Cowboy Cadillac: 1986 GMC C3500 Crew Cab

The seller rightfully refers to this clean 1986 GMC C3500 Crew Cab as a “Cowboy Cadillac.” Clearly, one of the more expensive trucks you could have purchased in 1986, it’s remarkable for having survived in such exceptional condition. Most trucks outfitted like this one were bought with a clear purpose involving heavy work, but it appears this GMC led a gentle existence that didn’t result in it being completely torn up by its tenth birthday. Bought new in Dallas, it’s had just two owners and resided solely in Texas and California. As such, it’s rust-free, and the interior is pretty darn nice, too. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $13,100 and no reserve.

The GMC was certainly optioned to the hilt, ordered with a 454 V8, long bed, and four true doors with seating for six. The body features two-tone paint that appears to remain in good shape, with some dings and scrapes noted. The GMC was ordered as a Camper Special, which provided for increased hauling capacity and other upgrades. Other features include a TH400 automatic transmission, and a Dana 70 axle with 3.73 gears. The painted steel wheels are in very nice shape, and while the rear bumpers look to have been pushed in at some point, I’m sure that can be straightened out with tools in the garage or just replaced with junkyard parts.

The interior is where this truck really shines, however, as it’s straight-up spectacular inside. No signs of any major cosmetic flaws or damage are noted, and the dash isn’t cracked despite residing in Texas. The blue upholstery and matching blue rubber floor mat and dash could grow tiresome if you prefer the other typically 80s color of Bordeaux red. The GMC also comes with numerous convenience features, including power windows and door locks, air conditioning, and a clock. The Sierra Classic trim package added several cosmetic upgrades as well, incorporating nicer door panels with pull straps and velour inserts, and the seller the typically troublesome headliner is in excellent shape.

Of course, the mighty 454 needs little in the way of introduction. The engine is said to run well with the automatic transmission shifting nicely through the gears, while the 3.73 allows for impressive towing limits and decent gas mileage. As noted, the truck is optioned with the Camper Special package, which includes “….a heavy-duty radiator, an external transmission oil cooler, dual batteries as well additional wiring harness to provide power for a camper.” As the seller notes, this GMC was never a workhorse, but someone’s pleasure truck – and it’d look sweet with a camper trailer painted to match the Midnight Blue paint being towed behind it.


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    It’s located in Oakland,California.

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  2. misterlou Member

    There’s a story behind this seller. I can’t recall the specific details, but they’re slowly selling off a collection that was shared by two brothers. I think things weren’t quite peaceful between the two brothers. There’s quite a few nice, very stock in the group.

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    • Steve R

      I don’t think so. This seller has been featured in this site several times prior. However, none of those have cone recently. His pictures used to overlook the water and covered a wide array of 70’s and earlier trucks and cars as well as memorabilia.

      Steve R

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  3. Jcs

    A/C appears to be inop.

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  4. 433jeff

    This is awesome, the 373 instead of the 411 must be just right at 65 mph. The big shocker is not seeing the matching tan interior??? Or possibly a devilish black gut, blue?? I would have to finish in chevies famous saddle interior, possible the wood edition. Sorry that interior is incorrect ( to me) and would have to be dealt with( i could leave the headliner).

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  5. Mark H

    Used to see these at the local horse farms and at the county fairs. With 5th wheel hitch, long trailer, taking horses to shows, etc. Looks like some holes in the bed by the wheel wells – mounting for the 5th wheel? Truck looks like it was kept inside when not in use, and the high mileage may have been mostly highway miles.

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  6. Jay

    Great truck that will work forever. Nothing about a 454 or TH400 is going to be a mystery to repair.

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  7. rodknee

    I have exactly the same truck but not quite as pretty. That 454 is a workhorse but damn, does it love drinking gas. Pulled a 32′ 5th wheel flat deck with another big trailer as cargo against a headwind and it was draining the 15 gallon side tanks every 45 minutes! Just 3 mpg. Ug!

    They were low compression engines that supposedly helped lower emissions but mostly it just lowers my bank account.

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Plenty of these out west. My wife always referred to Dually pickups as having training wheels. We sold a lot of 1-ton Duallys, both conventional and crewcabs back in the day. Rodeo families and Hutterite colonies really popularized these trucks. I might add that it’s near impossible to park on of these anywhere but out west.

    454/TH400/3.73 gears, you can’t get a better combination than that for some serious trailer pulling. This one would likely still be running a carburetor which would suit me just fine. It might also have the ESC which I would NOT want. Get the valve timing back where it needs to be. You might want to consider changing to a Torque Master camshaft while you’re at it. Lift the metering rods up half a turn and de-smog the advance curve…

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    • Jwaltb

      And get a spotter for when you need to back up!

    • Howard A Member

      You got that right, my friend, “YEE-HAWWW”( firing pistols in the air), and not just guys, lots of “Julie in the dually” too. Cowgirls, mostly. No place for a dirt eatin’ Wisconsin farmboy, I’m finding out. In the 80’s, we didn’t see many “dually’s” in Wisconsin. Farmers reasoning was “more tires, more money”, and that’s not too far off, as the standard pickup did all the duties for them just fine. These were more for the hoi-paloi horsey set from Illinois, with a family, and later, “hot shot” freight used these, but not until recently, have these turned up at Walmart hauling bags of dog food, and such. You can always tell one, their axx sticks out in the aisle. It’s a great find, in that, these are the most expensive trucks to buy today, and this one will do the exact same thing, with a little class, I might add, for tens of thousands less,,,if that’s an issue, that is.

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  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Have my doubts this is an all original truck – restored interior for sure and just some other pics but hey it’s not my money.

    And it was bought new just down the street from my place !

  10. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Oakland, California

  11. Mike Brown

    Gone for $15,600 and, even though I’m pretty sure it’s had at least some body/paint work done, a truck like this is a steal at that price!

    The reason I believe it’s had some work done is that I’ve never seen a dually in this body style with those mirrors, mine (a 78 Sierra Grande but still basically the same truck). Every one I’ve ever seen has had the big tripod mirrors with the heads that swing out and flip over. To put the mirrors it has on it, you’d either need to weld up the holes for the originals or, replace the door (maybe just the skin). Either way, they’d need to be painted.

    The holes in the bed are for a more modern, rail mounted 5th wheel but, that’s ok. Anyone that buys a truck like this buys it for a reason…to haul and/or pull something heavy. My 78 also has a 454/TH400 and 3.73 gear. For a gas truck, it’s the perfect combination. Mine pulls a 36′ 5th wheel camper a couple times every year and a 32′ gooseneck car trailer 2-3 times each month in the summer, along with other basic hauling chores. When someone asks about gas mileage, I usually tell them that she’ll pull the world and pass anything but a gas pump! I didn’t buy her for gas mileage!

  12. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Jun 13, 2021 , 7:11PM
    Winning bid:US $15,600.00
    [ 38 bids ]

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