Classics Sighted In Cleveland!

Finds In Cleveland

Reader Adam D recently on vacation in Cleveland, Ohio and discovered how many classics are hiding there! He’s from England, so it had to be a fun and interesting to see all this American Iron. He took tons of photos and thought he’d share some of his finds with us.

AMC In Cleveland

From Adam – Hi guys. I was on vacation in Cleveland last week. I got a chance to wonder the “ghetto” and found that this is where all the classics are! All abandoned or sat unloved.

Barn Finds In Cleveland

I also found an old barn in the Cleveland Ghetto filled with cars. Apparently they have all been sat for over 40 years.

VWs In Cleveland

The rest of what I found are all randomly abandoned around Cleveland


It looks like Adam found all kinds of interesting classics in C-Town! I can’t think of a better way to spend a vacation. So do you see any cars here that you’d like to have? Special thanks to Adam for sharing!


  1. Gary Member

    It’s amazing how many classics (barn finds) have yet to be discovered.

  2. Roselandpete

    Pretty good assortment.

  3. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    WOW! this guy was busy!! Great pics!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Most of those photos were taken within a 30 block area on Cleveland’s east side, east of the Cuyahoga River.
      I recognize 1 of the lots and 1 of the warehouses.

  4. MikeG

    Well, a vacation in Cleveland, I guess someone has to do it! Looks like it was quite fruitful anyway!!

  5. Mike G

    I’ll take the 66 Pontiac convertible

  6. JoeW

    Great report. My 1st question is why are you vacationing in Cleveland? 2nd question is how many are you bringing home?

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    First off, let me start by answering some of the inquiries concerning
    “why Cleveland”. Cleveland has a ton of history such as the first indoor shopping (The Arcade) mall ever in America, as well as the first city to be illuminated by electric light in the United States. The traffic signal as well as the gas mask were invented in Cleveland and the list goes on and on. Cleveland has internationally recognized museums, orchestra, and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. For the most part, people who say “why Cleveland”, have never been there. The city will be showcased this summer while it hosts the Republican National Convention.
    There will be a lot of surprised people when they view the coverage nationally. And yes, even though it resides in the rust belt, there are quite a few warehouse finds in the Greater Cleveland area. The barns are 30 miles south. And by the way…..
    every city in this great nation has ghettos.

    • MH

      Sorry but the first indoor shopping mall was in Roseville Minnesota (Roseville Mall). Maybe you drank to much gas?

      • DrinkinGasoline

        The Minnesota mall was built in 1956.
        “Southdale Center, colloquially known as Southdale, is a shopping mall located in Edina, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. It opened in 1956 and is the oldest fully enclosed, climate-controlled mall in the United States.”

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Google it….The Arcade in Cleveland was erected in 1890, financed by J.D.Rockefeller.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Of course I’m Drinkin too much Gasoline…..
        I’m from the home of J.D.Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Refinery Number 1 ! !

      • DrinkinGasoline

        I figured that you would be of the “stick and run” variety.
        I find it very disturbing that we as U.S. Citizens as well as Citizens from around the globe are very limited in Our knowledge of Our direct surroundings. How many times have You heard: “I’ve lived here all of My life and never seen that”.
        Remember this:
        “We have but one life, not to be repeated, therefore, it is Our obligation to contribute to history”.
        That is not a quote from a Grecian God or a Founding Father.
        It’s what I’m saying…

    • Lincolnluvr

      I’m interested in the late 70s lincolns you’ve found..Im 30 minutes from downtown CLE.. Can you get me any more info on them ??

      • DrinkinGasoline

        “Most” of those pics were taken on Cleveland’s East Side from about E.30th st. east to about Louis Stokes Blvd., near the Cleveland Clinic Campus, and from Cedar Ave. north to Chester Ave. I’ve seen many of those lots pictured when I worked for Cleveland EMS on the east side. The majority of the lots can be seen on the main streets such as Carnegie, Superior, Chester, etc. Named streets run east/west and numbered streets run north/south. I too, now live about 30+ miles outside the city but my children still live in the 216.

    • Jon

      I grew up i Chagrin Falls though spent my last years there in Cleveland Hts (Dean Martin, Harvey Pekar, Elliot Ness, John D Rockefeller), Shaker Hts (Paul Newman, The Penske family, Arsenio Hall) and lets not forget Standard Oil, now called BP, Nestle, Stouffers, Supertrapp, Ohio Counting Scale. Clevelands Statler Arms Hotel hosted the annual gangster convention during the prohibition era. It was called the 7th city and DrinkinGasoline is 100% correct in his claims. Sadly my old city has followed suit to Detroit and now where Chicago is headed. Rust belt, no work, lots of run down buildings and high taxes. surprisingly it;s a very expensive city to live in. Tom Hanks started his acting career there along with many others. If you got there and hang with the right people you just might stay there. Truth! Right now, NC is better. LOL

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Jon, I’m glad you like N.C., it is a state that i love to spend time in…(Mt.Airy). Cleveland is currently in a renaissance of sorts with new housing within the downtown area (at 99% capacity), a revamped Public Square, revitalization of the Ohio City, Tremont and Lorain Station neighborhoods. Now there is a solid plan for redeveloping the entire lakefront, funded by our sports team owners and major businesses.
        It is a welcomed sight for sure ! We still have our problems just like anywhere but we are trying like heck !
        I think we wouldn’t know how to act if we weren’t the underdog…My user name is because of Standard Oil and the importance that it played in Cleveland.
        Thank You for the supporting words.

  8. Frank

    Drinking gasoline great response and a well deserved thank you for the pics. All major cities have ghettos now that’s reality.

  9. Jose

    Wonderful pics. Thought I saw an old Merc in one. I had a ’46 Merc convertible as a Jr. in HS. The only kid with a convertible in the school. Still wish I had it.

  10. charlie Member

    the ’40 something Chevy coupe, the 40 something 4 door Merc, the ’57 Caddy 4 door hardtop,

    • DrinkinGasoline

      That is a ’40 Chevy Coupe and a ’47 Merc Sedan.

  11. Jon

    Can anyone identify the year and color of the Lincoln in picture 68? The reason I’m asking is, that color looks to be the same color that I had painted a car back in 70’s, and I know it was off of a Lincoln of that vintage.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      This one ?
      M5563A Diamond Blue Metallic 1978

      • Lincolnluvr

        can someone tell me there that blue Lincoln is ? I will make an offer on it right now !

  12. G.P. Member

    Thumbs up to you DrinkinGasoline, For the pictures and for the Mall response. I’m drinkin beer, I’m from Wisconsin. People expect that from us.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I gotta love anyone from the Rust Belt who drinks beer…are you kidding? We are Kin ! lol Keep on Keepin on !

  13. CLEAH

    Great comments, DrinkinGasoline. I too am a lover of Cleveland’s amazing history, as well as it’s present. I would not live anywhere else. Too bad that there are always a couple of people who need to make predictably uninformed and mean comments.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Keep hangin’ in there CLEAH ! As You very well know, there’s always next year ! lol.

  14. grenade

    I live in Cleveland and my first thought was “He was lucky to get out of those areas with his camera” haha. Another thing, most of those cars can stay right where they are, because they’re just not that special. Millions produced in most cases and rather dull. I choose to live in Cleveland and it’s not bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad..

    • DrinkinGasoline

      They may not be all that special but…they are being “held”, not scrapped. As we all know, the pickin’s are starting to become slim when it comes to reasonably priced, restorable vehicles (hence the rising prices on 4 doors and wagons). In short order, these “dull”, “not so special” vehicles will command a significant price.
      “Be careful what You discard in a flood, for it may return with a vengeance in the mist !”

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Take pride in your choice and you’ll be very surprised at how contagious it can be.

      “If you choose to lead, you will be followed. If you choose to follow, you will be led”.

  15. Rex Kahrs Member

    Try the very amusing “Hastily made Cleveland tourism video” on Youtube.

  16. Keith

    In that first photo, it looks like a 61 Chrysler sitting behind the Caddy. Hmmmmm

  17. Boris

    The red car behind the Caddy is a ’59 Pontiac. And it’s a two-door! It’s got a 389 if the engine is still there. Someone needs to go get that one.

    • Keith

      Upon closer inspection you are correct sir! And yes, that one needs to be grabbed those are scarce as hen’s teeth.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      It is in fact, a ’59 Bonneville, and seems complete and unmolested, so it could very well have the power plant intact. It’s at E. 77th and St.Clair. Wow….I should become a broker….lol

  18. Doug

    I don’t live too far from Cleveland (spent many a night in the Flats in my youth) and I’d love to know where I could find a couple of the old Bugs!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      That “Bug warehouse” is near Clark and W.67th st.
      I grew up and went to school with the owner’s daughter….no jokes please!….I own a ’66

  19. St. Ramone de V8

    Wow! What an amazing post. Lots of great pics of interesting cars ( to me, not everyone) followed by a terrific and educational discussion about Cleveland. I now think of the city differently. Thanks, Drinkin’ ! If I were anywhere near your great city, I’d be looking to yank out that Lincoln Mark III.

  20. John P

    Lotsa good stuff.. Kudos for sharing.. Were most of these for sale–or private property where the owners let you take photos? That ’55 Chevy looks to be in good condition and the late 40’s mercury with the 50’s pickup behind it.. Oh–and the 50’s Cadillac with what looks like a ’59 Pontiac or Buick behind it looks fine…

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