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Collection Of Packard Projects And Parts!

'34 Packard projects

Stating that these Packards are going to be big projects might be an understatement. Listed here on craigslist in Akron, Ohio is a group of Packard projects priced at $24,000. The owner says he has an incredible collection of 1934 Packard projects along with some extra ’30, ’32, and ’33 parts.

'34 Packard projects 4

Some of the parts on his long list are 2 complete ’34 bodies with doors and these back half sections. There are 3 chassis, 2 original radiators, a 1103 Super 8 with the original body still on that is pictured, we believe, above.

Packard Project

There is an 1100 Standard 8 and an 1101 Standard 8.

'34 Packard projects 2

The collection includes a set of 4 1932 Packard light eight doors, one 1930 Packard door and two extra ’34 doors.

'34 Packard projects 3
You will also find, until sold, 2 sets of running boards, ’33 & ’34 fenders, wheels, steering wheels, spare tire mounts and a whole lot more. The list, according to the owner, is too long to post. There are more images posted on the craigslist ad. The owner says he will sell you individual parts until the whole collection sells as one. Chuck, the owner, asks you to call or text with any questions you may have. If you are in need of a ’30s something Packard, and who isn’t, it appears it would be a good time to contact Chuck.



  1. Avatar photo dj

    I know I’ll get hate over this but it’s just a bunch of parts. Just because someone is asking 80k for a street rod on Ebay, it doesn’t mean squat. You’ll have close to that putting one of these back together. I know the factory style interior kit for my 1930 Chevy Sport Coupe was $4500. I can’t imagine what it would cost for one of these.

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  2. Avatar photo Mark E

    I hate to agree with dj as I’m a Packard lover but he’s essentially right. Sure you could make, oh say four cars out of this mess. Unfortunately that’s only some if not most of the parts, not ALL of the parts. And unlike a Model A ford or tri-five chevy there are very few repro parts for a 1930s Packard. Since there are no custom bodied or senior series cars here I must say that other than parting this collection out to other Packard collectors the best use for this would be making some (shudder) restomod rods… >_<

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  3. Avatar photo David Member

    That front end loader poised in the background in the first picture looks ominous, almost mimicking the Packard in the foreground.

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  4. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    “Street rod”? Rat Rod”? For the love of Mike! What kind of person does this to a 30’s Packard? It’s really hard for me to understand the attitude of some people today. If there are no complete cars in this mix it should go to serious restoration shops or collectors, not some hot rod hack.

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      It’s nice to be a purist with some of these old cars. But there are only so many museums for the thousands of old cars out there. it is clear to me that as us old guys die off less and less people are going to want them. Yes we are going to use a lot of this old iron up, but why not enjoy the cars while we can. Not all of this stuff needs to be saved. I mean no disrespect.

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      • Avatar photo Brad

        Sad but true… not every old car part can be paired with a passionate, deep-pocketed concours-level restoration.

        I hope these old doors and fenders are bought by someone with a matching project, or at least repurposed, or hung on the garage wall as a trophy. The likely alternative is eventually head to China… to come back as part of a Dell laptop. : (

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  5. Avatar photo GreaserMatt

    I agree with Matt Tritt, and I am a ‘hot rodder’, lol…

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  6. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    There are Fords, and there are Packards. ;-)

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  7. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    Not to beat this conversation to a greasy pulp, but one reason I’m so adamant about Packards is having made the wrong choice about my own years ago. My dad was a Packard man from an early age and our family car growing up was a 34 Packard Super Eight touring car, dual-cowl, no less). As he succeeded in his work (he was the founder of Glasspar and designed some of the first fiberglass sports cars in the early 50’s) he acquired a collection of some of the best classics ever made and gave me the option of having one myself. He offered to get me either a 34 V-12 one-off aluminum bodied rumbleseat roadster that needed restoration (it was owned by Bill Pollack) or a 1925 Packard big six roadster that was in like new original condition. He suggested that the 34 was probably a better choice for modern road conditions (this was in 58) because of the earlier car’s 2 wheel brakes, so went with the 12. It was completely restored over the next 3 years, complete with Spanish grained leather, 16 coats of hand rubbed lacquer, rebuilt engine and on and on. It was a fantastic car. I went in the Army in 1965 and was stationed in Germany. Being in Europe I naturally wanted wheels so I asked my dad to arrange to send my 58 Volvo station wagon over and I’d pay for the shipping. Well, it so happened that my brother had used the Volvo and managed to blow it up going through LA, so the only way I was going to get the dough for a car was to sell the Packard. So says my dad. Being young and not fully aware of the ways of the world I went along with his plan (he could have easily have loaned me the money) and it went to Cars of the Stars in the San Fernando Valley. For $2,500.00 The last time I heard of that car it was for sale for $250,000. and that was in the 90’s. The point is that even the entry level Pacards from 1934 are valuable because of scarcity and original build quality; not like an aluminum bodied V-12 roadster, but definitely worth the time, money and effort of preserving. Simply stashing their parts for future use would be worth it if you have the storage space. Now that I’m old and somewhat wise, I’m trying to make up for being so stupid when I wasn’t!

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  8. Avatar photo jim barnes

    looking for a trunk rack for a 41 Packard 160
    can adapt
    Call jim 917 428 4499

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