Clean One-Ton: 1979 Ford F-350 SuperCab 4×4

As the owner of a (what I consider very) clean 12th generation F-150, I like to see earlier clean examples of the F-Series. This 1979 Ford F-350 SuperCab 4×4 fits that well. It was found by a Barn Finds reader here on Bring a Trailer in Katonah, New York. The high bid is currently $6,000 after 5 bids have been tendered.


The Ford F-Series has been the best selling truck in America since 1977 and the best selling vehicle, period, since 1981. The 14th generation was unveiled just this week, but these 6th (and their closely related 5th) generation trucks are still very popular. This SuperCab F-350 4×4 was one of just 1,682 trucks built in that configuration for 1979.

Vintage trucks this nice seem to be more of the exception than the rule, so my interest is piqued when one is listed for sale. This F-350 was repainted in its original Medium Vaquero Glow color under previous ownership and was one of just 31 F-350 SuperCab 4x4s that left the factory in that color in 1979. The white roof offers a nice bit of contrast and all chrome appears to be bright. There’s no mention of rust and I don’t see any in the 230+ photos. I’m generally a purist – or simpleminded, perhaps – so I’d like to see white steelies in place of these polished aluminum wheels, but they do work well here.

Stunning seems like such a strong word to use when describing an interior, but this one really is. On that list of vintage truck exceptions, I’d put clean interior near the top. Just like on the exterior, the sand colored vinyl bench seat and soft surfaces provide a welcome contrast to the painted surfaces. The carpet has been replaced, but there’s no mention if the upholstery is original. Manual transmission and 4×4 shifters are atop the transmission tunnel. Perhaps there’s some factory options that aren’t listed on the Marti Report, but even though this is a Custom model, it appears to have received a few Ranger XLT upgrades along the way.

Under the hood is a replacement 460 cubic-inch V8. It’s said to have been replaced about 3-years ago and has covered just 8,000 miles since then. Power is sent to the 4.10:1 rear axle by a 4-speed manual transmission. A two-speed transfer case engages all 4-wheels if you have the need.

For those family-minded vintage automobile buyers (like me), I’m sure trucks have appeal, but their utility is limited with just one row of seating. This SuperCab model eliminates that concern as there’s a second row of seating. If you’re one of those family-minded buyers, is this the kind of truck you’ve been waiting for?

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  1. Dusty Stalz

    Heck of a nice truck. I would not change those wheels they really set it off and look period correct.

  2. Vance

    Whoever buys this is going to need that long bed for gas cans, you will be able to watch the fuel needle move everytime you push the accelerator. Single digit mileage for sure but very nice truck as well. Turning radius is a challenge too, but I am sure that won’t concern the new owner. Sharp truck.

  3. Gunr70 Member

    Great looking truck and I agree with the long bed for gas cans. At best probably 8 mpg loaded or empty. Now if it were a diesel would be super. Nice truck for someone who has deep pockets or doesn’t drive a lot.

  4. Bmac777 Member

    An absolute beast. You have to park far away when you go to the mall cause your not making the swing into any space in the crowded rows.
    The worst part of the gas mileage is that there’s no trade off, I don’t know the exact specs of these 460’s, but I know that they are dogs as far as power you can feel.
    I’ve driven a few of them and they just chug along and almost always have an exhaust manifold leak. Actually the same could be said for the Ford 360.
    Not ragging on them, just an observation from a construction guy who’s driven a lot of different trucks

  5. David G

    Dana 60 front axle is standard on the ’79 F-350 4×4. The 460 is a nice upgrade, but not available on a 4×4. This one likely started life with a 400 engine, which is the largest offered with 4 wheel drive. Beautiful truck, other than having no A/C.

    • Bhowe Member

      I was wondering about that too. I always thought that 4wd versions maxed out with the 400. Interestingly the radiator must have been upgraded as well to the huge radiator that came with 460 equipped pickups.


    If this was a regular cab, I’d be very interested.

    • chrlsful

      feelin just the opposite.
      I love the look of the ’73/9 ford p/u, bronk, etc. In fact, even over many, many cars. Odd statement for an owner of doz 50s, 60s Itialian cars. Anyway I never got 1 due to the cramped cab. Not wishing to go crew this is the solution.

      A bud had one in a ’79 woods wrk truck, rare till ’82/3. For those objecting to a 460 – camed they are a top race motor – their best use beside the tq duties we had in the woods.

  7. TimM

    A lot of truck for not a lot of money!! I think this is a great buy and really not much to do but get in it and drive!!!


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