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Classy Chop: ’77 Seville Opera Coupe


When you look at a car like this 1977 Cadillac Seville Opera Coupe here on eBay, it does make you wonder where people get the inspiration to invest in creations like this. The Seville, as a sedan, has always been a handsome car if not particularly desirable. To take a vehicle with a long hood – extend it further – and remove a huge chunk of the mid-section ultimately leaves you with a ridiculous front overhang and non-existent backseat, all for the pleasure of driving a “coupe”. Created by Grandeur Motor Car Company in Pompano Beach, Florida, this example is claimed to be a barn find located in Michigan with only 61,000 miles on the clock. Personally, I prefer the Seville Grandeur Formal Sedan that the coachbuilder created, as it preserved the sedan body with the elongated front end. Bidding opens at $6K – what do you think it’s worth?


  1. hhaleblian

    How much is scrap going for today?

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  2. RonEBee

    it’s easy being cheesy, the only really nice custom bodied Seville worth purchasing is the 4 seater San Remo Cabiolet, expect to pay about $21-$25k for one, nice, great lines, seating 4 four adults and no strange proportions

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    • George Member

      I agree about the San Remo. It’s actually very pretty, but with the Seville clip on the Nova rear, it is living proof of the Seville’s peasant origins

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  3. Chris A.

    Put this back in the barn. And never tell anyone where it is. Ugh!

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  4. Charles

    If the owner gave it to me I would hide it under a tarp in the back of the garage until I could get rid of it. When moved, that thing would ride inside of an enclosed trailer. It’s fugly.

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  5. Patrick McC.

    I steer as far away as possible from cars from the 80s, specifically Cadillacs. However, I WOULD DRIVE THIS! I think this is great! The long nose, wire wheels and side mount spare make this car. This is much better looking than other Cadillac chops I’ve seen.

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  6. VetteDude

    Patrick, I agree with you. This is not ugly – it is eccentric. It takes a certain savoir faire to pull this off. Dude I would tackle this. Clenet? Check! Several other brands.
    Oh, and plus it’s RED!

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  7. JW

    Can you say “PIMP MY RIDE” !!!

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  8. Joe Gotts

    Its gangster lean, it just needs the diamond window in the back.


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  9. Dave

    If you can buy it and get it delivered before October 31st, it’s worth a lot. You can be a pimp for Halloween. If you can’t get the car until after Halloween, it’s value diminishes to zero (less than scrap) and having it becomes an expense.

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  10. Jeff Staff

    It would be a perfect car for Cruella DeVille if they remade “101 Dalmatians.”

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  11. That Guy

    The 1970’s have a lot to answer for. Seriously, were these things EVER not a rolling joke?

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  12. Dolphin Member

    I’m tempted to say something snarky about those spare tire holder mockups stuck on the front fenders, but somebody had a vision and actually created that vision in a vehicle that reportedly got 300 people to lay out cash for…….so that’s got to be worth something in the car world. Not $6K apparently, but something.

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  13. MiniCooperMk1

    Would a pimp outfit or a full Cleveland be the appropriate driver’s attire? Just can’t decide…

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  14. Ceezy

    I actually prefer the slant back seville, but this is still a cool car.

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  15. Chris A.

    Wait a minute, isn’t this a more refined (?) version of the red 1968 6 wheel Caddy in the below Related Finds picture? The 6 wheel version makes the present car look pretty good by comparison.

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  16. Randy

    Free is too expensive.

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  17. KO

    Talk about a red-headed step child.

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  18. Chebby

    To make sense, this car needs twin engines under that hood.

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  19. JimmyinTEXAS

    I agree with Patrick McC and Vettedude, I would drive this thing. The only downside to me would be that top. I do not like any type of vinyl top, that would have to go. Then an upgrade under the hood to an LSA, with some requisite suspension and braking upgrades and cruise that big girl, that has had some reduction surgery on one end and enhancements on the other…LOL

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  20. taxijohn

    Liberace comes to mind!! But i’d drive it, it’s different & that counts for a lot with me. Is it worth much? No, but it warrants saving all the same.

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  21. Rich

    It’s strange how the world works, just yesterday I was looking through a 35 year old copy of Street Machine magazine, and there’s one of these shown parked on a posh street in London, with full details on how the conversion is done. The author chose not to explain WHY it was done though!

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  22. Mike

    IMO walk away laughing, because that is what people in my area would be doing once they saw this thing if I would buy something like it. Either that or my friends would want to know what I was drinking or smoking.

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  23. Uaaus

    Just rescued from a barn in Flint Michigan. 1982 Grandeur 4-door Seville Formal Sedan.

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  24. Pimp Daddy Ben

    I actually found one on craigslist in the free section. What’s that tell you . The only requirement was you had to have a valid pimp card . The pimp whip is in my driveway . Now my cover is blown . That’s where the pimp lives! Will have one of my hoes post pix of it when she done working the corner cuz dis pimp old school . I am as technologically advanced as a seventies somthing cadillac .

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