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Restovivor Candidate? 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ


At first glance, you might dismiss this 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ as a bloated remnant of the Malaise Era, but I think you’d be making a mistake. It’s up for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of only $4,500 and bidding below $3,000. It’s currently parked in Washington, Pennsylvania, and is driven fairly frequently by the seller.


I happen to really like the lines on this vintage of the Grand Prix, much more so than the similar Chevrolet Monte Carlo. According to the seller, the only rust hole is in the passenger side door although there are plenty of bubbles and small corrosion spots. Of course, being up north means it got exposed to salt, so even if the 42,500 miles showing are genuine it’s not really a surprise that there’s some rust.


Here’s an example of what one of the quarter panels looks like. I suppose you can go for localized small repairs, but I think I’d want to start from that body crease down and put new metal in. I know it would be nice to try to save the original paint, but I don’t think I would in this case, especially considering the issue at the rear of the vinyl top where it meets the body at the base of the window. I do appreciate the clear pictures of these areas–thanks, seller!


One of the places these big coupes shine is the interior, and this one is no exception. I love the round motifs on the dash (not just the gauges, but vents, etc.) and the cool center console. The dash really looks nice as well; this may really be a low mileage car after all. There’s a little wear on the driver’s seat, but I think some sympathetic dying and spot touch up would work; if not perhaps you could take the cover off and just have that panel replaced?


There’s a lot of dirt and surface rust under here, but I’m pleased to see a belt on the air conditioner and the general stock appearance. The 400 cubic inch V8 is thought to be original (given the mileage it should be) and I know from experience is plenty of power, even for this heavy car. With a full set of options, including a factory power sunroof, those beautiful snowflake wheels and many other options that are documented by the PHS report, I think this car is just begging to become a restovivor! Do you agree with me?


  1. Rando

    My first car was a 73 GP, so I can appreciate these. Air cleaner lid has been flipped – common sign of teenage abuse. LOL yes I did it too just to hear the Q-jet MOOOOOAN when you stepped into it. Wish I still had mine…

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    • Vince Habel

      I flipped them too but to get more air to the carb.

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  2. Mike

    I had this same model car when I was in my 20’s, I loved the car, and we drove it everyday. But as the family started to grow, a 2 door was not the car to have, we had 2 small kids in car seats and 1 on the way so the wife said it had to go, it was replaced with a mini van. I wish I had just kept the car but back them days it was not in the cards.

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  3. Rock On Member

    Always like ads that have photos with the air cleaner lid flipped. Memories of my high school days around when this car was new.

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  4. Kincer Dave

    I know a lot of people don’t care for this era of cars from GM it was a dark period for cars from any make, but I do gotta say having grown up in the 70s they bring back a lot of memories and these were one of my favorites. My grandfather bought a 77 brand new and only kept it two years because my grandmother said the doors were too heavy lol, my mom and dad bought a 77 Cutlass supreme brand new and I loved that car, it was our first car with AC, what a great place to be in the summer being as we had no central air in the house lol, I wouldn’t mind owning this GP I might even go check it out since it’s not too far from me.

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    This was a nice car, unfortunately the worm has taken hold. The underside is crusty and is working its way up. Buy it cheap and drive it till it rots away.

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  6. jeff

    This was my first car — Black with Red Cloth Interior …. I had the 301 – 2bbl and it was a great highway car — smooth driver at speeds above 75 mph. YES the doors were super heavy .. But can’t complain , I was able to fit my 6’3″ body in the bucket seats comfortably. Rear quarters would rust from below. blew out a few brake lines when it was 12 years old in 1989. Don’t know if i would spend $3-4,000 for it maybe $ 2,000 for nostalgia purposes :)

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  7. jeff

    Also— I had the plain wheels , with the Pontiac Symbol aluminum center caps AND the aluminum trim rings . The wheels in the pictures look like from firebird or maybe a Pariesenne ??

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  8. Joe Muzy

    Too new to show too old to be of much value. I agree with Dave in that I feel sorry for cars of this era. Cost the same to restore this or a car a couple of years older and have a car you can show.

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  9. Paul Bellefeuille

    My father-in-law had a ’76 and it was a beauty. He bought it new.. and put about 200,000 on it before trading it in 1985 for a…. Parisienne which was also a nice Chevy..er Poncho..

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  10. ccrvtt

    My mom bought a new one in 1973 – dark blue with no vinyl top. Very elegant car. I like the flamboyance of the first colonnade cars, both the notchback GPs & Montes and the Buick Gran Sports. Not really milestone cars but they represent the last gasp of extravagance before we were inundated with the jellybeans.

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