Coolest Wagon Ever? ’57 Chevy Nomad Survivor

Two-door wagons are super-cool to begin with, and the ’57 Chevy stands as the literal icon of ’50s Cool. Put the two together and you get the fin-tastic ’57 Chevy Nomad. This particular 1957 Chevrolet Nomad in Medford, New Jersey seeks a new owner here on eBay where (at time of publication) it awaits a $22,000 opening bid.

Some wagons come out as an awkward adaptation of a design primarily penned to sell coupes and sedans. Not so with the ’57 Nomad. You might believe this body style inspired the designer first, and afterwards came the others. Our feature car boasts a “rust-free frame” and many new parts, and those tires look ready to roll as well.

Despite the addition of a later GM HEI electronic ignition distributor and a ludicrous air filter made from a Vienna Sausage can, this engine is claimed to be the original V8 and three-speed manual transmission. The column-mounted gear selector gave way at some point to a sportier floor shifter. I learned to drive on my parents’ Plymouth wagon with a V8 and a floor-mounted three-speed manual, and I’d love to take this one for a whirl. That’s right; this car runs!

New black carpets come with the sale. The seller recommends a full going-through before hitting the road. The good news is that the Reserve equals the Opening Bid, so once bidding starts, this car will sell. Some years ago, owning a ’57 Chevy equaled instant status. Their luster may have faded some, but they’re still well-respected and desirable. Will this no-reserve auction produce a sale?


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  1. TimM

    My favorite is the 56 but this is a really iconic 50’s car as well but I’m not to pleased with the $22,000 opening bid!! I know there not a dime a dozen but I think for that kind of money you could get a better example of this car!!!

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    • Little_Cars

      Well TimM, looks like you get 1956 wheelcovers in this deal, at least on the passenger side.

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    • Jay

      I maybe instested if it is realistic $ ?

    • Brian

      Just because it’s a Nomad doesn’t mean that, if you don’t take care o of it, it is worth $22k. I get tired of seeing rust-buckets abandoned in fields being left to decay and offered for sale for six figures by outfits like G******* Motors. The 22K belongs in the restoration of the car.

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      • canadainmarkseh Member

        I agree for another $11k you could have the red one from a few days ago.

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  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    While I was one of the 7 people in the country that never cared for ’57 Chevy’s, the Nomad was my favorite rendition of one. Didn’t see many ’57 Nomads for some reason. Got to think this is a rare car.

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    • stillrunners Stillrunners Member

      Lowest production of Nomads was the 1957.

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    • bone

      Wow, and I’m one of the 7 !!

  3. local_sheriff

    It IS the coolest Tri-Five. Although I know it’s a longroof I think it isn’t fair to just call it a station wagon – it’s a Nomad!

    As with Rube I too wasn’t amongst those being crazy about 567 Chevies in general however the Nomad is something on its own.

    One of my first quality builds in the 80s was a 57 Nomad – in 1/25 scale I may add. It’s still on my shelf and is most likely the only Nomad I’ll ever own

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  4. XMA0891

    Had I penned this find, I’d likely have titled it, “Coolest Wagon Ever!” A tri-five, long-roof, three-on-the-tree, V-8, two door. Planets do align. Coolest Wagon Ever!

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    • Jerry Brentnell

      well my take on the coolest wagons ever goes like this 62 chrysler new yorker 4 door hard top wagon, or 57-8 olds 98 hardtop wagon, 58 plymouth wagon, you can have the 57 chev!

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Nomads are great looking regardless of the year. This one has a large amount of potential to it. The 30 Ford in the last frame looks interesting too.

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  6. socaljoe

    I don’t think it will get a starting bid of 20k. As far as rare, I think the 1957 year had the highest production of the Nomads. Also, the 56 wheels are 15 inch and 57 was the first year for 14″ so the wheels are incorrect.

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  7. Tom Bell

    Shifter would certainly go back on the column to preserve a long-gone style of changing gears.

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  8. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    typical Barn Find …messed with, missing parts? ruff-ruff…………and not a Survivor …..
    any door panel for the pasenger side ??? More interior pictures ????

    I’m a buyer, but not at this price. Better alternatives to spend 22k + 25k more.

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  9. MotorWinder

    This is my all time favorite “Nomad” :

    I would have bought this past Barn Find in a heart beat!!

    I can’t remember exactly what it sold for but if memory serves me it wasn’t outlandish …

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    • local_sheriff

      I like a well-built ‘El Anything’ made to look like something that could’ve been a production model. This one seems to be one of those.
      OK; I’m nit-picking here though I really like it, I however think it could’ve been made EVEN better with a backlight that somehow picks up the Nomad’s thin pillars theme and maybe even include the ribs in the roof sheetmetal.
      Anyways – very cool El Mad !

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  10. MrF

    Appreciate your description of the “Vienna sausage can” air cleaner. I have wondered what to call those ridiculous filters, and there it is…

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  11. Jack Quantrill

    Si, 1957 es muy macho . Porque, 1956 es un poquito muy mas macho mas!

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    • Don H

      What he said 😁

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  12. Bob McK Member

    I know I am getting old, but several years ago it seemed like the majority of the cars at the car shows were 57 Chevys. I got so sick of looking at them, I started passing them by without a glance. Well lots of time has passed. There are fewer of these showing up at the shows and I have gained an appreciation for them again. This could be a stunning example if restored correctly. Good luck to the new owner.

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  13. JOHN Member

    I love the tri-fives, especially the Nomads, but the rear wheel opening on the 55 looks so aggressive, and with the right wheel/tire combo, wow!

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    Of all the Tri 5’s I think the 56 and 57 are the most attractive to my ever discerning eye. That said the ’57 with the fins has it going on. The seller seems to have a cache of interesting vehicles. Check out the ’40? Panel in the back under the shed.

    The front seat fabric under the junk looks correct but the carpet and aluminum strips on the tailgate raise certain suspicions.

    Already up to 22K………..whats that saying? A fool and his money are soon parted……….

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    • local_sheriff

      22k was its opening bid and I doubted someone would enter the game at such a start. However the snowball is rolling…

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  15. bruce baker

    Is it truly a real Nomad? Aren’t “long roof” Nomad’s supposed to have the roof ribs both inside, & outside? Is the dirt hiding them? Wash this thing to avoid a very pissed off new broke owner.

    • JOHN Member

      You would have a tough time putting that distinctive Nomad B pillar on a Handyman 210, or Bel Air wagon. Could be done, but that would have been a ton of work.

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  16. socaljoe

    There is a 56 Nomad a couple blocks from my house. it has been in the driveway uncovered since at least 1983. It looks better than this car. I tried to buy it in 1983 and got the standard answer “I’m going to restore it one day”

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  17. moosie moosie

    Did ’57 Chevys have that item on the throttle side of the carb ? The seller does tell us about the HEI ignition tho. It’ll sell for whatever someone is willing to pay & whatever the seller is willing to take, it wont be me tho.

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  18. Gaspumpchas

    up to 22,100 now with 2 bids.someone will buy it. will be very cool when done.I’d leave the 283 with the 3 on the tree or a 4 speed. Good luck to the new owner!!

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  19. Charles D Haley

    That is a late model carburetor with an idle speed up solenoid on the carb.

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  20. moosie moosie

    Yes Charles I knew what the part was, my point was to the originality of the car. I sold G.M. parts for what seemed like a lifetime, ’71 to ’87 or thereabouts. That solenoid was used primarily on cars equipped with A.C.

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  21. Rustytech Member

    I bought one just like this in 1970. I found sitting in a carriage shed and got it for $300. The engine was blown so I got a 1967 283ci from the local salvage yard. After cleaning it up and getting it running I sold it for $3000 and thought I made a killing. This is a lot of money for a project, but will make a beautiful finished product.

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  22. Fred Alexander

    You’re going to be $60K plus the purchase price of this Nomad on a ground up restoration , beyond the resale price of a #1 car. If a convertible maybe and yes the Nomads 55 to 57 are desirable and yes station wagons are getting more desirable / popular as projects but unless you’ve got deep pockets and don’t care about going way past the resale of the vehicle (appraised value seldom attained in a resale) go for it.
    I’ve never made money on any vehicle I’ve restored or customized — — and have known tons of other enthusiasts in the same boat – – -but then as a hobbyist and not a “Flipper” does it matter as long as the wife doesn’t know how much we have tucked into our projects.

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  23. Del

    Talk about Hens Teeth.

    He probably got way more than he figured

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Aug 25, 2019 , 3:06PM
    Winning bid:US $22,600.00
    [ 5 bids ]

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