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Crazy Custom: 1946 Ford Coupe

1946 Ford Coupe Custom

We’ve seen some pretty interesting customs lately, but this has to be one of the more crazy creations we’ve come across. Someone took a ’46 Ford Coupe and did the usual chop top, but then took things a more interesting direction with a custom front end. I don’t even know how to describe the front. It’s clearly had the grille from another car grafted on and the fenders have received an unusual treatment. You’ll just have to have a look at it for yourself! Find it here on eBay in Belmont, New Hampshire with bidding just over $2k.

1946 Ford Coupe Custom Hot Rod

The work done to this Ford doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t look great either. The fenders just don’t line up right with the grille and the back end looks to have a thick layer of body filler. I’m still trying to figure out what car the grille was taken from and what happened to those fenders, I’ll just leave that up to you guys to find the answer though. It would be interesting to know more about the history and story of how this car came to be, but I doubt we will ever know the full story. It would be an interesting project, but it won’t be one for the faint of heart. So would you take on a project like this or are there too many concerns?


  1. Avatar photo yaug

    I almost sorta like the front end, But the headlamps should have been installed where the front fenders should be. To much to undo what has been done.

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  2. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)


    Er… Sure.
    The headlights are Pontiac? The setup is reminiscent of a Barris car, “Ala-Kart”.

    But the rest of it… and the fenders? Not a fan.

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    • Avatar photo Eric Dashman

      Ala-Kart was the cover of the first Hot Rod magazine I ever bought. 1960??? Is that possible? Or was it later than that? I loved this car. Think it had 59 Caddy rear taillight lens on it.

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  3. Avatar photo Paul R

    Looks like early ford galaxy headlights, steering column and the 390. Will it turn left or right with the wheels tucked under the fender openings? It’s different!

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  4. Avatar photo Terry J

    Has a 390 in it now, but usually when you make a looong hood it’s because there’s a looong motor under there somewhere. Wonder what it was back in the day? :-) Terry J

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  5. Avatar photo boxdin

    Looks like wheelbase is extended 18 inches or more??

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  6. Avatar photo JW454

    IMHO, the design of the front and the rear don’t go together. I like them both but they don’t belong on the same car. I think the headlamp assemblies look like ’65 Pontiac LeMans/GTO… Just a guess.

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  7. Avatar photo Jesper

    Thats a shame.
    I wish we had so many fine old cars here in Europe.
    We dont have tradition for chop up historic cars like that.
    It would also be imposible to get that creation through inspection.
    I think its disrespect for such a car.
    But thats just my opinion.

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  8. Avatar photo Healeydays

    This guy looks like he sold it on Ebay twice before and had folks back out both times for under $5000. That’s a shame.

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  9. Avatar photo Mark E

    I personally love the early 1960s Kustom look. If I was 30 years younger I’d love to take this on for less than $5k. It would make a terrific winter project. Once spring rolled around it would be ready for the ’60s era scalloped & pinstriped paint job! ^_^

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  10. Avatar photo Rob

    I like it but it is out of proportion with those front fenders. I hate the battery placement under the front fender, but that frame looks really stout! Nice work there.
    I think that with some finessing of the fenders, this could be finished nicely.

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  11. Avatar photo Wayne

    Mk7? Jag grille?

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  12. Avatar photo Doug M

    Now that’s a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

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  13. Avatar photo Metalted

    Interesting for sure,
    Just not for me.

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  14. Avatar photo Trevor

    I just bought This car and 110% in love with it! would love to find out history on creator.

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  15. Avatar photo Wayne

    Awesome, keep us updated.

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