Clean 2nd Gen: 1980 Chevy Camaro Z28

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This survivor-grade 1980 Chevy Camaro Z28 here on eBay immediately caught my attention because I had a very similar Ertl plastic toy car growing up. The colors may have been slightly different, but it still wore the Z28 stripes loud and proud and sported a t-top roof. This car remains in exceptional condition in the seller’s garage, where it’s been stuck under a cover for many years. The mileage is low at 59,000 and bidding is already quite active, presently over $7,000 with six days left. 

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One of my favorite features of this Camaro is how nice the interior remains. Blue leather is a personal weakness of mine, and it’s great to see a Z28 of this generation equipped with a you-row-it manual transmission. The only major deviations appear to be some tastefully-upgraded audio components, which look like they are cleanly integrated into the door panels. Though the original head unit and speakers aren’t included, almost everything else that’s been swapped out (and it’s very little) is: the OEM wheels, camshaft, carb and other bits.

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The car has been with the seller for the past 10 years, and his dad owned it five years prior. The engine has been rebuilt and tweaked a bit – modifications include a Voodoo cam and an upgraded intake and carb. Based on the seller’s notation that the radiator is not original, perhaps he upgraded to a heavy-duty unit. Overall, this Z28 appears to be a car that the owners had their fun with but never strayed too far from keeping it a preserved specimen. It strikes me as a car that’s lifted from the playbook of OEM-plus tuning for Z28s.

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The seller is a little less certain on whether the paint remains original. It at least appears consistent, and the striping does look factory-original. However, I would interpret the seller’s vagueness as a possible sign some areas have been repainted, as he seems highly informed on the rest of the car. Still, I don’t think this is any reason to turn up your nose to this specimen, which is one of the better second-generation Camaros I’ve seen in quite a while. The values for these cars seem to be all over the place – what do you think it will sell for?

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  1. Bob S

    The only American car from 1980 I like. Great car. An LSx would be nice if the 350 ever wears out. Well worth the 7K so far bid.

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  2. Stang1968

    Very nice example of what was otherwise a forgettable year. I’m not a fan of those period-correct Crager Keystone wheels, but the auction includes the OEM wheels.
    Overall a very nice, clean, car with nice options.

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  3. JoeW

    The underside looks pretty nice for an Illinois car. Too bad in California it would be a bear to get through smog.

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  4. forzaman

    Those wheels appear to be American Racing 200s with a forged barrel.

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  5. The Chucker

    Looks to have a manual trans, which is a definite plus in my book. The T-tops, not so much.

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  6. Blueprint

    Cleanest garage I’ve seen here in awhile! Had a MPC model kit of this too. These Z-28s had some pretty loud colored stripes, but these blue ones look pretty good. I’d revert to factory wheels, tire sizes and air cleaner. Nice find!

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  7. John B

    I remember on my lunch hour in 1979 at a local Chevy dealer where I worked in dealer prep, I’d take cars like this for rides around the entire facility while everyone was off premises to eat. This Z must have the Saginaw tranny and maybe 3:42 gears…I had a blast with ones just like it! Base price was only about 6600 bucks and topped out around ten grand. The good old days…

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  8. Doug Towsley

    This thing is a time capsule! Couldnt give these away a few years ago, and now they seem to be climbing fast. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.

    The motor mods were typical because they were low power stock but an easy hop up. I still have old period car craft, Hot rod, super chevy etc magazines and all detail the typical upgrades. Herb Adams Suspension and others also offered suspension and tuning kits that helped a lot. The 4 speed is a big bonus, but probably is a Saginaw, Be easy to upgrade to a 5 speed. Bad points are im seeing some starts of cancer.

    Cool posting. I had a LT 1977 Camaro for a while, Doors weigh a ton, and the cars are heavy, Kinda of a tank, but I have used a lot of parts from them for donor material.

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  9. Gnrdude

    Awesome Car, just needs a Decent Power-plant Stick in A 383 Stroker Motor or A crate ZZ-350 From GM Performance and she’d Be good to go.

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  10. Mark 'cuda man

    These Z’s are starting to pick up steam as far as prices. They are going in to the 20’s now in great shape with low miles. Attached a picture of my ’79 with 60k miles. 100% original with faded original paint. Interior is like new and the trunk is impeccable-jack and spare/air canister has never been out. Came from Arkansas originally. I’ve owned it for 15 years and have never registered it. Always been stored.

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    • The Chucker

      Nice car Mark! You show incredible restraint by not driving that…I’d have that out every sunny day that came along.

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  11. Chebby

    A/R Daisys are nice, but the factory mags on these are the best looking wheels GM ever made.

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  12. stillrunners

    It’s a stick – I likes – but the 74-82’s are gen III Camero’s the 70 1/2 – 73 are gen II

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  13. erikj

    I believe 1970-82 are gen II, gen III are 1983-i m not sure but don’t and have had many gen II,s

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  14. racer99

    Really like this just like it sits. I’d expect you could own this for a couple of years, enjoy it and make a little money when you sell it.

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  15. Rando

    This is called “day 2” appearance, right? There were tons of these around when I was in high school. We called them “butterfly” mags and they were THE HOT ticket in these parts. This is a great car, looks right out of 1984 ish and has good upgrades. Make a nice cruise night car that will bring back LOTS of memories as-is, or returned to stock appearing.

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  16. RoughDiamond

    Sure do love this ’80 Z/28 as I am a big fan and looking forward to seeing where this one ends up. I have owned an ’81 Z/28 hardtop since 2002. It has 115K miles with factory 305 engine, BorgWarner 4-speed trans (build sheet states that), 3:42 rear axle, AC, AM/FM stereo, tilt wheel and rear defogger. It has the less desirable color keyed 5 spokes and not the N92 (?) aluminum wheels. Started to sell it many times, but something told me to hang on to it. Oh I know, it was Hagerty telling me the car would be worth something one day. Turns out the 305 4-speed cars are somewhat rare today as most 305s got yanked out and replaced with 350 engines. The only piece of junk the cars had was the factory ITM (iron works supplier) 4-speed shifter.

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    As I told you all before I worked at the largest Chevy dealer in the world in 1980, Long Chevrolet. The place was ginormous so we had lots of room to drag race. We would race these against the new vettes and the Z would win most of the time.
    Besides black and gold I like this color combo. It really is burned into my memory.

    4-spd is a rarity

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  18. Tyler

    I bought a 80 Z/28 in 1985, black with gold interior & stripes, T top car, gold aluminum wheels, with 350 4 speed. The car was ordered by the general manager of the local dealership as a Christmas-graduation present for his daughter who was about to graduate high school. She drove it to college daily & then when she graduated from college, he presented her with a new IROC Z/28. So I’m the 2nd owner, & have had it for almost 36 years now. It’s the one car I won’t let get away.

    Mine was built with the L82 engine, which I discovered when the cam when down a couple years after I bought it. Has the Borg Warner Super T10, but unfortunately it was ordered with a 3.08 gear. It was horrible out of the hole with that big ratio difference between 1st & 2nd, but I never did find the top end because the front end started floating at about 130.

    The 80 & 81 (gen 3 came out in 82) Z came with a functional cowl induction hood that sealed to the breather just like the 69, but was activated with an electric selonoid & switch on the pedal at about 3/4 throttle. When it opened & that big quadrajet opened up, it was a wonderful sound. And the shifter, while not a Hurst, really wasn’t that bad.

    It now has 143k miles on it, & is in line for a full restoration soon as I get some other projects finished up.

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  19. Tyler

    Sometime in the late 80’s

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  20. Harold Wood

    Had a Matched pair of these back in the mid 80’s they were this color too. the only thing about them that was different one was Automatic the other was a 4 speed. Before that I had a matched pair of 74 Monty carlo’s in 78. The drivers seats pivated to get in and out of the cars.

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  21. robert

    Well i had the same car back in high school but the only thing i see that is different is the hood scoop and decal .MY Z-28 Had a tear drop scoop and a decal that actually match the side decal colors. Not like this one if this is a true 80 then i’m just about sure the hood on this z-28 is off of a 81 model.

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  22. Mike W.

    I too had a ’80 Z-28 Black with the silver stripe kit. Gorgeous car. I’m almost sure the tear drop scoop was on ‘the 81 not the ’80. the 1980 had the inverted tear drop. At least on every one I’ve ever seen including my own. Wish I still had do I miss it!!!

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    • Tyler

      1980 & 81 both had the cowl induction hood.

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      • Lynne

        My 1980 my first car teardrop hood with induction loved that

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  23. Mike W.

    That’s correct, I was mistaken. I’m almost sure it was the ’79 that had the scoop going the opposite way not the ’81 – my bad.

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    • Mark 'cuda man

      Here’s a ’79 hood scoop…….

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