Could This 6k Mile Corvette Be Worth $32K?

1988 Corvette

Like they say, a photo is worth a thousand words! Well this seller didn’t offer many photos of this supposed 6,000 mile Corvette or much text. As a matter of fact, their description is five sentences long and barely make any sense. And if the listing itself doesn’t confuse you, the $32k buy-it-now will! From what I could make out, a friend listed this for the seller and claims it is a one owner car that has never seen rain or been left out in the sun. If the mileage claim is true, I don’t see any reason not to believe that claim. It currently doesn’t run, but the friend states they will be attempting to get it started as soon. I just hope the friend’s mechanicing skills are better than their spelling or this car could soon have serious engine problems. You can find this interesting listing here on eBay in Westfield, Massachusetts with a $28k starting bid. So do you think an ’88 Corvette could ever be worth $32k or has the seller accidently added an extra zero to their asking price?


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  1. MH

    Nice car but the way it sits it’s about 8K not running. I’ve seen these cars with 100K miles for 4K.

    • Goat

      The car is definitely not worth 32K especially when you see the dirt by the fender tag. Additionally, the seller can’t even spell, which brings to light a huge factor when considering buying from someone. Is he really that dumb that he can’t spell? If he is, beware, and stay away.

      • Art

        Scam alert all over this one.

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  2. Mike Bowman

    Bought my 1985 Corvette Z51 last year for $5250 and it had 42k miles. Ive seen c4s with less than 10k miles struggle to sell for over $10,000. Now if this was a C4 ZR-1 that would be a good price

    • PaulG

      I picked up this ’91 ZR-1 with 31K miles for substantially less than the asking on this 88. Wishful thinking on someone’s part…

  3. Bob Lichty

    To answer your question. Of course it could be worth that much…..someday. If the car and the owner lives long enough. Corvettes are like any other car that goes through the “used car” cycle and after a long run of serious depreciation that come back up and eventually brough pretty good money again.

  4. Mark Lawson

    If this is your cuppa, I could see maybe 4 grand. Personally, I would not be caught dead even looking at a C4. Terrible chapter in Corvette history.

  5. Jim

    They’ll never be a collectible unless it retains very special options or history (ei: Callaway twin turbo). They were mass produced plastic junk. Fun car for cheap money though, just wouldn’t want to be seen in one.

  6. JW

    I smell a scam, such a nice collectible vehicle but only 2 pics, even if it had too many things in front of it to pull out of garage why not take cover completely off. The guys spelling is ridiculous and his vocabulary is worse than mine and that’s bad. I would run away from this especially on ebay, I may be wrong but something doesn’t seem right to me.

  7. Chris formly of San Diego

    The 000’s are fine, knock the 2 off the front of the starting bid and it could be worth it.

  8. Clay Bryant

    About as garden variety of a Corvette as you can get.What’s the difference between this one and a 60k miles one at 6,000 bucks?

  9. Rev Rory

    Maybe if it had “Mercury Marine” stamped on the block…

  10. phoneman91

    Contrast this Ebay ad with the 66 T bird ad. Like night and day..

    No way a 88 standard C4 would be worth this price of 28k. Old age, low mileage,and long term storage– don’t make a common vehicle valuable-even if a rain virgin.

  11. TBall

    The way I see this listing, the only fool larger than the one that listed it is the one that buys it. I wouldn’t give you that amount for a 100 mile ’88… Just sayin. Thanks for sharing though, love the daily brain-breaks and nice cars in my in box…

  12. Al Member

    couple other 88s on there for similar price. Strange having a “starting bid” of $28,000 and no follow ups. Also add states base model.

  13. PaulG

    Mercury Marine Built

    • PaulG

      Sorry, I’m having a problem uploading photos. I was trying to show the ZR-1 motor, and the corvette it resides in…

  14. jim s

    so automatic or manual?

  15. Blindmarc

    Mecum had lower mile ZO6’s last week at indy going for less, and they were newer.

  16. dj

    Seller is in a different world than the rest of us. I bought an 87 last year with 70k on the odometer for $3500.

  17. Peter


    But before I go there, what’s up with the “Certified pre-owned” subheading? I wasn’t aware that Chevrolet ever offered a “Certified, Pre-owned” program for Corvettes. I wonder if the seller would aver that it even comes with a 28-year long manufacturer’s warranty, as well–LOL.

    Unless it were one of the special, C4 performance editions mentioned by previous commenters, a garden-variety C4 is THE lowest-priced Corvette one could possibly buy.

    I think of them as $3,500.-$4,500. cars. Definitely under $10K (as was alluded to by another member, above), in excellent, RUNNING condition, for my money.

    A similar discussion (of C4 values) came up on a Corvette board recently, and there were multiple examples between $3,500. and $7,900. (asking prices, on CL). I’ve excerpted the relevant part, below:

    Beginning of Corvette-forum excerpt:
    “C4s are a lot more performance than most ’70s Corvettes. However, they are bottom of the scale on pricing.
    Clean ’84, but you’ll probably never be able to sell it. ’84s seem to have almost no market, so I’d offer $4500 green stuff and drive it home.

    That is only $1500 above this ’72 and you don’t have to tow it home and work on it for months.
    1994 Corvette Coupe great condition – $7900 – and it is a six speed, so that isn’t that common.
    1995 Corvette (low miles) – $6200 (Parkland) – decent price but I always question those who state “just needs the …” like it is simple. If it is simple, why not do it and raise the price?
    1987 corvette – $5000 (pierce) – Also a manual, the 4+3 and looks good.”
    End of excerpt from Corvette forum.

    The 1994, SIX-SPEED MANUAL, with 102K, that looks GREAT, for $7,900., is the one I would want, if I would ever subject myself to owning/cleaning a black car (which I won’t–too much work).

    But perhaps even more telling–the above Corvette-forum excerpt, showing the C4 “For Sale” listings, was made THREE WEEKS AGO…and most of them are still for sale–even the clean, desirable 6-speed, 1994, for $7,900.

    So what does THAT say about C4’s desirability and dollar-value?

    I even TRY to like C4’s, but I can’t, as I like the C3’s styling (which ran from 1968-1982), and I find the C4’s styling too bland for words, personally.

    But I mean no offense to any C4 owners out there, because C4’s definitely offer more bang-for-the-buck than any other generation Corvette. And at a MUCH cheaper price–not to mention with an opening rear hatch! (No trunk or opening hatch on a C3, other than on the 1982 Collector’s Edition) And I still can’t like the C4–LOL.

    But I definitely like that C4’s can be had, for “short money,” with manual transmissions, and working A/C, along with braking and handling superior to C3’s (and possibly even horsepower, depending upon which C3’s and C4’s one is comparing), so I keep thinking, maybe, one day, even as a beater, or a rat rod…I dunno. I just can’t get past the generic, Tonka Toy/Dust Buster styling….

    But there’s definitely something wrong with this 1988 C4 listing….

  18. Alan (Michigan)

    How much?

    To quote Anthony Clement McAuliffe, General, United States Army:


  19. Dick in SoCal

    I had a red ’85 new from the dealer. The yellow in the red paint faded and left a bluish haze in some places similar to that seen in the grill area photo e.g. opening the possibility of a repaint.

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