Clean One-Family Car: 1971 Chevrolet Nova


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With 127,000 miles from new and a one-family history prior to the current seller, this 1971 Chevrolet Nova has a lot going for it. Thanks to Jim S. for sending in this great find! It’s located in my home state in Asheboro, North Carolina and is up for sale here on eBay, where there’s no reserve and spirited bidding has just passed $3,500 $6,700.


It’s nice to see such a straightforward, honest survivor car. There’s what I think are a few little rust bubbles in front of the rear wheels, but that’s all I see to really worry about bodywise. All the documentation is with the car including the old “green” North Carolina title, a type that hasn’t been used in a long time.


Here you can see what I think is a slight bit of corrosion on the leading edge of the wheel well. Also note the original wheel covers. Even in North Carolina it’s unusual to see a car this old without more rust, especially still in its original paint. The nice even door shut lines validate the claim of no accidents. The car was bought new in Asheboro and is still in that city today after traveling 127,000 miles.


Unlike a lot of sellers, these folks didn’t include interior pictures but did include under car pictures, and they look pretty darn nice. Not perfect, but nice. It doesn’t look like anyone even ever undercoated or rattle-canned the bottom of this car. The seller even offers to refund your money if you come to get the car and aren’t satisfied–that’s pretty unusual on eBay in my experience.


The 307 small block V-8 looks pretty dirty, but about what you’d expect from a family-owned 45-year old car that’s covered 127,000 miles. It would be nice to own a car like this where you have the entire history from day one, but I have to wonder why it’s being sold at all? If I had the chance to hang on to a car from my family I’d sure want to. But do you folks see it as an opportunity? Let us know!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Scotty G

    Holy man, I’m getting barraged by Barn Finds e-mails, it just started a few minutes ago!! I’ve literally gotten well over a dozen now, right in a row, e-mail after e-mail! How can I make it stop?! I’ve tried to unsubscribe but that didn’t work.

    Sorry, I didn’t see a “contact us” section on the website and I wasn’t sure where else to post this. Every time I click on unsubscribe it takes me to a page saying that I haven’t changed anything and to go back.

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    • Jason Houston

      That figures. I can’t find any “contact us” info either, or even how to report a problem or submit a listing I saw somewhere without being dinged for money. Most, if not all websites today aren’t maintained properly and don’t want to be bothered answering questions. The worst just refer you to a FAQ page, which is usually no help.

      Welcome to the Internet!

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      • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

        Jesse is aware of the problem and is working on it. And Jason, anytime you want to submit a listing, just email it to [email protected]. Lots of folks do every day :-)

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      • JW

        I’m having issues within the comment emails I receive, there’s no reply link and the 3 links that are in them are invalid when I click on them.

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      • Jesse JesseStaff

        The plugin we use was updated and there was an error in it. We are working on getting it fixed though JW. Thanks!

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    • Scotty G

      Sorry about the panic there, Jamie, they were coming in so quickly and reproducing like rabbits, or some sort of virus or something. Thanks for such a great website; I know that sometimes these things happen with technology.

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    • Roger C

      Not to worry. The problem was a glich. Instead of multiple ads, each email contains a single ad. Fortunately, Jesse sent out an email saying everything is back to normal.
      Happy motoring and that Nova would be a great one to build for a sweet ride.

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  2. ydnar

    I imagine they are selling it at the peak of it’s value. (Top of the bubble)

    Very nice car and very desirable. Great find, thanks.

    The links in my emails are not “hot”. The follow up emails.

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  3. Vince Habel

    Could be they are just old.

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  4. Blindmarc

    Great find!!!!!!😎

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  5. Art M.

    I’d hazard a guess that it will hit $10-12K before it ends. Looks to be an honest survivor, but one would want to have it checked out in person just to be sure. I’m not a big Nova fan, but I have to admit I sort of like this one.

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  6. Jason Houston

    Too bad these never came in hardtop, convertible or high-performance models. The only reason they even became popular at all is because they are the last affordable vintage Chevrolet.

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    • Marcello

      But they did, there were ss and a few yenkos , the thing with these is you can put in whatever you want or can, everything fits it and they go…i had a 71 with a built 350 and it was unstoppable. …mainly cause the drum brakes couldn’t lol

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    • G.P.Member

      My Uncle had a 1970 Nova, factory 396-4barrel-4 speed. It was silver with a black vinyl top and black inside. It had buckets and console with full gauges . The speedometer would go past the 120 mark and then past the right turn signal and then he would shift into forth gear.

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  7. Len

    I had a 74 hatchback with a straight six. My winter car when the camaro was garaged. Had a blast in it and wish I still had it. To pass inspection one year I built my own rear quarter panels out of aluminum siding, rivets, and bondo. LOTS of bondo.

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  8. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Hey Len, I too had a 74 Hatchback with the 250-6. It was a nice pale yellow color. The rear springs were shot (this was in 1980 when the car was a mere 6 years old!), but the air shocks fixed that problem. I bought this car in 1980 when it was just 6 years old, for a lousy 400 bucks. Great car.

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  9. Roseland Pete

    Yup, I can vouch for the wheel covers being 71. I had a 71 RS with the same covers.

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  10. mark

    we have an old buick lesabre that used to belong to my parents and now my son drives it at college…..he loves it even though he could have had a newer car….its a family piece

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  11. Jason Houston


    Jan 14, 2016 at 2:39pm

    I’m having issues within the comment emails I receive, there’s no reply link and the 3 links that are in them are invalid when I click on them.


    Thanks for speaking up. I’m having the same problem, going on three days now. And the “reply” section is often missing – like NOW. And for weeks I’ve been having trouble getting all the print to appear, without deleting every other word. It’s not unusual to take 5 – 10 minutes to type out a reply and have it all appear.

    Frustrating? (Don’t ask.)

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    • ydnar

      Jason, frustrated? Say it ain’t so!! I just go to the home page and scroll down. It takes a little more time.

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      • Jason Houston

        That sounds easy. Now where are those instructions so an idiot like me could find it?

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I guess if certain people are finding it difficult to leave a comment, then maybe they shouldn’t. It would likely be something negative anyway.

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    • Jason Houston

      Please make sure you speak for yourself and not others…

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  13. JW

    Rex I try not to leave negative comments unless it is warranted and then I personally apologize if I offend anyone.

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  14. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Not referring to you JW.

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  15. ydnar

    Hey Jason, I just go to the barnfinds home page, scroll down to the car I want to comment on and right click, open in new tab. Scroll down to comments.

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  16. Steve

    I had a 71 el camino with the same hub caps. Swapped wheels for the ss style steel wheels that the 71/72 chevelle e c ss used that look like cragars. Also had a 70 nova in same off white, no vinyl top, 6 cyl 3 ott. No dents or rust. Bought it for $900, rebuilt carb, installed new throwout bearing, shocks, compounded the stock nice paint. I drove for about a year and sold for $3k to buy my first piece of land. Wish i still had it. Would give them their $3k back!

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  17. Steve

    I shouldnt cry but i had and sold over the years:
    57 bel air 2 dr sedan rust bucket
    57 bel air 2 dr hard top previous owner cobbled together
    62 impala ss no engine trans…or floorboards bit otherwise straight. Originall 327/ PG ac ps pb electric window ls padded dash bumper guard ls anniversary gold
    62 bel air bubble top 283/ 3 spd
    71 el camino 350/350
    71 el camino ss 454/400
    Several 72 chevy pickups
    67 nova ss
    87 monte carlo ss aero coule
    72 cutlass hurst olds
    61 impala bubbletop
    71 c10 cheyenne super copper/ white 400/400 ps pb tilt tach bedside toolbox factory cruise control and dealer installed AC Delco air shocks with onboard air compressor

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  18. Steve

    Still have

    72 cheyenne swb step body off restored
    55 chevy first series in s10 chassis project
    55 second series big window ive owned 30 yrs, needs resto but has been media blasted and primed.
    79 malibu 2 dr 468 bbc/ 200 4r/ 8.5″ 3.73 posi ive owned over 20 yrs
    91 olds custom cruiser wagon with 350 vortec swap in progress
    70 chevy c20 Longhorn 400/400 original paint 70k miles

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  19. EJB

    My Dad a similar Nova (73 hatch) when I was kid. In the late 70s he had a seafood restaraunt and he used the Nova to pick up product at the fish pier now and again. I can’t see one of these without smelling fish

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  20. Rob

    My first car was a 1970 Nova. Now I want another one. Hmmmm. “Oh, honey! We need to go to North Carolina!”

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  21. Peter R

    @ Rex – talk about negative! yours is one of the most negative comments I’ve read on this site for awhile. I want to hear and learn from everyone’s experience not just the good things but the problems to avoid myself. I think we should be encouraging all comments – BTW I too had trouble typing comments – mostly letters missing and even occasional complete words left out too.
    As for the Nova – I owned a piece of a Chev-Olds store where we sold them from plain Jane to awesome performance ones with the 396 and 4 speed mentioned earlier. Fabulous in a straight line for relatively cheap money – corners not so good
    For the price these were good cars. This one seems like a fair buy at this price level

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    • BMW/Tundra guy

      Peter R “one of the most negative comments I’ve read on this site for awhile” ?!?!?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?!? The guy, I am guessing, he was thinking about, posts ten negative comments for every one positive and you are calling Rex K out??? Wow!!!

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  22. RoughDiamond

    Seriously! Members unsubscribed because of an E-mail delivery issue? Crap sometimes happens even on the best of days.

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  23. Peter R

    @BMW/Tundra guy
    He said something to the effect that if someone was having trouble posting a comment it must be a negative one – well I was having trouble and it was not to post a negative comment – the system left out words and letters and I had to keep going back to correct my comments several times before posting – it was very frustrating – I took exception to the concept that difficulty due to system error equated to negative commentary – I certainly didn’t stop to think who he might, perhaps mean – I just read it as a needless negative comment –

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  24. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Thanks Tundra guy. Do you have a 2002? I met with the Tampa 2002 group for breakfast this morning. Generally this site is very upbeat and positive, I’m not sure Just How it has taken a negative turn. But thanks for the shout out, we’ll keep it positive!

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  25. JW

    Not Tundra guy but we had one until the kid bought it and then this happened last month. 2002 Tundra’s lose when they fight 18 wheel tankers at night.

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  26. jim s

    sold for $9277.77.

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