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COEs Don’t Grow On Trees!

'50 Ford COE

We have featured some from Chevrolet, the Bookmobile from GMC, but this appears to be the first COE from Ford on ever to show up on Barn Finds.  Listed here on craigslist Kalispell, Montana and parked in Bigfork is this 1950 Ford COE with a firm price of $5,500 firm.

'50 Ford COE front

This unit is ready for you to figure out what, if anything, you wish to place/build on the back of the frame.

'50 Ford COE int.

We are sorry for the image quality of the interior.  We thought you would like to see an image with the engine cover off though.

'50 Ford COE left side

There is very little information provided with the ad. This COE has a V-8 Flathead that is part of the “Ran When Parked Fleet”.  We don’t know what month or year this truck was parked.  This owner only wants “genuine esquires”?  We believe the owner means genuine inquiries. So, if you are genuine and wish to inquire please feel free to give the owner a call and find out if you are ready for a 1950 Ford COE.



  1. Mark S

    What a fantastic truck if I could afford it and had room I’d be on a plain to go and get it. I can think of a number of possibilities for this truck. One thing is for certain that flat head 8 would need to be rebuilt and trick out a bit it would also need a two speed axle and some regearing to help keep up to traffic. Nice find Robert.

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  2. randy

    Love it.

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  3. DREW V.

    First thing that comes to mind is a rollback or ramped car hauler. Depending on how you want to build it, either a warmed over flat head or, room permitting a “Powerstroke” swap… Just my thoughts…

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Genuine Esquires only. No fake attorneys please.

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  5. jim s

    it has be upgraded with alt.. nice that this one has not been made into a hotrod. i would put a flatbed or stepside pickup bed on it. great find.

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    Wow, what a deal! I’m jonesin’ for a COE but they are usually already done and BIG bucks, or altered in very personal manner. This is a perfect starting point.

    Somebody grab this!

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  7. Jason Houston

    Way back when Yahoo ran auctions I found a 1/25th-scale toy model of one of these. It’s now parked on my 1/25-scale 1953 Ford dealership layout. I have never seen another before or since.

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  8. David Frank David Member

    Here’s another 1953 Ford COE. It’s got a 289, runs and drives for $5000. It’s here in Sacramento. Perhaps I should go take some more pictures and write it up.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Great find!

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    • jim s

      this one looks like it has a shorter wheelbase which might make it easier to fit a pickup box. another great find.

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  9. Howard A Member

    This is a great find, although, the term COE ( cab over engine) is a little misleading, as technically, the driver is not sitting “over the engine” as in a true, flat nosed cabover. This was more what they called a “LCF”, or low cab forward, but many still called them cabovers. Still, they were very popular with city delivery, box trucks, which I’m sure this was. I think this is an F-5 or F-6. These are converted into just about anything nowadays, limited only by your imagination. I all but guarantee, this won’t remain original, and that’s ok. Cool truck.

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    • Robert Member

      Howard A,

      You are correct sir. Do you like this Ford better?

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Robert, um, not really. Of the dozens of trucks I drove for a living, only half a handful were cabovers. Some folks liked them, personally, I hated them. Thanks for the great finds.

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      • Howard A Member

        Actually, Robert, I take that back, this^^ is a cool truck, for recreational purposes. Cabovers were miserable trucks to drive, and you don’t see them anymore for a reason.

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  10. JW

    Great Find I love it and would make a roll off out of it with a Powerstroke and stacks.

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  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    Like Howard says: Cabovers were miserable to drive. If you were attempting to maneuver them around tight spots they were nasty because there was so much weight on the front wheels. I always liked them just the same. It sure bothers me when I see so many of these lose the cab and have it plunked down on a modern 1-ton chassis. Trucks like the ’38/’39 above in Robert’s picture were rare to start with and now I know of four complete chassis languishing in the back forty while the cabs went onto modern chassis. That’s the way I would hope to see the feature on this post continue to be. However, the owner DOES have the right to do what he pleases…

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  12. Healeydays

    It would make a great pickup. Here’s a 39 that was recreated…

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    • Bobsmyuncle


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