Coupe Or Convertible? 1957 Cadillac Series 62s

Since these Cadillac Series 62s were discovered in the back of a body shop together, it only makes sense to feature them together! One is a Coupe de Ville, while the other is a convertible. Both are desirable luxury machines, so which one would you pick? Would you rather cruise with the top down or do you prefer a roof over your head? Well here is your chance to take your pick. The pink Coupe de Ville can be found here on eBay and the Convertible can be seen here on eBay. Oh and an interesting side note, one of these Caddys may have been owned by Buddy Holly!

Personally, I really like this convertible. It’s the right color combination and is solid enough to justify fully restoring. Sadly, it’s going to be the more expensive one to buy, bidding is already to $4k, but I’m a sucker for luxury convertibles. It’s also in a bit better condition overall. The story goes that it was previously discovered in a parking garage in New York. From there, it was moved to a body shop for a complete restoration, but the owner changed their mind and never came back to pick up either of their cars.

The seller doesn’t know any of the car’s history prior to being left in the parking garage, but one bidder let them know that they believe this car was owned by Buddy Holly while he was living in New York. The timelines match up, but sadly there isn’t any paperwork to connect it to the iconic singer. With some digging, I’m sure you could find out one way or the either. If it really was his car, it would make for one incredible story and would likely increase the value quite a bit!

Now for the pink Coupe de Ville. It has some rust issues and the paint job isn’t the best, but it looks complete and has potential. Obviously a previous owner wanted it to look like Elvis’s pink Cadillac, but I think they should have just left it blue. That being said, there is going to be a ton of work to be done to make this a driver again regardless of the color.

The interior is complete, but like the rest of the car needs work. Hopefully all the original trim pieces are still present on both cars, as those can be difficult to find for these cars. While I really like the convertible, I do find the hardtop look to be quite appealing. Done up correctly and with the A/C working, this would be a very comfortable car to travel in!

For me, the decision of which one to buy really would come down to budget and my plans for it. If I’m looking for a project to fix up and flip, I’d go with the convertible. But, if I want a luxurious classic that I can cruise around town and take on longer journey’s, I’d have to go with the Coupe de Ville. Admittedly, they are both going to be expensive to restore, making this a really difficult choice. So which one would you buy? The convertible that may have been owned by Buddy Holly or the Coupe de Ville that wishes it had been owned by Elvis?


  1. Mitch

    I’m extremely skeptical of the black one being Buddy’s. Authentic paperwork would only prove it to me. Bill Briggs, who was the biggest & best BH historian who passed in 2010, would have been able to find out for sure. It doesn’t hold water with me because “someone said it was his.” Not only that, Buddy bought a Lincoln sometime in 1958, & as far as I know, didn’t trade down for a ’57. & also, I believe he traded his ’58 Impala in on the Lincoln, which was an issue of speculation for years, as someone claimed to have the Impala in Lubbock, which turned out to be false.

  2. JohnD

    The ownership claim might be true. After all, he said Buddy Holley, not Buddy Holly, so all bets are off . . . . ;)

  3. Woodie Man

    Somebody call Gary Busey see what he thinks.

    • S Ryan

      Just got off phone with Gary.
      He said yes this is Buddy’s car, said pink one was His that he bought from Elvis.
      Also said they had bought one in every color of the rainbow as a prank or dare. He couldn’t remember?

  4. Rustytech Member

    I like the fact that both appear to be very original, and all there. That always makes restoration easier. They both need a lot of work, and both deserve saving. Being Cadillac’s their going to be expensive though. I wouldn’t place any money based on the claimed celebrity ownership, especially without documentation. I’d want a copy of the original title, or registration with matching VIN’s.

  5. Dolphin Member

    I would love to have the black convertible, but not for the Buddy Holly claim, especially from a guy looking at the Ebay auction who says in an email that “the car…might have belonged to Buddy Holley”.

    That claim plus 5 bucks will get you a great coffee from Sbucks, and that will still be too much to pay.

    FYI, there is at least one website that talks about Buddy Holly’s cars, and it says that he owned two Cadillacs, a red 1951 and also a 1958, and that there is no trace of either one.

    There’s a book titled “Buddy Holly: A Biography” that also says he owned a ’58 Cadillac (not a ’57).

  6. Ron

    I am pretty sure the conv was owned by me I was only 18 years old when I purchased it I will look in my old files and will know for sure.

  7. Bobby Member

    I am the seller. I am making no claims that this car ever belonged to Buddy Holly. What I can tell you is when we found this car it was in a body shop for quite some time. The owner claimed that he found it in a parking garage in New York City where it was also sitting for quite some time. An eBayer sent me an e-mail stating that a friend of his that worked for the record company that Buddy Holly sang for thought that this car was buddies when he lived in New York.

    • JohnD

      No, really, you are . . . . By including that baseless reference you are suggesting that. Otherwise, why would you have bothered to add it?

      Like 1
  8. Jon

    The convert would be my choice. ..

  9. Gurn B

    The convertible appears nice enough to put a top on it and hope you can make it run and drive as is. If it won’t run, snatch the lump put it on the shelf and put something in there that will. These cars will take a mortgage to restore properly , and then they just sit. Buddy’s car ? Probably not …you never know. After all , I am the Easter Bunny

  10. Johnni B

    Why would someone take these 2 Caddys to a body shop and leave them? Then never to return to pick them up. I don’t see any evidence of body repairs that the shop had made to them that the owner could not afford to pay for. WTF? I know I wouldn’t have left something like that behind.

  11. joeinthousandoaks

    You never know with people, He may have died the next day or moved for work and never got back around to them. There have been plenty of cars left in shops for any reason.

  12. Billy

    LOL. It wouldn’t really matter to me who owned these cars. What would matter to me is that (I ) owned them. But it’s right to think that both would be a expensive restoration. The only problem I see is. There both long boats. LOL I may have to add on to my building. All kidding aside there both a great find. Yes I would love to own them. Billy

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