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Crispy Oldsmobile 442

Crispy Oldsmobile 442

Imagine for a minute that you just received a phone call that the barn, garage, or shed that was currently housing your very first car, which you had held onto for 30+ years, was on fire. Well the seller of this extremely crispy Oldsmobile 442 had the misfortune of going through this exact experience. They bought this car when they were 15 and drove it until it started have transmission problems. From there, it went into his grandmother’s barn to wait for the day when he would have the means to restore it. Sadly, that day will never come. A food truck slid off the road and collided with the barn, causing both to catch fire. No one was harmed, but the barn and the car were destroyed. Rather than take it to be scrapped, the owner decided to list it here on eBay first to see if anyone wants any parts from it.

Burning Olds barn

While we appreciate the owner’s desire to make sure that their car ends up being more than scrap, we are doubtful that there is anything left to salvage. This fire obviously got extremely hot and left the car warped and charred. To make things worse, some of the beams above it fell and crushed the roof down. There are a few pieces that appear to be intact, but we aren’t sure if they are worth saving.

Oldsmobile 442 motor

The major component we see here worth saving is the motor, but even that is contingent on if it’s seized or free. There is a fair amount of confusion about the 442 and what its name meant. Some think it is the size of the motor, while others think it’s the amount of power the engine puts out. In reality it signified that the car had a 4 barrel carburetor, a 4 speed transmission, and 2 exhaust pipes, although the name’s meaning later changed and the 4 speed was replaced with 400 cui V8.

1969 Oldsmobile 442

It’s sad to see any classic go to waste, but fire damage is usually a major issue that is extremely costly to rectify. This is one of those times when the seller’s sentiment for the car is clouding their judgment, but we can understand their situation. If they really want to see it go to use, they might be better off giving it away to someone needing a few parts and some scrap metal. So do you see anything here worth saving or would you write this one off as a total loss?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    someone may buy it for the title and VIN plate as not much else is left.

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  2. Avatar photo Mark E

    Very sad! I’m not a 442 guru but I’d say the most valuable pieces on the whole thing is the title and the vin tag, if it’s not melted off. With LOTS of ambition you could turn a Cutlass into a 442 clone…

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  3. Avatar photo paul

    Just give it to the body guys that are doing the Corvettes from Bowling green they’ll blast it out for 400,000g.

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  4. Avatar photo John Allison

    I believe with a little elbow grease it will “buff out”….

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  5. Avatar photo TuckerTorpedo

    You all watch- Gas Monkeys will snap this bitch up, fix her up real nice, and flip it at auction for a sweet little profit. And do it in 10 days.

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  6. Avatar photo Derek F

    Extremely sad- there seems no better way to reduce any and every useable part on a car to scrap. I lost a Capri to a rodent-induced fire, but managed to limit the damage to the once very nice Ghia interior, at least saving the drivetrain.

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  7. Avatar photo Chris

    A real shame. From these pics I see an engine, passenger door & perhaps the chassis going to a good home.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Well I guess selling it for a few bucks is better than having to pay somebody to take it away.

    If I were wanting a 442 tag for my bucks, I sure would want to make sure it was still there. If they’re are aluminum, my guess is that it’s long gone on this carcass, and you don’t want to have to pay twice to dispose of it.

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  9. Avatar photo Wiley Robinson

    Well, just one thing to say here.

    “That sucks”

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  10. Avatar photo Cameron Bater UK

    What a horrific end to something that holds so much memories, I offer my condolences knowing that the Engine is probably warped and cracked all over the place.

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  11. Avatar photo Ranco Racing

    4-4 too far gone!

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  12. Avatar photo Caddilac Kenneth

    any before pictures??

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  13. Avatar photo Jim-Bob

    What a shame. It’s sad to see someone suffer such a personal loss like this. After all, this wasn’t just any 442, it was the owner’s first car that he’d had all his life and that is impossible to replace.

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  14. Avatar photo Paul G

    8 hr. to go, and the bidding is up to $601. Beat’s the scrap price…
    Sorry for the loss, been there w/ my brothers 67 Chevelle SS-396.

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  15. Avatar photo Robby

    “A food truck slid off the road,” the diver would be hit with a big fat lawsuit if it were me, clearly somebody was being negligent. Otherwise the car has potential as a rat rod, leaving only the body in as is condition and the engine block (If that is even good), it will most likely be a parts car. So sad

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