Clean Survivor: 1970 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT

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Ford’s F-Series of pickup trucks is the best-selling truck line in the United States, with thirteen different generations under its belt. This clean fifth-generation 1970 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT is available here on eBay, and while it’s not perfect, it will surely make a great driver.

This Ford is available in Okeechobee, Florida with a clean title in the seller’s name. The seller notes that this example “is 100% operational and can be driven anywhere,” which certainly adds to the appeal of this truck.

The exterior sports a maroon and white two-tone paint job, which I personally love. It seems that the paint is original, though there is some fading because the truck spent 99% of its life in central Texas. Luckily, the truck has no rot or serious rust, and a little bit of faded paint is certainly a small price to pay for a solid body.

Inside the cabin, you’ll see that the two-tone theme continues, and it’s in fantastic shape. All of the switches and lights function, plus the truck even utilizes the original AM radio. Luckily, this southern truck features ice cold air conditioning, which also features a more modern R-134 conversion.

There’s a 360 cui V8 engine under the hood, which uses a TBI fuel injection system and a new Edelbrock aluminum intake. The engine pairs to an automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. While the drivetrain is mileage exempt, it also features a new aluminum radiator and thermostatically controlled electric cooling fans, which certainly provide some extra peace of mind.

Additionally, this example has new suspension bushings, coil springs, and shocks, with the seller noting the truck is “very easy to drive and runs straight as an arrow down the road.”

At the time of this article being written, bidding is at $8,000 with the reserve not met. Do you think you could see yourself owning this beautiful specimen of a Ford truck, or would you pass on this old Blue Oval?

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  1. NotSure

    Two gorgeous Ford trucks in one day! I must be living right. I’d be tickled to bring this back to Texas and drive it. I would favor a manual transmission over this automatic. That full bench seat looks like it would have no problem cradling my donkey and I’d make full use. Also seems unusual to find this color combination. Weren’t most vehicles of the period in green or gold?

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  2. Chris M.

    This is one of the cleanest original bump sides I’ve seen listed. I love the mild upgrades that lend to reliability and white over maroon combo is exceptional! Cold R-134 A/C baby!

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  3. dmose dmose

    Nice truck we sold it several years ago! I really enjoyed that one!

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  4. Geebee

    One of the quicker trucks I’ve ever seen was running a built 360. It still shocks me to think about how that thing could roast rubber.

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  5. Poncho

    I know the owner of this truck. He is very particular about the details (reflected in the super clean interior and engine bay) and he installed the electronic fuel injection himself. He told me the truck sat for a couple weeks, he went to start it, and it fired up right away with the fuel injection eliminating the need to fool with the choke. You couldn’t ask for much more when looking for a classic truck for towing or driving and then throw in the cold A/C, well…it’s ready to go. I think with a good buff and polish the paint would come back nicely.

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    • Dave

      I learned how to drive on a 67 F-100, 352, 3 on the tree. I’d been doing most of the maintenance on it for my father since he bought it new. “Fool with the choke” consisted of pulling the dash knob out, pumping the gas pedal twice, then hit the starter. When it fired you pushed the choke halfway in, then you could drive off. After a few minutes you had to remember to push the knob the rest of the way in. Looks like he added modern reliability to fix the known weak spots.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    This is one nice unit! I remember when these were new, sitting on the dealers’ lots. Sometimes hard to believe that was 49 years ago. I sometimes wonder about the EFI conversion. I would’ve likely stuck with the carburetor and upgraded it to a Holley 500 2bbl. But the EFI is fine. One thing I would never do is ‘upgrade’ the A-C to R-134. No matter what you do it’s still an R-12 system and 134 isn’t as efficient. You can get an R-12 substitute that works just like the original, and you don’t have to change anything else. JMHO…

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    First: very nice truck, EFI means 14.6 to 1 air fuel ratio is constant, A/C means comfort, then you have new suspension parts and straight body. Second: powerful V8 with leg relaxing automatic transmission, and arm easing power steering. I doubt you could find a better truck of this vintage. Third: It’s a Ford, you just can’t get any better than that.
    God bless America

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  8. TimM

    If had two of this body style Ford pickup and there is nothing that makes me happier then remembering the times I had with those trucks!!! This truck is a perfect example and I would highly recommend making memories with this one!!

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  9. W9BAG

    Drop dead beautiful F 100. However, within an hour of arrival at my home, the “brush guard” would be nothing but a memory.

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    • steve

      Awesome truck, i wouldnt have a problem drivin it but first i would take that lawn chair frame that is bolted to the front bumper

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  10. Miguel

    I don’t remember Ford ever using the ’69/’70 LTD hubcaps for the trucks.

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  11. Keith

    Those are not LTD hubcaps, they came on the Ford pickups along with some sedans. Also some Ford pickups came with the small poverty moon type caps.

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    • Miguel

      You are right, they did not come on the 1969 model, just the 1970 LTD.

      As I said, I have never seen those caps on a truck before. They did come on the 1970 LTD and Country Squire.

      Yes I have been around since then, so it is just that I don’t remember ever seeing them.

      I did a Google search and these are the caps I remember these trucks having.

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  12. Keith

    There were several options offered in 1969/70 for hubcaps on the Ford line. The hubcaps on this truck was one of those options, especially for the upscale Ranger XLT.

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  13. Keith

    Also notice on this truck that it has the upgraded chrome package i.e. chrome fender trim etc. The Ranger XLT was the best package to get back in the day and on top of that it has power steering, power brakes/auto trans and A/C! Big stuff 50 years ago. Of course one can’t compare this truck to todays trucks but it was the truck to have back in the day. People forget that these trucks (back then) were considered utilitarian, not comfort so you know this truck stood out amongst others back in 1970.

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  14. Todd Zuercher

    I’m curious of the brand of the TBI conversion. Some are good – others not so much. I also spy a big Duraspark ignition distributor cap – that’s good too!

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