Crazy Crew Cab: 1964 Chevrolet C10

Jesse MortensenBy Jesse Mortensen

It seems like everyone wants shortbed Chevy trucks these days, but perhaps we should all be hunting for these instead! The seller claims that this three-door crew cab was ordered by the railroad, but never got picked up so the dealer sold it to a farmer instead. It’s located in Nebraska and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks goes to Paul T for sending in the tip!

The three door body may be the highlight of this truck, but it was ordered with a straight-six, four on the floor, and four wheel drive. It even has a dealer added AC system. This thing had to be a dream for that old farmer! Just imagine the look in his face when he walked into the dealership that day. It would have been perfect for errands on the farm and evenings out with the family.

Here’s a shot of the AC vents and 4-speed shifter. Three can fit across on the bench and there’s even a radio in the dash! Things may look pretty simple in here by today’s luxury truck standards, but this really was a nice machine when it was new. It would be fun to see this restored and the job shouldn’t be too tough considering that most everything is standard C10 fare.

The body is going to need some attention though. There’s some rust and a few of the panels need straightening. The seller mentions that a similar restored truck sold through Barrett Jackson for $100k. I was able to find a 2nd gen truck, but the actual value of a project like this is anyone’s guess. What do you think, is this the C10 to have?


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  1. Josh_T Member

    I love these old trucks. That would be a quite unique ride. This one is on ebay with no reserve.

  2. Darren Millam

    Which railroad?

    • Clay Bryant

      Burlington Northern………..remember seeing them in the 60s. I lived two blocks from the depot and went by there all the time. Surprised there isn’t more of them around………..

  3. Steve R

    Cool and interesting truck, I’m just not sure that warrants a $25,000 price tag.

    Steve R

  4. Tyler

    There were only a handful of extended cab trucks actually built by GM in the United States before the square body came along in the 70’s. In 1970, they built 12 for BP for use in the Alaska oil fields, only a couple of those survive. Prior to that, the extended cab trucks were built by aftermarket companies like Hess & Eisenhart by cutting down Suburbans, or like this truck was done, cutting the back of the cab off, welding in a B pillar, hanging another stock door & adding a piece of sheet metal to fill the gap.

    This one is a 4wd, which is rare in itself in 64. Looking from my phone, I can’t tell by the pictures if it’s an 8 lug or a 6 lug chassis. Either way, I would bet it was a Suburban chassis, although it was not unheard of to cut the frame & lengthen it.

    Interestingly enough, GM did build some factory 4 door trucks in the 67-72 body style, in South America. They look for the world like what an Avalanche would have looked like. I’ve got a pic of one somewhere.

    Here is my factory 64 K10 4wd, short fleet bed. One of 564 built in 64.

  5. Tyler

    This is one of the South American trucks.

  6. JW

    It would be cool to have it converted to a 4 door model then restored back to factory original on everything else.

  7. lawrence

    Not a K-10 ?

  8. Mountainwoodie

    Super cool truck. Be interesting to see if anyone would actually pay that much for it………Barrett Jackson baloney notwithstanding

  9. ron bajorek

    crazy money

  10. Howard A Member

    Sure looks odd. We never saw trucks like this, except for crew hauling outfits. ( RR, construction, chain gangs, and such) As unusual as it looks, who would have thought 50 years ago, that this would be what most pickups are today, only a bit more refined. Nice find, but not that nice, sorry. ( old “Farmer Brown” probably got $500 bucks for it, net profit, ,,$24,500,,,sounds like a great business idea,, 😉

  11. Pa Tina

    Why do I picture this coming off a GM assembly line just as it is?

  12. CCFisher

    Does anyone else think it took more work to weld that fourth door shut than to simply leave it as a functional door?

    • Tyler

      Since the vast majority of these custom extended cab trucks were based around the Suburban, they never had a 4th door. Burbs didn’t get a door behind the driver’s door till 73.

      • CCFisher

        Suburbans from this generation had only 2 doors, so the opening door on the right is not a Suburban door. Rather, it’s a front door pressed into service as a rear door. The rear window opening on the left side suggests that it, too, is a front door, but welded shut.

      • ray

        i’ve never seen “factory” or otherwise, a 60-66 ex cab made from a suburban. in addition to what CCFisher posted, subs also had higher crowned roofs that are easily distinguishable from a pickup roof.

        i dig these ex cab trucks, but to be honest, i think someone interested in one would be better off building their own. the fit and finish of nearly all of the conversions was shoddy by today’s standards, to say nothing of the design compromised made to add doors cheaply.

  13. Tyler

    I had forgoten that the 3rd door didn’t come in till 67…

  14. Martin Sparkes

    international was making three door crew cabs (travelette) in the late fifties (56 or 57 I think) And not to long after went to 4 doors. Every logging company had a bunch of them when I was a kid.

    • scotto

      like this? this is a ’67 travelette. 4 door.

      i think crew cabs really need a long bed to look right proportionally. not to mention usefulness. ill never know what people do with a short bed.

  15. Rex Kahrs

    I never understood trucks like this. Sure, there is plenty of room for the crew, but no room to bring tools and supplies! Perhaps the perfect County or Municipal vehicle, carrying 6 guys and one shovel.

  16. Madmatt

    REX….!!! rolf…2 perfect !!!
    I thought only our county/state workers in Ohio
    were allowed to do that !!,there’s always a “shortage” of shovels for some reason! as for that awesome
    Truck,I love it and would try to keep it as stock as possible,
    while making comfortable/safe to drive as often as possible.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Madmatt and Rex, having worked road construction, the story goes as follows:
      The crew gets to the job site, and the leadman realizes, they forgot their shovels. He radios to his foreman, who tells him, “I’m on my way. In the meantime, tell the workers to lean agin the dump truck until I get there”.

  17. Mark S

    There’s no way that this a factory truck. I’d bet that the old farmer built this, and I’d say top value ont as it sits is maybe 5k on a good day. JMHO.

  18. Milt

    The extended cab makes the rear wheel placement a bit awkward looking.

    • Pete in PA

      I didn’t notice that until I read your comment. Yeah, that’s awkward for sure. I think they removed part of the wheel opening edge to make room for the door.

    • Tom S.

      @ Milt –

      The whole thing looks awkward.

  19. victor sanchez

    I have a friend who has a 3 door Suburban he kept asking me what was different about it but, he kept me on the passenger side not till I looked at the driver’s did I notice that it only had 3 doors. Different by all means

  20. Dixiedog
    • Mike M,

      Wow, great website Dixiedog! Thanks for sharing.

    • Clay Bryant

      Best info I’ve ever seen on here…………….

  21. Bruce Fischer

    Interesting Truck.Bruce.

  22. newfieldscarnut

    When you think what you could get instead for $25,000 , this truck seems ridiculous .

  23. Neal

    Looks interesting, but crazy money. Like someone mentioned above, Internantional had the Travellette.

    • scotto

      that is called a wagonmaster. it is a cut down travelall. not too common. only made for 2 years.

      the travelette was a crew cab pickup with a separate bed, either 6′ or 8′

  24. Neal

    And another view. I love this rig! Wish it were mine.

  25. Michael thomas

    this thing is a home build. I have seen several from different companies and the workmanship. layout design all saw poor poor quality on this thing. Run away or just build your own. Stupid money for something with no proven history

  26. Chris in WNC

    he says you ” won’t find another one” but follows up with “one like this sold for $100k at Barret -Jackson”. OK, which is it? 😉

  27. Rustytech

    The one that sold a B/J may have been the same style, but it didn’t look like this one. It would probably take $75k to put this one in similar condition.

  28. Reid Hall

    H’mm 25k no way factory or no factory not a good deal. This was probably extended back in the day by someone or a company that did this. One thing is for sure this is not a job by full custom garage on the discovery channel.lf they would have done it ,the rear doors would looked better, and fit better.As well as the bed of the truck.


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