Country Charm: 1971 Ford Country Squire

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One of the longest-serving workhorses in the Ford family was the Country Squire station wagon. Manufactured from 1951 to 1991, it maintained the tradition of using wood paneling for family sedans. Although the real wood was eventually replaced by vinyl, the hauler continued to offer a wide range of seating configurations and engine choices. While some buyers opted for the standard 351, Ford also offered the wagon with the burly 390, 400, or 429 cubic-inch engines. Although the listing for this 1971 example featured here on eBay doesn’t offer many details, we think its survivor status makes it worth another look.

The example up for grabs is a fifth-generation wagon, with nifty features like Ford’s “Three-Way Magic Doorgate” that opens out like a door with the rear glass up or down, and can swing down like a tailgate. It also features 9-passenger seating, thanks to this model’s rear jump seats. Although we wouldn’t want to be sandwiched back there for hours at a time, watching traffic go by is more entertaining than arguing with your siblings.

Of course, keeping the kids safe is no issue in this car, with its slab sides and acres of steel. Perhaps that’s what the original owner was thinking when he purchased the car at Northwestern Ford in Milwaukee. The car has resided in Wisconsin all of its life, and this Country Squire appears to have emerged unscathed with original paint throughout aside from a respray of the doglegs on both sides. Supposedly, the first owner never drove the wagon in the winter.

The Galaxie here retains its factory equipment, including A/C, power front disc brakes, power steering, and cruise control, all of which are said to work. The seller notes that the chrome trim shines up nicely, and that the car has a rebuilt head converted to run on unleaded fuel. He also says that he installed a new exhaust, a set of Magnum 500 wheels and B.F. Goodrich tires. Details are scarce about specific options, engine specs and maintenance items, which may indicate that the seller feels confident about the car’s clean bill of health. The preserved interior does indicate careful ownership, but we would still follow up for more details.

While wagons aren’t the sexiest thing on the road, the Country Squire here does a good job of looking tough. The white letter tires and the slightly raked appearance combine to create an intimidating specimen, and we’re certain the dual exhaust sounds downright mean. All said, this wagon could be a deal for the right buyer who needs plenty of room for the rug-rats and who doesn’t mind wood-grain.

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  1. Sparky Pete

    “Old wagons are some of the sexiest things on the road…”

    Fixed that for ya.

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  2. Randy

    My dad had this exact year and model car when I was a kid. Only his was blue. I loved riding in those back seats

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  3. J. Pickett

    There’s something really nostalgic about a Country Squire, My dad wasn’t a wagon man. My best friend’s first car was a 57 Ranch Wagon. Good times in that car. I have had a Montego wagon, a Sable wagon and a Country Squire. Enjoyed them all.

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  4. Gary

    We had this exact model but in brown. Bought it from my dad who worked for Ford at the time. The kids loved sitting in the “way back”. We lived in Illinois then and traveled back home to Buffalo, NY several times a year so this cars capacity was very helpful. Our previous car was a 1969 Mustang. With that car we had to jamb stuff in every nook and cranny and put a basket rack on top of the car for our Christmas trips home, Shades of the Grinch’s sled all loaded up. The car lasted about 8 years. I replaced a few alternators and patched quarter panel rust with aluminum sheets riveted to the metal and covered with body filler.

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  5. LAx

    At !2 when this was new, I felt That Our family should have a suitable grand Wagon, they had, had 7 kids, and now were down to 2 at home and relieved to not drive a wagon. Dad Had his Ambassador Brogham from AMC as a company car in any case.

    But I Felt This was a Declaration that Right Now, Being a Family is #1- kids at Home currently.

    A Nice Cougar on the side, C.Donvertible XR7 V8

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  6. Rick Towne

    This and the 72 are my favorites. Even the color is the best!

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  7. Kev

    Surprised to see this hit the 11+k mark.. not that it’s not cool and in great original shape.. but still…

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  8. Mark W

    $15K?? Crikey!

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  9. mark

    Not a Ford guy but would drive it over any new car today!! Nice Ford stock wheels!!

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  10. Blindmarc

    Had one just like it in 79′. Paid $250 and it had the 429.

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  11. Rich Tague

    Lets just say we had a WELL USED 71-72 Country Squire in 77!! Rim blow steering wheel , cruise buttons for show :) , unique air locks powered all 4 doors , & to top it off ROAD VIEW under back panel !!! wasn’t a 9 pass but floor rotted prematurely & NEVER repaired . had until 80-81 !!! GREAT ROAD TRIP CAR!!! AMAZING my sis & I are still sane after all the exaust fumes from a broken pipe EVENTUALLY fixed before her last HURAHH with us !!

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  12. Mike Predina

    I bought a used 71 in 73. It already had the rust recall and looked pretty good in white/wood/black interior. Vacationed to Florida and Virginia with kids in the”way back”. Smooth comfortable travel car with 400 engine. In 75 I JUNKEDC my beauty with 46,000 miles on it!! Jacked up car with bumper jack to change rear tire. Body went up but wheel did not. Frame rusted out tween in front of rear tire and rear bumper. Great car for a too short time…;

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  13. PatrickM

    Just checked e-bay. Listing expired. Anyone know if it sold and for how much? I had a ’71 LTD 4dr, 429, 2bbl. Ran great, comfortable as can be, mpg not too bad. Gas prices shot up to $.79 per gallon. We were all astonished! How could they!?!?

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  14. Robin Baker

    My very first car was exactly the same as this one!!! Same color even! I bought it in 1980 for $350, (money that I’d spent almost all summer saving), then promptly became the unofficial group taxi and took all of my friends to the beach in it every weekend. Glorious Southern California autumns and all my buddies with me meant that we were making the best of memories and enjoying good times. Wish I could go back sometimes…

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  15. BigBlockWagon

    I ran across this by accident & it reminded me just how much I love station wagons! My 1st car was a 1961 Plymouth Wagon I bought for $1 and had it towed to my High School auto shop class where I rebuilt the engine & drove it for several years. Now I’m 62 and I have a 1972 Ford Wagon just like this but with the 400 engine. It’s a rust-free Arizona car which is rare in Massachusetts so this was to be my next project car. It runs & even the A/C still blows cold so it was the perfect project car until my health went downhill so now it sits waiting for its next owner to rescue this classic wagon before it’s too late. I wish I could list it for sale here but I guess that against the rules. Save the wagons, the original SUV!

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