Clean And Green: 1973 Chevrolet Camaro With 22k Miles

Most of the time when Barn Finds receives a tip regarding a second-generation Chevrolet Camaro, it’s for one of the high-performance variants, such as the SS or Z28 trims. It’s not every day that we receive something like this 1973 Chevrolet Camaro that’s available here on eBay, which is a base model time capsule.

This Camaro is available in Stillwater, Minnesota with a clean title. The title is still in the previous owner’s name, but it is ready for transfer to the next owner. The seller purchased the vehicle from the estate of said owner, who passed away in 2008. Though they were originally seeking a first-generation Camaro, the seller did not want to pass up an example like this one. However, they are having second thoughts about modifying a completely original vehicle, hence its for sale listing.

The exterior has some minor flaws, but overall, it’s very straight and almost completely rust-free. Somewhat oddly, the seller believes that this Camaro received a paint respray before 1976, and by buffing the paint, they also exposed a handful of flaws in the vehicle’s paint.

Inside the cabin, the green theme continues. The seller notes that there is a layer of dust, dirt, and mildew on the majority of surfaces, but it does not seem like any rodents made their way into this Camaro’s interior.

Additionally, someone modified the door panels to fit aftermarket speakers, and the passenger seat has burn marks from the cigarette lighter.

There’s a 250 cu.-in. (4.1-liter) 6-cylinder engine under the hood, which pairs to a floor-shifted 3-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The drivetrain has 22,418 miles, which the seller believes is correct and original mileage. Unfortunately, the seller has not tried to start the vehicle, and attempts to crank it by hand were unsuccessful. Of course, they also mention that it “ran when parked”… in 1978.

At the time of publication, bidding for this Chevy is at $10,300 with the reserve not met. Do you think this base model Camaro has potential, or would you pass on this project?


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  1. VWbussEd

    Title in previous owners name, who is dead. Better do your homework or this could be a legal nightmare…..

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    • Will Fox

      Overall, this Camaro isn’t worth the potential nightmare. Big deal; 22K miles. It’s no Holy Grail. Depending on the state’s laws, you could be tied up in limbo over the title indefinitely. But rather than poke a bear, I’d pass. Camaros are like “excuses”…..

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  2. Bob C.

    Much rather have a 350, but with a little coaxing I think that bulletproof six should fire up. This was the last year before the goofy 5 MPH bumpers.

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  3. local_sheriff

    This is so cool! Never thought such base model Camaros were still to be found. I would NEVER loose the I-6, rather wake it up with some well-chosen upgrades from Clifford or Offy. Such a wonderful, fugly color – had it been in daily usage in the 80s I’m sure it would be crushed simply due to its hue.

    Ed’s advice above should be followed – judging by the text in the ad it seems seller had a pleasant tone with original owner’s heir so it should hopefully turn out OK if he’s still around to verify everything…

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  4. TimM

    Really clean example!!!i always see cars like this as starters for someone’s son or daughter to get into the hobby!! No computer, simply fuel system along with the styling it makes a young person proud when they show up to high school and everyone wonders what their driving!! It’s a standard too which is a modern type of security system!!

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    • Little_Cars

      Not …a starter for someone’s kid at $10k and climbing? Ridiculous money. I thought my dad’s deep green over dark green vinyl 73 was boring when he bought it. I see there were other more hideous choices to be had that year. Exterior color: tolerable. Interior hue: faded to a most obnoxious color and not at all pleasant to the eye. Best part of this Camaro is the inline 6 with 3spd. Betcha it could run like a scalded hog once the emissions stuff was yanked off it.

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  5. art

    A rough 22K miles…look at the paint coming off, carpet condition and trunk area. Ouch.
    What are those four aftermarket speakers in the doors for? Radio looks like AM.
    Six cylinder engine frozen, title left in late owners name, the seller takes dark pictures at dusk, add in an army green exterior with a lovely hunter green interior and it makes this a desirable buy on ebay. Oh dear.
    This is merely a wash and flip.

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  6. Tom Member

    Love these cars but the only thing that comes to mind immediately is “Kermit”.

    Hard to be green…..ALL green. That’s a whole lotta green and I DON’T MEAN money or investment potential! I like green but there are limits.

    Nice car, not worth the money. Two options here as I see it. Fix it up and drive it “as is” because you always wanted an ALL Green Camaro 6 cyl Auto OR it would have to become a clone to make the investment worth while. Clone Nickey or Balwin-Motion, even a clone Z28, SS or Resto Mod.

    Restore the car to it’s stock 6 and you will be into the car for about 6 times what you can sell it for.

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  7. Chuck Simons

    How hard would it be to start this car? THings they aint tellin

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  8. Terry Bowman

    My sister had a 70′ Camaro, w/350 4 speed Hurst, the same ugly color. Didn’t know it also came in 73′. Bought a new 73′ 3 + 3 truck that was close to the same color, also ugly. I do think this would be a cool car to own and drive daily, but $10 grand is a little steep. Someone is wanting to tear it apart. SAD!!!!!

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  9. Bikefixr

    A year or 2 from now we’ll see it again as a ‘matching numbers” Z/28 with documentation. More z/28’s on the road today than GM ever made.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    That color “metallic pea”, has got to go!

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  11. Desertrat

    Always loved the 70 1/2 to 73 Camaro, I like this car but the green interior yuck, the 6 is something that seems more fitting for a 1st gen camaro I my mind, but that’s just me. I’d keep it the way it is except green interior would be changed to black or white.

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  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    These early 70’s Camaros were the most popular car in my late 70’s high school parking lot.

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  13. Fastwhlz

    Considering everything is relative, and all things considered; It is what it is. Seems at best a nice period correct example of the offerings available at the time. The opinions on color combinations will vary today. Make no mistake, these were heavily approved by the market studies of the day. Just remember what people were wearing when they shopped for Camaros.

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  14. 2manycars

    A respray with so few miles does not surprise me. Where I worked as a foreign car mechanic, a customer bought a new 2nd gen Camaro, and within 8 months of his owning it the trunk lid and surrounding area started surface-rusting. We had it resprayed for him.

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  15. CJM

    Its great to see a base straight second generation Camaro that has not been hot rodded. It should be left stock. The 250 is a fantastic engine. The 3 speed stick is icing on the cake. I like the exterior color. I do not like the 8 or 9 interior shades of green. Hard to believe that interior started out as one color. None of them compliment the paint. I would go white vinyl with black dash and carpets. That would really make it pop. I bet you can get all the parts reproduction. Can’t believe its bid this high for a non running strippy camaro. Price is nuts. Is worth maybe 5-6k IMO as it sits. Guess i’m not up on my Camaro values!

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  16. Gray Wolf

    RUST FREE? Are you kidding me?? Mold?? That rust isn’t the easiest to repair, there must be more! Split pea looks like it’s been by the sea!! PASS ON THAT

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  17. paul oberman

    I’m holding out for a four cylinder!!

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  18. Bhowe Member

    Love this car. Much more interesting than all the z28s and higher end camaros you see everywhere

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    • Jim

      I just bought it. And I think it’s the sweetest thing since slice bread. I’ve owned original 69 Z28’s. Last one I sold had original paint. This car screams fun. I’m 50. I’ve had Camaro’s for 35 years. Who wants a car that everybody and the brother owns. Pull up in this at a car show. Crowd with gather and that 75k dollar Z sitting beside will be forgotten.

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  19. Jasper

    I actually really like the exterior color. Very early ‘70s Hotwheels! The interior not so much. I wonder if it’s finished “gassing out”? Dad had a ‘73 Malibu wagon and it always had such a wretched synthetic stench. Probably screwed with our DNA or something terrible like that.

  20. Jim

    Just some information on the car. I put marvel mystery oil in all cylinders. Let it set about four hours. It final turned over. I put new points in it. Less than twenty dollars it’s running great. Carburetor surprisingly does not even need rebuilt. She peers like a kitten.

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