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Citroens in a Wisconsin Barn


We have heard stories of the incredible barn finds hiding in Wisconsin, but never did we think we would come across a barn like this. It is full of European cars, including several seemingly out of place French built cars. When we think about it, it makes sense that the cheese capital of America would relate well to French automobiles. These cars are practical and handle well whether they are on snow, gravel, or pavement, plus Wisconsin and France share a love for all things cheese. The owner of this collection has decided to clear out their barn. Their 1972 D-Special DS can be found here on eBay and their pair of Citroen wagons can be found here. We will be keeping an eye on this seller, to see what else they have parked in their barn.


The seller’s other two Citroens are wagons and are in rough shape. The 1964 ID Wagon above has been outside for many years and is very rusty. The original motor is in the car, but doesn’t run. The other is a 1971 DS Wagon and while the body is in better shape, it is still rough. The seller suggests combining the two to make one complete car, but given the difference in age, that could be more difficult than it sounds.


We can’t decide whether we would rather tackle these wagons or stick with the DS sedan. The wagons are definitely unique, but the sedan is a D-Special with sport tuning for improved performance. Given the shape of these cars, taking any of them on could be a massive challenge. The DS made extensive use of hydraulic systems, with everything from the pneumatic suspension to the transmission being run off of a high pressure hydraulics system. We would want to make sure all the hydraulic components are still intact, as they are getting difficult to replace.


So which of these French cars would you take on? Or would you hold off on these and wait to see what else the seller is hiding in their barn? Even if you’re not interested in one of these cars, it might be worth making the trip to Wisconsin to check out this barn to see what’s in it and while you’re there you might as well enjoy some of that famous Wisconsin cheese!


  1. Avatar photo Connor

    I would go for the wagons, rather than the sedans but I would also hold out to see what else is in that barn.

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    • Avatar photo Connor

      In one picture on the eBay listing, I think I see a jenson interceptor.

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      • Avatar photo Dion

        Please tell me where? I do not see it anywhere.

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      • Avatar photo Dion

        Ahhh found it. The red one.

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  2. Avatar photo Anastos

    I see an old Saab and a Sedan deVille.

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    • Avatar photo Mark E

      Yeah, and what may be an old amazon style Volvo behind the red wagon.

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  3. Avatar photo Patrick Calhoun

    I never could get my head rapped around why anybody would want one of these. I worked on one and I’ll never do that again. A Tour De Force using complex technology to answer a question nobody asked. I’m surprised that honking the horn didn’t involve 15 hydrorams and a surrender flag…

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Maybe you have to be French….

      Great comment, BTW….my vote for funniest comment in a long while, especially the 15 hydrorams & the flag.

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      • Avatar photo scot

        ~ you don’t ‘have’ to be French, you ‘get’ to be French.
        [looking down w/ scorn on those of lesser breeding]

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    • Avatar photo Rosso2300S

      Great comment Patrick, but have you driven one over rough roads or tracks or across a paddock? These and their forerunners, particularly the ‘Big 6’ are amongst the most capable cars on the road, and were built for use in the Alps and on similar twisty, icy roads. Expensive and incredibly difficult to work on, as you indicate, but just fantastic and forgiving to drive. One thing that I initially found scary on this model was the tennis-ball brake ‘pedal’.

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    • Avatar photo Jimbosidecar

      I used to own a 1970 (I think) DS 21. Wonderful car to drive and a miserable car to repair.

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    • Avatar photo Gene

      I have been driving a 1988 Citroen CXA Prestige 2500 for about 7 years. Yes it is a sophisticated design, but it always gets me home and it is the most comfortable car to ride in. I had to fire a shop because they couldn’t follow how belts were mounted on the car. I had to get photos from an expert in Seattle to prove they had put the belts on wrong. I am fortunate to have as a friend who worked for the company that imported the CXAs into the states. He fixes small problems that pop up such as indicators not working, etc. If I had he wherewithal, I’d try to buy all of Citroens and have them restored, Their design is still far ahead of Detroit.

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    • Avatar photo Webby

      Gold. Pure gold. Back on topic, not even with a 3.048 metre pole.

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  4. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    If an old Citroen sedan is too common, how about this pair of wagons, with a grand total of two steering wheel spokes between them.

    As much as I like rare and interesting cars, the Volvo 122 looks to me like it might be the best bet. You’d have a chance of getting it on the road before Spring. Making one good Citroen wagon from these two could take a lot longer.

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  5. Avatar photo rancho bella

    Patrick…………..I do not believe, anyone could have written a more clever comment on these.
    You are today’s King.

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  6. Avatar photo El KAbong

    Bring a straightjacket

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  7. Avatar photo Robert J

    Fuir! Fuir!

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  8. Avatar photo Jimbosidecar

    Looks like an old Volvo 1800 way back in there too

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  9. Avatar photo paul

    These are hard enough to master without adding rust into the mix.

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  10. Avatar photo mtshootist1

    It sounds like you are giving us a choice, wagons or sedan, I vote for Door #3, none of the above…

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  11. Avatar photo scottski

    I spy a SAAB 95 roofline.

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  12. Avatar photo Peter R

    Thought I saw three different Volvos, two Saabs, a Chrysler, a Cadillac and the Jensen.
    While great cars to drive, these Citroens seem to far gone to be worth it. Probably cost more to pick up than value in the parts

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    • Avatar photo Dion

      Where’s that Jensen then? Looked at all the pics but don’t see an Interceptor anywhere.

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      • Avatar photo Dion

        Found it, the red one.

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  13. Avatar photo jim s

    seller has a lot of interesting items up on ebay. seller did a good job with the photos. should be interesting to see what else comes out of this barn. great finds

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  14. Avatar photo Jim-Bob

    Reminds me of my Citroen Barn Find, if by barn you mean rotting in someone’s driveway. I was delivering pizza one day and what did I see but not one, not two but three Citroen CX’s! I had thought I had seen them years earlier when working for another pizza company, and it turns out that my memories were correct. If memory serves, at least one was a brake and all were in poor condition. I talked to the owner’s son who said the family wanted the father to sell them. Sadly I don’t have the room or money to buy them so I had to pass. Even if I did, I know they would wind up as yard art again since there is no way that I could come up with the money to sort them on a delivery driver’s pay.

    As a side note, you’d be surprised what kinds of cars you see in people’s yards and garages while delivering pizza- like the rust free barn find 1937 Buick and 3 vintage Harleys I saw a few nights ago at a house on a poorly maintained dirt road…

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  15. Avatar photo Mark E

    I’d go to look at the Citroens and then try to buy the Volvo or Saab!!

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  16. Avatar photo jean Lecointe

    None of these Citroens is earlier than 1967, the five nuts on the wheels is a a perfect reference.
    The sedan is french, the headlights have a glass cover which was unaccepted in the US.
    No Citroen DS or ID have been equiped with six cylindres engine.
    The seller is quite optmistic about the “cosmetic” work on the station wagon.
    These cars, all of them , can’t be but parts cars, even in France. Iwould give no more than 500$ for any of them if they were next to my door

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  17. Avatar photo Paulo Polaroil

    I owned two Citroën DSuper, which are close to DSpecial. A dream to drive, a nightmare to work on. However, here in France they are well-known by a bunch of specialists, and parts are easy to find. Like Jean, I would not give more than 500$ for each. They are very rusty, and not only the body parts ( which are bolt-ons ), but the chassis too.

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