Close to Home: 1963 Triumph TR4

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We have all heard of amazing barn finds in distant lands, but sometimes the best discoveries are not far from home. Darrell L. just sent us a few photos of a 1963 Triumph TR4 which he found less than a mile away from his home. He had to purchase four other Triumphs to get this one, but it was well worth it.

This TR4 only has 55k miles on the clock and is still wearing its original paint. There is no rust and it came with boxes and boxes of NOS parts which were bought back in the eighties. It may not be exotic, but to Darrell this is not just any old barn find, it is his dream barn find.

Looks like she cleaned up pretty well… We want to thank Darrell for sharing this with us and we wish him many years of driving enjoyment with his new found companion. This just proves that you never know what could be lurking in that old building down the street. Keep hunting and you might just unearth your own dream barn find.

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  1. Edward

    The dream of finding that special vehicle hidden in a barn or a ware house continues for me as does the opportunity to restore a car of my dreams.

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  2. paul

    I just bought a 63 Chevy Corvair out of a garage. Pictures to follow.

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  3. Chris Benziger

    Sweet find…congrats and enjoy Darrell!

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  4. Bert Arthur

    Enjoy your dream find!!!! :-)

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  5. Doug MMember

    Awesome find!! Seldom can you find an old British roadster that cleans up that nicely!! Congrats, too!

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  6. DolphinMember

    This is an interesting story, not just because this looks like a great find in a TR4, but because there are 4 other TRs involved. Can we hear about how those were involved in this purchase?

    It looks like Darrell can just jump in and enjoy this one, so….enjoy, Darrell!

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  7. FRED


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  8. Mbzgurl

    Wow! It sure does look good cleaned up.
    Makes me wonder if my black 280SL barn find looked as good all cleaned up. Hummm….

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  9. Darrell Lewis

    While waiting to pick up Grass Seed and Straw at the local Southern States my brother Don and I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman, as always things turned to cars.. Ron mentioned he had a barn full of old cars and of course my ears perked up. The first one was his 1976 International Scout II he ordered new.. Limited Edition Sprit, White with Red and Blue Strips.. Then came the Triumph’s , 1963 Black Car, 1965 Green Car that was pictured here on Barn Finds, 1964 Red Parts Car and the TR-3B..

    Ron invited us down to take a look when time was available, we then found out he has lived only ¼ mile from my house, needless to say upon arriving home and spreading the seed and straw, we were there within an hour.. As I discussed the cars the first thing Ron stated was everything was For Sales.. But only as a Package Deal.. four cars, load of spare parts and boxes of NOS items her ordered back in 1980 to restore the 1963 triumph, Ron had rebuilt the motor and remove the interior along with the carpets years ago.. I listed the 1965 TR4 on Craigslist and had dozens of calls prior to pulling everything out of the Barn.. The Green 1965 Tr-4 went to a Young Man and his Father to restore as a Driver within three hours of unloading it from the trailer.. The other Tr4 was sold off as parts to restores needing god non-rusted body panels and other great items.. The Tr-3 was picked up today..

    The black car has all the fluids changed along with the SU’s and master cylinders rebuilt.. within two weeks of the car arriving home she went from her maiden drive two days ago.. 60 Pounds of Oil Pressure, Breaks working fine.. I will be sending of the set of Spoke Wheels to have Powder Coated next week, and with a new set of tires.. The car will be ready for Spring Weather..

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  10. jim

    Very cool. Very drooooool.

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