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Cruising Patrol: 1939 Ford Ambulance


While most current ambulances are converted from vans, I remember seeing a lot of converted station wagons in my youth.  Go back even further , by looking at the front end sheetmetal and the lack of a v8 emblem at the top of the grill, this conversion is based on a 1939 Ford truck chassis (although the seller thinks it’s a 1935) and it can be yours for $3,500 through this craigslist ad out of Graham, North Carolina.


Although there isn’t a lot of information in the ad, the vehicle looks relatively solid and straight in the pictures.  I’m guessing the “Cruising Patrol” logo on the side is a more recent addition.  Although the ad states a V8, no pictures are included and we don’t know if it is an original engine or a swap.  If original, it could be a 60, 85 or 95 horsepower version of the famous Ford flathead.


Stretchers remain in the spacious rear, with jump seats in the front presumably for the medical attendants.  That’s a lot of space if you wanted to convert the vehicle to another purpose.  Perhaps a vintage motorcycle hauler?  Or living quarters?

What looks to be a side mounted spare adds visual interest to the passenger side, along with what appears to be a suicide door for rear access.  It’s interesting that the center cap on the side mount seems to match the center portion of the cap on the rear wheel.  The visible rear tire looks old enough to imply that the car has been off the road for an extended period. Perhaps the blocks beside the car are from a long past repair effort?

I’m surprised to see all the glass intact; frequently when a vehicle has been parked for a long time someone will use it for shooting practice, and even the wipers are in place waiting to do their job.  The cowl features two red lights, and it looks like there were two mounted at the rear of the roof at some point—hopefully those are inside the back with the debris in the pictures.  While the shots don’t include the back bumper, the front one is present and straight.

A quick google search didn’t show any pictures of a 1939 Ford Ambulance this large, although there were a couple of car-based ones.  So, would you attempt the restoration of this rare, but slightly odd vehicle?


  1. Avatar photo Robert J.

    This is a steal at this price. It looks like the children are selling off dad’s old project. I would bet dollars to donuts that this thing will be gone in 24 hours. Sweet rig.

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    • Avatar photo larr n

      from what I understand krazy kreations restorations in Sanford n. c. got this to restore along with the paper work as it was in the move mash as well as other moves. I found out the guys name is scott that owns it so I called him to find out if it was true.

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  2. Avatar photo fred

    Absolute bargain, hope someone here gets it, then fills us in on what they got

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  3. Avatar photo jim s

    this seller needs to add more text, photos and to list on Ebay or at a highline auction. great find.

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  4. Avatar photo Charles

    I love this!!! if I was not covered up in projects, I would bid on it. It would be so cool to build into a street-rod ambulance.

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  5. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I believe that these were built by a shop that specialized in ambulances, hearses and other types of transportation. They lengthened out the frame and added that extra door in the side. I’m a fan of ’38/’39 Ford trucks and have seen some special builds but this type has escaped me. I would take this one on without a doubt but the logistics (and already having a shop full of projects) just put it beyond my means.

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  6. Avatar photo Mark E

    This is really cheap alright, but you don’t realize that people who like commercial vehicles, especially ambulances, are few and far between. Back in the ’70s when I was into Packards, everyone would ooh and aah over a 1930s-40s Packard but turn their nose up at a Packard hearse from the same period. I remember a beautiful 1940 Packard ambulance complete with everything including red paint and gold leaf lettering & stripes being nearly given away. That being said, I hope this vehicle finds a good home with someone who restores it and uses it. I’ve never seen one like it and I like the design. If this was nearby I’d like to go by to see it just to find out which company did the body for it.

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    • Avatar photo Tim H

      I think you are right. I love the styling and hope someone buys it but I don’t want to own it. Maybe better to say, I have other cars I would rather have. Although it would make a nice camper.

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  7. Avatar photo Rich

    This is really a bargain for something so solid and complete! It would make a great delivery vehicle for a small business or something.

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  8. Avatar photo Carl W French

    NOooooooo! Please restore it as is. Great time piece for us Gearhead/Paramedics. Going to share this over on an old Ambulance page on FB. Very cool. :-)

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  9. Avatar photo fred

    For me, only one way to go on this one- military ambulance, bulletholes and all

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  10. Avatar photo LARRY

    just to let you know this ford was sold to krazy kreations restorations in sanford nc. scott has the paper work showing it was in the move mash as wall as others moves. going to make an interesting truck to see. he says it could be for sale . but i would have no way of knowing price. you would have to get a hold of him.

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  11. Avatar photo Scott

    My name is Scott Newton and i am the owner of Krazy Kreations In Sanford N.C.. We have purchased this vehicle just to let people know where the truck has went. As of right now we will be doing all body work and getting it running back to 100%. We have not made the decision yet if it will be a complete restoration or resto mod. Our website will be up and running soon and you will be able to follow at krazykreationsfab.com. To clarify history and vehicle info i have included a short summary. Vehicle serial# shows that it is a 1938 Ford panel truck with a 85 hp flat head ford. The ambulance conversion was done by Siebert out of Toledo Ohio. They cut the vehicle at b pillar and added a 36″ section in middle with suicide doors. The last history off this vehicle is that it was in a few tv movies and also appeared in the tv show Mash. If any one has any questions or information you can contact me. Thanks

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