Cranberry Convertible: 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

The seller claims that this convertible 1975 Trans Am has been stored for the last 25 years and the dust and condition appear to back that statement up. It is located in Camden, Connecticut and has been customized with a convertible top at some point in its life. The car ad is located here on Craigslist with an asking price of $10,000.

This interesting find is stated to have a 400 cubic inch V8 Pontiac motor and automatic transmission. The seller states that is a big block but that is incorrect as Pontiac only produced one block for its 326-455 cubic inch line up. We can forgive them for the confusion though, as they’ve provided decent photos of this find. Pictures of the bottom of the car indicate that it is a little crusty but it does have frame connectors to stiffen the body since the top was removed.

The 1975 Firebird, Formula and Trans Am can be differentiated from prior years since this was the first year for the wrap around rear window. The dash in this car looks good and it has manual windows, speakers cut into the panels and seat covers over the front seats. The paint is not stock and appears to be a purplish, cranberry tone. The window guides also appear to have a cap over them but that may just be the door panel and there are no window guides on the doors.

There were 27,274 Trans Ams produced in 1975 which was more than double the number produced in 1974. The increase might be because this was the first year that the Z28 was dropped from the Camaro line up only to return in 1977. While the 1975 Trans Am is a beautiful car, it is not as popular as some other years are today. I know that there are a number of Barn Find subscribers that are Trans Am fans. Is this car worth $10k or has it been so modified that there is no turning back?



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  1. Jack M.

    The seller includes 19 photos, but not one of them shows the car with the top raised. Be very careful on this one. What are those things covering the seats, potato sacks?

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  2. Poppy

    Can you say “cowl shake?”

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  3. socaljoe

    I don’t think this thing has a top, The top of the windshield has no attaching points. A friend of mine had a 79 Z28 that was built by Cal Convertible and it looked terrible with the top up. Also makes me laugh when guys say Pontiac big block

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    • CCFisher

      There’s definitely something under that boot. The top mechanism appears to be peeking out from under the boot in one of the photos. The top would clamp to the underside of the windshield header at the far corners, and there does appear to be structure on the header that would support this. Probably ugly as sin with the top up, as you noted.

  4. pe

    I just hope this car rolled. It’s the only reason I can see for doing this to T/A

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  5. Allen

    Ruined it. I think it’s a parts car at best now.

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  6. Classic Steel

    Frame connections doesn’t constitute stiffened body as converts require.
    They (converts) stiffen inner rockers and put a ballast under the center seat area. The ballasts stop rollovers and balance the car on curves etc.

    This looks like a tin can opener approach to customizing.

    Someone could put a new hard top on but not me.. its just a parts car ..

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  7. OhU8one2

    You chop the roof, you cut the value. This car is nothing but a parts car in my opinion. Owner would have been better to cut t-tops into the roof. The structure has been compromised, no matter how much reinforcement. I’ll pass.

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  8. J_Paul Member

    That detail where the top corner of the door meets the rest quarter panel is…uhm…

    I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll just paste some words from the ad itself:

    “my name is Joe do not text I will not respond I repeat do not text I will not respond thank you and God bless CASH ONLY!!!!!!!! I JUST HAD TO BLOCK SEVERAL PEOPLE!! BECAUSE NO READS THE ADD!! (NO TEXTING)!~! UNLESS I HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN 2U!!! NO EXCEPTION’S! THANK U!!”

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    • J_Paul Member

      You can never REALLY place emphasis on what you are saying without eight exclamation points.

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  9. Wayne

    Just because there is no roof, it is not considered a “convertible” just by definition. Convert a no top to one with a top? Then ok you can call it a convertible. No top? Then it is a car with no top. Which is ok if you don’t need a roof over your head. But my bet is no structure reinforcement done to this vehicle judging by the door to front fender misalign. As much as I like this body style. I can not imagine a good looking “true” convertible rendition. Lots of good parts on this baby, because that is all it is. A parts car.


    This is why we need to limit the access to sawzall’s

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  11. John Oliveri

    Junker at best

  12. mark houseman

    What an absolute shame! Someone ruined a decent car. It is scrap at this point. Seats covered, no pictures of the original seats. No pictures of the top cavity without the boot. It’s likely a butcher job. If you’re thinking about bidding/buying………RUN!!!!

  13. TimM

    Well the panel has spoken and I don’t believe I can add anything better then everyone before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love exclamation points too!!!!!!

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  14. Terry

    Great candidtae for a 4×4 conversion. YEEHAA!!!!

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  15. David Harris

    Yep it’s roofless now

  16. Suttree

    That boot cover…

  17. JoeNYWF64

    You can actually get away without the heavy chrome headlite bezels on a ’74-76, if they are all pitted – common. The ’78 pinto new had none – similar headlite treatment.

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