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From John S – Recently I drove by this dealership on a 2 lane stretch of road in PA and I couldn’t believe the number of C3 Vettes and other potentially cool muscle cars just sitting there going to waste. I spoke to the owner who indeed said they were all for sale but it didn’t look like they were going anywhere or had for a long time. I really liked the red 71’ Vette with a 350/4spd but it hadn’t run in “quite a while” and the interior was in need of a resto but otherwise it was very clean. Only the Le Mans convertible was spoken for but hadn’t been picked up by the buyer yet. There was even a Torino GT out back that you can’t see in the pictures. There appear to be a number of interesting cars at this dealership, so if you live in Pennsylvania and happen to know more about this dealership, please share! I want to thank John for sharing this find with us. So which of these cars would you like to have?

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  1. JoshAuthor

    I contacted John about the location of these cars and he still isn’t sure about the exact location, but it’s on Route 522. If you happen to know where this is at, please share!

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  2. phil

    would really like to know where this place is the torino would be my pick but have to look around

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  3. Craig

    Here is what I found

    Keystone Classics & Exotic
    RR 522
    Mt Union, PA 17066
    (814) 542-7336

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  4. Sean Moyer

    It’s just south of Mt Union, PA on Route 522. I used to drive by there all the time between home and my dad’s place. Never stopped but there is definitely a lot of nice machinery sitting outside.

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  5. Jim

    I live in PA, and have spent countless hours driving country 2 lane roads, and while I have a photo album full of “barn finds”, I certainly never came across a stash like that! Please share the location!

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  6. JW454

    If these cars are for sale, and were priced fairly, they would have been sold. What’s that tell you?

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    • Rusty

      I lived right beside this place it is a radio shack slash car lot and all the cars there including the normal cars out front that aren’t classics are over priced that’s why they been sitting there since as long as I can remember like there is a yellow Corvette there that looks like a pace car and it has flat tires all cracked up it really bad condition don’t even run and he wants like 23,000 for it like come on it don’t even run…i stopped and asked about a 91 Cecilia convertible and he want 1,899 for it and it’s been there sitting since I as a little kid and the one tire is flat plus the top is ripped and water gets in the car like on the seats and everything and think bout all them winters and stuff we have in that long of a time like come on it should only be like 500 bucks here soon the floor is prob gonna rust out so that why they all there cuz he wants to much and the longer they sit the worst they get

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  7. moosie Craig

    Rte. 522,???? any idea as to a State , County or U.S. road, Eastern, Central, Western, Pennsylvania is a big state.

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    • Matt

      I’m pretty sure I know where this is, though I’ve never stopped. I drove past it last Friday on my way to DelGrossos’ amusement park with my kids. It is on US522 about a mile or two south of Mount Union, Pennsylvania south of the Juniata River and the split of US22 and US522.

      14188 croghan pike, mt union pa

      Try that address and use street view in Google Maps, there is an active and open Radio Shack in the building that is probably owned by the same person. I’ve driven by many times but never stopped over the last few years.

      Looks like there is a vague website too:

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    • joe conner

      14188 Croghan Pike
      Mt Union, PA 17066

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  8. JW

    I’m with JW454 that these cars must be way over priced otherwise they would be gone.

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  9. GLENN

    I have been there twice also a little unsure of the exact location, but I spoke to the owner last time. The cars for the most part are in very poor shape and getting worse, at least the ones not under the car port area. I found out about prices on some of the MOPARS and the prices were way off, I am not sure he even visits the property at all, it is just another bunch of old cars wasting away.There has to be 100 cars, who knows what is inside the garage?

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    • GLENN

      I just found it Mt. Union Pa Rte 522 also known as Croghan Pike. Keystone Classic and Exotics 814-542-7336 use 14188 2nd st. Mt. Union as this address is behind it. Good luck, I already determined I had no interest in any cars there except the rather wasted 383 Roadrunner and he is asking crazy $$

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  10. don

    have to agree with JW454, if these cars are for sale for a fair market value, they would not be sitting there.

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  11. Alexander

    US 522 runs from Selinsgrove (central part of the state) west and then southwest and south to Lewistown, Mount Union, McConnelsburg, and then Hancock, Md. That’s about 120 miles to cover, and quite a bit of it in territory that would make “city slickers” think they left civilization behind…..

    That being said, this would stand out like a sore thumb along that route; I’m sure it’s either known or can be found fairly easily.

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  12. jim s

    rt522 in PA. starts near I70 at warfordburg pa and goes northeast. if you are close it might be a nice drive! so John s where were you coming from and going to when you saw these? do you remember any town names? if these are being stored outside yearround PA winters are had on vehicles. great finds

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  13. AJS

    In Pennsylvania, US Route 522 runs from Selinsgrove, on the northern end, to the Maryland line near Hancock, Md.

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  14. joe conner

    522 is called Croghan pike in m.t. union

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  15. jim s

    if i knew how to do online google earth i would try northeast corner of intersection of rt 522 and rt30 which is just outside/north of McConnelsburg Pa. then do the area around the pa turnpike and rt522.

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    • joe conner

      waaayyyy north of McConnelsburg Pa

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  16. Mike W

    It looks like its in Allenport, PA at a place called Keystone Classics and Exotics. Google Earth is a wonderful thing.

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  17. AJS

    Between Allenport & Mount Union, PA
    40°22’20.16″ N – 77°52’9.76″ W

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  18. Jeff C

    Could it be Keystone Classics of Mount Union, PA?

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  19. jerryss

    It looks to me that it could be L&L Auto Sales, 22357 Great Cove Rd, McConnelsburg Pa. I did a search of car dealerships in McConnelsburg Pa, and that google view looks like a pretty good match for the pictures, withe the overhang, and building. The google street view is very old, so things may be different now.

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  20. The Walrus

    There is one pic that gives a hint to the location. It may (or may not) be near Sheetz. I mean, how many of those could there be, right?

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  21. Neil

    Easy find this one!

    It’s Keystone Classics and Exotics – their webpage is a bit of a placeholder, but they have a company Facebook page:

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    • jim s


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  22. Jamie

    Yes. ^^ Beat me to it ^^ Also, sells on Ebay. Any C2 era survivor ad … is usually his. That’s my awareness. Drooling over many customized big fender survivors with big blocks. This guy rules.

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  23. Barzini

    I did a double take after seeing the brown 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 in the cover shot because it looks exactly like my first car in 1978. It was a terrible car yet it brings back fond memories every time I see one, which does not happen much these days.

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  24. Mike Somerville

    That does seem to be a shame. Any of the mopars would do for me if they are in restorable shape.

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  25. John Swope

    Mount Union sounds about right and it was north or McConnelsburg as I was on my way there to play golf. I remember there was a radio Shack right next door and there aren’t many of those left so it should be easy to find.

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  26. GreaserMatt

    Very cool!!!!! I like that red vette as well….

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  27. Todd Rothrauff

    Ah yes, Keystone Classics in Mt. Union, PA. I grew up in Altoona and have been there many times over the years. The Studebaker Hawk and Pontiac Grand Prix have been there for decades . . .

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  28. 4DoorBoris

    As of August 2020 all these cars including the LeMans are still there. The Torino GT is a 1972 model and is 100%. There is also a 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 390 Fastback out there and a 1972 Heavy Chevy Chevelle. Theres also a 1969 Camaro 350-4Speed with houndstooth interior under the carport. Lots of neat studebakers too.

    Its a pretty well known spot in the car circles in central PA. Hes also got a dealership that only does Corvettes on the other side of the Juniata River called Keystone Corvettes. The C3s he has out back here are all pretty well picked over so I assume theyre parts cars. Rumor is the guy has a lot more valuable stuff stashed away in a barn somwhere near here.

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