Classic Wagon: 1977 Chrysler Town & Country


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Reader Edd J. sent in this great find from St. Louis, Missouri. It’s advertised here on eBay with bidding that hasn’t met reserve at this point. I’ll bet some of our younger readers think “Town and Country” means “minivan.” Actually, Chrysler used the moniker Town & Country all they way back to 1941, when the wood was real rather than Dynoc! This one is said to be a two-owner car (prior to the current dealer) and supposedly has less than 43,000 original miles. The shine of the supposedly original paint and chrome means that might just be true.


The 1977 was the last year of the huge wagons for Chrysler. So big that they needed handles to get you up to access the roof rack! The rear includes the third seat option — how many children that are now adults remember seeing America backwards from the rear of one of these wagons! The trailer hitch just adds to the utility; the 440 V8 can certainly handle the load.


The interior looks to be in remarkable shape, but I’m a little puzzled by the different shades of blue. Do any Barn Finds readers know if this is original or not? I know sometimes vinyls fade differently, but I think this is enough difference it must be intentional. I just don’t know if it’s original.


Underhood looks like it’s been well-maintained, and despite the AC not blowing cold, I’m encouraged by the fact that there’s still a belt on it. The seller also notes that the gas gauge is not reading correctly and the wipers are not operational, so some work is necessary to bring the running condition back to the level of the cosmetics.


I’m also really pleased to see shots of the underside, and even more pleased to see how solid and original this car looks. So what do you think? Have you got room for this giant wagon in your garage?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. jimbosidecar

    I’m surprised how high the reserve must be considering it needs a fair amount of work

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  2. Charles H.

    My older brother had one just like this one, same color and everything, that he used to tow a very long camper trailer across the country a few times, he never had any trouble with it, was just very hard on gas, needless to say!

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  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    From the ad (just before the photo gallery);

    Asking Price: $24,900

    Is that a typo? Wrong keys hit?

    If not, wow. Just wow.

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  4. Rick

    What a gas guzzler! I bought a ’73 Chrysler T&C wagon for $100 during the 2nd gas crisis back in ’79 when gas was $1 a gallon, anyhow it got about 8 miles per gallon, couldn’t afford to drive it

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  5. Chebby

    This car lost all its appeal when it got filtered through a dealer/flipper intent on getting “maximum margin” from it.

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  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    are they still 440s by then? – 400 probably – dear, but probably the only one like it

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    • Gerald

      440 was an available engine. I believe that motor was also a lean burn. The “economy” engine was a 400 2V. 3.23 axle was standard in the big motor with a 2.71 optional. The smaller motor had the axle availability reversed. The interior tones seem odd. My experience had all the shades match. Station wagons did not get leather.

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  7. Vince Habel

    Great cars for traveling across country.

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  8. Allen Greer

    If that’s vinyl on the seats I’m suspicious of it being original. I can’t imagine a New Yorker without leather. Possible I suppose but odd.

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    • Gerald

      Station wagons did not get leather. I do find the different shades curious, however.

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  9. jim s

    seller has a lot of interesting vehicles for sale. this one looks nice but is not ready to go. seller did a great job with the photos but if they want that kind of money they need to fix the issues. there a lot of other nice stations wagons for sale on ebay right now. great find.

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  10. josh h

    I’ve always loved these Town & Country wagons…always wanted one. Closest I got was a 1975 Newport sedan..although I did have a 1968 Dodge Monaco wagon…just as big and thirsty. I think if the front clip of the ’74-’77 Monacos with the hidden headlights were on the T&C’s, they would have looked smashing.

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    • Chris

      The ’77 Dodge Royal Monaco wagon is a stunning automobile…

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  11. Barry T

    My first wife bought one of these back then when likewise when gas was a $1.00 a gallon. It had the 440 C.I. motor with a four barrel carb. My goodness was it a gas guzzler. I think we were lucky to get 8 mpg. but while we owned the beast it sure came in handy for hauling stuff around. It felt like driving around an aircraft carrier.

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  12. Vince Habel

    I had a 75 dodge Royal Monaco that was pretty much the same car. Had a 400 engine. Got 15 mpg on the highway.

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  13. Fred

    I had a 1974 Chrysler t&c with a 440 and it got 14 miles per gal. all day long on the highway. We loved it a great car I would use it today better than a Suburban

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  14. J.D.

    I wonder how does this wagon compare with the 1983 version?

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