Clean Squire Edition: 1973 Ford Pinto Wagon

This 1973 Ford Pinto wagon is not only a survivor, but a rare Squire edition that’s adorned with wood trim and other luxury-centric options. The wagon is said to be in excellent condition with just three owners from new, and while exact mileage isn’t listed, the condition would indicate it was used sparingly. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Gransedan for the find, which is listed here on craigslist with a $5,100 asking price.

The Squire package got you the wood trim like the big brother Country Squire wagons, but performance and handling otherwise remained unchanged. The interior may have gotten a boost to some more luxurious materials and seating surfaces, but I’ve not been able to confirm. Regardless, cosmetics are a big selling point here, as even the bumper chrome is mint.

The engine bay presents cleanly, with manufacturer stickers and labels still presenting nicely. The seller notes no running issues with the Pinto’s four-cylinder engine, and although mileage isn’t divulged, it looks clean enough under hood to be a low-mileage survivor. The Pinto is said to run great with no rust issues noted.

The interior is in excellent condition, seeing seemingly minimal use in the front and back seats. The cargo area carpet is in surprisingly nice condition, evidently not use for much hauling action. The headliner appears to be holding up well, and the seller notes it benefits from new tires. Someone paid $33,000 for a Pinto Squire, making this example a bargain.


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  1. Tony Primo

    Looks really good for the price. The small bumpers really look sharp.

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    • Don H

      If someone paid 33000 4 any pinto someone’s crazy and needs some meds💊💊💊💊💊😷💉💉💊

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  2. coolcarzmike CoolCarzMike Member

    Looks like a really nice car. And yes, with the Squire package you got an upgraded interior with wood on the door panels, dash, shifter bezel, brake handle, etc.

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    • TC Oz.

      Did these ever come out in a 4 door? In Australia all s/wagons are 4 door. I never seen a 2 door, we did have 3 door special build ambulance wagons back in the 60’s. I know US Chevs had a 2 door wagon in the 50’s.

  3. ccrvtt

    I love this car! And I agree with both Tony and Don. Again, the price reflects what doesn’t have to be done to it to make it nice. It already is nice.

    If my paid-for T&C blows up tomorrow this is what I’d want. Just needs a roof rack to strap those 4×8 sheets to.

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    • W9BAG

      Ccrvtt, funny that you mentioned moving plywood on top of a Pinto. I had a ’72 Squire wagon in fantastic condition. I had it on a job site, and needed to move some 5/8″ treated tongue & groove plywood. With no truck available, we slid 15 sheets on top of the Pinto ! Of course the license plate was about 2″ from the ground, but the Pinto had no complaints. Great little wagon !

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  4. Keith

    A pinto is a pinto is a pinto is a pinto, junk back in the day and still JUNK today!

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    • AlanBob

      Not in my experience. My wife and I had a 1975 wagon in the mid seventies and it was one of the best cars I’ve owned. Installed some Uniroyal radial tires, a Santo cassette deck and a pair of coaxial 6×9’s in the cargo area, and it was one sweet ride. Lots of room, good handling, gas mileage in the low 20s, and no problems ever except a failed oil pressure sending unit that took $16 and ten minutes to replace. Was even rear-ended by (I think) a Rambler Ambassador that did no damage to the Pinto (or the driver), but the Ambassador had to be towed away.

      If you hear “Pinto” and reflexively think “exploding junk,” then most of what you think you know about Pintos is wrong. :-)

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      • PatrickM

        I agree. I had a ’75 Pinto wagon with a V6, auto. Great car! I have no idea whatever possessed me to get rid of it. Sure wish I had kept it. I just think this one is a little pricey.

    • Alan Robbins

      Pinto Wagon was one of the best cars I ever owned.

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  5. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Again, another great candidate for an SBC!

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    • bone

      I think you’d vote for a SBC for an old Maytag washing machine ! LOL

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        LOL, If I could squeeze one in there, I would do it! Actually, since you brought it up, I believe and Onan single cylinder diesel would be a good fit for a Maytag.

  6. Mark

    Cute car. My aunt has a green 73 Pinto Squire wagon.

    Her husband had a 73 Ranchero Squire. Same color green

    Both bought the same day. Their Ford dealer loved them.

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  7. Billieg

    Wow! you too can be the proud owner of a 1973 Ford Pinto wagon….. said no one….

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    • don

      Unless you had a Yugo…..

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  8. Arby

    My mother had one, same color, sans timber.
    Hers had the requisite warning sticker “Unexploded Pinto” on the back bumper.

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    • djkenny

      Automatic is deal breaker. Especially at 5000 bones. I can’t see $5000, maybe $3600?
      7 years ago I Sold my 74 tiny trunk model with manual and 2.0. It was mint with 26k miles and I got $2175 after 1 full Year trying to sell, including EBay for $2600. It even had tape from the factory intact on the rear leaf springs. All records, recall notices, etc.
      I got it 6 years prior for $1150 with 15k, I knew that was a Steal.,But $5000 for any Pinto~ naw.

  9. CanuckCarGuy

    Sweet little car, great colour against the woodgrain. Swap in the SVO drivetrain and this would be the perfect sleeper…or leave it as-is and fetch groceries with it, slowly.

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  10. mark s

    The same guy has or had a matching ltd country squire wagon

  11. Porkchop

    You can see the odometer shows 52k in one of the photos. But sorry, without plaid interior inserts, I’m just not interested.

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  12. Uncle al

    did anybody notice the SNOW in some of the shots ? Just how long has this been for sale ? maybe asking price too high after you view in person.

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  13. James Martin

    Cute car? Ugh! Never was and never will. Goes to show how ugly cars are now that someone would think this to being cute. And 33000 for a pinto? WOW would love to shake his hand.

  14. Louis Q Tran

    Too bad the Pinto got a really bad rap for the exploding gas tank! Personally the Pinto was probably the first domestic car that had the rack and pinion steering? The handling was really good at the time. I would buy this one had it been closer. My brother had the CRUISING WAGON” with his custom murals on the sides and of course shag carpeting inside. It was my first experience with a love machine on wheel! Too bad Ford has a bad habit of making good/decent cars then fatten them up and then abandon them. The current example: the Ford Fusion. I also recalled when I live in Germany, it was always the Germans that made the best engine and Ford UK made the worse!

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  15. WH

    When I was a teenager my neighbor had a 74 Pinto wagon. She’d be out there every morning for what seemed like forever trying to get it to start. Don’t know what the problem was but I can still hear it cranking over and over again.

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  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice car for the price……

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  17. Al

    Had new ‘72 and ‘74. Not a lick of trouble with either. Not so with a ‘89 Continental that lost the air suspension and then head gasket. POS. Notable, had an ‘89 Accord while we had the Lincoln. After 6 years the Accord w as completely trouble free and had a higher resale value. Been driving Honda’s ever since.

  18. chrlsful

    no engine swap needed, use the 2.5L head w/the “D”shaped intake ports, even keep the 32/36 carb or switch to nother weber…

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  19. scott

    People are so willing to insult Pintos based upon superficial knowledge of the cars. They were so simple you could maintain them yourself and with a little work you could soup them up and get very nice performance including very high mpg (close to 40 on the highway). They also handled great. The front suspension of a pinto is still used by many kit cars and the 2.0 german engine is still used for racing.

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  20. djkenny

    Yep, but it’s an automatic and a wagon, it’s going to be a real dog. I guess you could convert it, but that’s quite an expensive thing to add to an already lofty asking price. The car I had was a 74 with that orig German 2.0 it wa a stick. But it was really really slow. My 75 convertible Beetle would out accelerate it big time. It was detuned due to emissions and had heavier bumpers. Likely didn’t help.

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