

  14. Speedy D

    Look directly below the notch cut out of the centre of the dash — you can see the rather ‘squiggly’ shift lever — also definitely not a 32 Chev – more likely a 30 or 31 sporting a 1936 Ford Truck grille shell

  15. madbrit

    Maybe the toggle switches are an early form of a coded anti-theft device?

  16. Rod E

    I’d get it running reliably and drive it straight to a car show with the bird crap on it. Best rat rod ever because it came about naturally. How cool would that be?

  17. Mike Williams

    I love it! A Ford Thunderbird engine in a Chevie. Great looks.

  18. Mike Williams

    I bet that old Ford Y block will come to life as long as it hasn’t been stored under water lol

  19. Wayne

    Switch #1 ignition
    Switch #2 fuel pump
    Switch #3 left outer tail lamp
    Switch #4 left inner tail lamp
    Switch #5 right outer tail lamp
    Switch #6 right inner tail lamp
    Switch #7 left low beam
    Switch #8 right low beam
    Switch #9 left high beam
    Switch #10 right high beam
    No room for switch for windshield wipers of any speed!

  20. Billy Faught

    Pretty flippin’ kool….a true rat…..gotta love the nerf bars and exhaust ported thru the tail lights….get it running, and show-n-go!!!

  21. Doug Crawford

    NO,No,No. Come on guys. One switch was to kill the brake lights, so the cop you just passed at 90+ can’t see you dynamite the brakes, the second was to kill the taillights, so that after he turned around, the cop couldn’t see where you went, but you still had headlights see with..
    The third was for the dome light, so you could turn it ( or a second dim red one ) on to ” organize’ your illegal substances with no other lights on to give away your presence. Most every gear head kid and young adult male in eastern Kentucky had those in the 60’s 70’s . Not sure about the rest of the switches.

  22. Wayne

    This is a real hot rod from when skill and ingenuity built homemade cars. Not like so called hot rods today which are only kit cars with all off the shelf parts. All it takes now is money and just bolt it all together. This is a real hot rod. LOVE IT. Don’t change a thing, just make it safe and enjoy it. If it was here in OZ, I’d bid on it.

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