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Corvair Cache For $2,500!

Corvair Cache

While browsing my local classifieds, I stumbled across this little cache of Corvairs. There are four 2nd-gen cars and a stash of spare parts. Three of the cars have titles and they all need to be restored. This project package deal isn’t for everyone, but a Corvair guy might be able to make good use of it. Keep the best one and part out or sell the rest to cover your expenses. Transportation may be your biggest challenge though because everything is located up in Salmon, Idaho. They are listed here on craigslist for $2,500.

Another Corvair

Depending on the rust, I’d probably keep the car in the first photo. The seller mentions that one of the two-doors has a 4-speed, so hopefully it’s that one. This one appears to have more problems, so it would most likely get sold.

Four Door

This four-door would have to go too. There’s probably lots of good parts here though that could be used to save another car.

Body Only

This one must be the “body only” that the seller mentions. It too could be used to rescue other cars though. There’s lots of work to be done here, but it would be fun to try and see if you really could get a free Corvair by selling off everything else. What do you guys think – could it be done?


  1. Don

    Looks like the blue one with the rust is the corsa and 4 speed

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  2. redwagon

    seems like a really good price for the 4 cars. unfortunately it’s all the way over in idaho. still for someone with access to a big flatbed, an unhealthy fixation with corvairs, a need for a road trip and excess time, this could be perfect!

    just not me.

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  3. JW454

    I believe the red car is the 65 Monza W/ automatic. The first blue one may be the Corsa 4 speed car however, I believe the second blue one is a Corsa too so……

    It might be a deal if you’re close and can hold down the cost of transportation.

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    I just watched the Wheeler Dealer episode where they restored a 63. They supposedly got $13,000 for it. Sounds high to me.

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    • Schwag

      I saw that, too. Seems high to me as well, but it turned out pretty nice, so maybe.

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  5. Rick

    Be a Corvair FREAK for only $2,500? Trouble with that is, if you are freaky enough to want junk Corvairs, you don’t have an extra $2500 – those two concepts are mutually exclusive. In fact you probably don’t even have an extra $10!
    Seriously, this is a good buy for a collector that has his own transport or lives in the neighborhood. Always thought the styling of the 2nd gen Corvair was timeless, would like to have a ’67-69 factory Turbo convert (if GM even made one that is)

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    • Neal

      2nd generation turbocharged convertibles were only built in 65 and 66 as “corsa” models. Turbos weren’t available after the 66 model year.

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  6. don

    I knew a fellow with a second gen car that, with a kit, put a 350 w/Porsche transaxle where the rear seat was. Some of todays V6’s would be a better choice

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  7. Dave Wright

    I have found Corvair people to be uneque……..they seem to also poses the hoarder gene. I know of half a dozen large Corvair caches laying around the west. They are off course fun cars but the values have been slow to increase……possibly encouraging the hoarder tenancies of there officanados.

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  8. Tony B

    Hmmm….Many a year ago, I gave away a blue corsa with left front end damage that the previous (and original owner) had covered with bondo… Would do my heart good if this was the same car, and it had survived…

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  9. Paul Bellefeuille

    There’s a guy in Orange MA who at one time had 52 Corvairs.. yes 52.. including one with a seen thru engine compartment lid..it had a turbo in it too. I think he still has that one and a few other rare cars. Nice guy too.

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  10. Glen

    There’s something wrong about 4 doored corvairs. 2 doors look “balanced” ,4’s not so much. The bottom blue car looks right to me.

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  11. Loco Mikado

    All I need to do is win the lottery. Then I would be able to afford to buy them and restore them. It wouldn’t take all that much as parts are available for them and reasonably priced from what I have read. I hope someone buys these and makes good use of them. I once knew a person who had 2 Corvair vans, 2 Corvair cars and a 1954 Corvette all in good running original condition in the early 90’s. The Corvette he had owned since 1960, he called it his courting car as he had it when he was dating his wife.

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  12. Alan (Michigan)

    Ya always have to lure me in by popping up a Corvair photo. And I always take the bait. So…. As has been said before, if at all feasible, the Corsa is the one to save.

    No one seems to have noticed the gaping hole in the front of the other blue car. To me that means it is likely someone had at least begun a conversion to a water-cooled engine, as in a V8 where the back seat used to be.

    I have never been a fan of the 4-door either, so if any of the cars were to be sold after acquisition, that would be it. But it is too far, I don’t have space/transport, etc…..

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