Cool Original Cruiser: 1964 Galaxie


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What a nice car to take for a afternoon cruise! It’s got a few small issues but nothing to scare you (hey, it’s close enough to Halloweeen), and even has working period air conditioning! It’s located in Sedgwick, Kansas and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now is $7,000 but lower offers are being considered.


With clean lines like these, and four doors (yes, four, not two, and I’m just fine with that! You folks know even my racing car has four doors, right?) you have room for everyone to travel in style. The seller tells us this paint is original (!) and has been buffed to a nice shine.


While the chrome looks really nice from here, there is rust through in the rear bumper.


Here’s an example of what the paint looks like up close. While there are some obvious flaws, it’s certainly presentable. And no rust!


The seller tells us that there’s a tear in the driver’s seat, and while there are a few other blemishes as well, again, it’s very presentable. I’m not sure it’s $7,000 presentable, but that’s why the seller is inviting offers.


Neat dash, huh! And I don’t mind the extra gauge added either; that’s a mark of someone who cares enough to know what’s going on with the engine.


We’re also told that this is not a matching numbers car, but it is a 352 V8. A couple of hours spent under here would make a world of difference. While I’m wondering why it needed a new engine at 81,000 miles–or maybe 181,000–I’m okay with that in this application. It’s nice to see what appears to be a newish belt on the air conditioning compressor, though. So what do you think this great cruiser is worth? And can you get over the four door stigma?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Joe Defelice

    Four doors don’t bother me. Love the color and the body lines!!

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  2. Ralph Terhune

    I have several four door classics. I love them all!

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  3. Gary Gary

    A perfect daily driver candidate.

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  4. Capt Doug

    4 doors are fine with this much style and that C pillar — a perfect car for family enjoyment.

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  5. HoA Howard AMember

    ’64 Ford’s were my favorite style. I believe this one has 1963 wheel covers. This car has been around for a while on different sites. Certainly not an XL, but still a nice cruiser. IDK, 5g’s is about all I’d go on this. Very cool find.

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  6. geebee

    First air conditioned car my family owned was a ’64 Custom 500….just a trim level below this one. Took it on a road trip from Oklahoma to California right after we got it in the summer of ’66. Dad would let it alllmmmooost get cool in the car, then turn that a/c off.

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  7. angliagt

    My first car was a ’64 Galaxie 2 door.
    I still find it very cool that you could get one with a 4 speed,
    along with other full size cars of that era.

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  8. Jesper

    Some cars look more right with four doors.
    Love that thing :-)

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  9. DrinkinGasoline

    My kinda car, my color. Chrome reverses, period correct rubber, fender skirts and dual exhaust streaming Smitty’s 26″ glasspacks with 3″ echo cans. Might even take 3″ out of the rear end.
    Re-pop front seat upholstery would follow. Tail draggin’ heaven !

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  10. JW454

    My fourth grade teacher had one exactly like this, four door and all. She looked like Mrs. Doubtfire. She didn’t like me and the feeling was mutual. Cool car horrible teacher.

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  11. Chris

    I dig this Galaxie. The only thing I would do is add some Cragar Chrome Smoothies and white lettered tires, and install dual exhaust with Magna-Flow mufflers for some attitude.

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  12. Woodie Man

    As a teen age parts runner for a local garage I drove the mechanics ’64 2 door with glasspacks. I think he had the console and slushbox. I love that dash. Wonder what the engine is. Love the interior.

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  13. JCW Jr.

    You say why at 81000 it would need a engine? There were many cars in the 50s and 60s that needed engines at a low milage. I remember my dad buying a 66 Plymouth Fury llll had under 60,000 and burned oil like no tomorrow. So we rebuilt the engine. Happened to many of the older cars. Same as why did my daughters 2004 f150 need a new engine and transmission before 100,000 A lot of old cars and trucks had lower milage because back then people did not drive like today. Also cars did not last like today.

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  14. charlieMember

    If you look at 30’s and 40’s magazines like Life, and the Saturday Evening Post they consistently had ads for “Perfect Circle Piston Rings”. Rebuilding engines was part of the given, particularly engines without oil filters, oils were not as good, and changes were called for at 1500 miles on some cars, so they just were not done at all, or not often enough. We have it good with synthetic oils and 10,000 mile change intervals.

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  15. Mark S

    This is not just any 4 door car it’s a 4 door hardtop with fastback lines. I’m not a big Ford fan but I must say that this is a sweet car it came along just before Ford turned the Galaxy into a rolling shoe box. These looked spectacular with reverse chrome rims and chrome baby moon hub cap with a set of Goodyear raised white letter summer tread bias tires. I’m not to sure about this being a 64 I’m more inclined to think it was a mid year 63 1/2 Galaxy. The fact that it’s a hard top might justify the price, besides there is no way that you’ll ever restore a lesser one to this level for under 10k. Great find nice car.

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  16. Bob D.

    A 1964 for sure. I can tell by the way the rear fenders extend past the tail lights and the special chrome appears on the front fenders. I am restoring a 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 and it does not look like the one in this picture. Great find. Probably worth the price.

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  17. old john

    This is a 1964 Ford only, not a 1963 and1/2. Also it was original with a 352 engine because it does not have a 390 emblem on the bottom of the front fender by the door. Also the hang down air is original for that year.

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  18. Fred W.

    This could end up prowling the streets of Mt. Airy NC as a faux Andy Griffith sheriff car. There are probably 20 1960-64 Fords in service there to ferry the tourists, and no one worries about whether they are Galaxies or hardtops. The A/C would be a big plus.

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    • Rando

      OMG! Y’all stop! Some of us have to live here! There’s even a 67 roaming the streets with the tours. Leave this one as is.

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  19. joeinthousandoaks

    Fred W, just what i was thinking.

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  20. CharlieMember

    The 4 door hardtop (pillar-less saloon in Britain), to me, is far more attractive than the 4 door with the B pillar between the front and rear doors. When we rode around with the windows down, they made aesthetic sense, but probably not structural sense. If there is no B pillar, does the C become a B? I think not.

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