Très Française: 1964 Citroën ID-19

Barring perhaps the Citroën 2CV, there is no car more quintessentially French than the Citroën DS. This particular Citroën, wearing a faded Tricolour and having been a long-term fixture outside Denver’s Alliance Française, must then be a contender for… more»

Solid Shell? 1964 Citroen ID19 Wagon

For American families with 2.5 kids and a dog, station wagons were the dominant form of transportation in the 1960s. When you think of wagons of this era, a Citroen is probably one of the last cars that come… more»

Real Life Transformer: 1970 Citroën HY

Citroën has always had cool and quirky vehicles, and this unibody, front-wheel drive, manual, corrugated steel cargo van with innovative independent suspension is no exception. Those aren’t even the coolest or weirdest aspects of this, either, but more on… more»

Six-Wheeled Wagon: 1989 Citroen CX Loadrunner

The Citroen CX Break (wagon) was introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the ID/DS Break. With its long wheelbase and spacious cargo area, it was intended to go tête à tête with the Peugeot 504 (later 505) Break… more»

Easy project: 1956 Citroen 2CV

It is hard to look at a Citroen 2CV and not break out in a smile. These are quirky classics, and while they aren’t a jet in a straight line, they offer a driving experience that is engaging and… more»

Rare Charity Donation: 1975 Citroen GS Pallas

Although it remains one of my favorite pages on eBay, it’s still sometimes difficult to look at what turns up on the web store, Just Donated in Orange, California. In this case, it’s a 1975 Citroen GA Pallas, a… more»

Maserati-Powered: Original Paint 1972 Citroen SM

Finding a car as part of an estate sale can be a hit or miss experience. If the vehicle in question went up for grabs because an owner simply grew old and passed away, there’s a decent chance of… more»

Vintage Racer! 1957 Citroën Seidlitz Special

Recoiling from the sun like a cave skink, this 1957 Citroën Seidlitz Special crawled out of a dark garage into the harsh daylight of the Internet, looking for a new owner. The presumably one-off racer saw some laps in… more»

Rare Oddball: 1988 Citroen CX TRS22

When it comes to cars not officially imported into the USA yet still making a consistent appearance on various classifieds platforms, Citroens from the middle 80s to early 90s are a more regular feature than you might expect. This… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1973 Citroen SM

Certainly one of the most exotic, unusual, sleek, sexy, unusual, unusual, and unusual cars maybe of all time, this 1973 Citroen SM is a great looking example of a very unusual car. It’s listed here on craigslist – which… more»

Maserati-Powered Project: 1972 Citroen SM

The siren song of the Citroen SM is known well by the enthusiasts who work tirelessly to keep them on the road. These are exotic, over-engineered specimens you can usually buy cheap in project form, but they are not… more»

French Find: 1966 Citroen HY Pickup

In the continuing quest to find and bring unusual vehicles to Barn Finds readers, here’s another for the “seldom seen” category, a 1966 Citroen HY pickup. Unusual? You bet, I know I’ve never seen one in the steel and… more»

Dusty 1980 Citroen 2CV Charleston

How can you not admire the Citroën 2CV, a/k/a “Deux Chevaux” or “two horses”? Like the Volkswagen Beetle, it was a bare-bones pre-war design that somehow made it through the conflict to enjoy a long global life. They were… more»

One Owner Exotic: 1973 Citroen SM

The Citroen SM is a car that often stokes prime car guy emotion, as it’s a slice of Italian pedigree that rarely comes up for grabs at such a low price point. Of course, there’s a good reason for… more»

Rare Example: 1973 Citroën 3CV

It seems strange to tag a car that looks for all the world like a Citroën 2CV as “rare,” but in comparative terms, this little car is a rare example. In fact, it was built in Argentina, and examples… more»

Rare Estate: 1988 Citroen CX Break

We’ve literally seen and written about thousands of different classic cars over the years here at Barn Finds, but a search through our database shows that this is only the second Citroën CX 25 Break (Estate) that we have… more»