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Cruising Time: 1973 Buick Centurion Convertible


What a wonderful way to spend a spring morning, touring around in a great big American convertible like this! It’s a 1973 Buick Centurion convertible that’s located in Massapequa, New York and is for sale here on eBay with a very low opening bid and no reserve.


There it is, top down, all you need to do is install the boot cover and you’re ready to go! As the seller notes, they aren’t a photographer, but they are willing to send you any pictures you’d like them to take if you are interested in the car. I like the curved and dramatic character lines that run down the side of the body. The colors, while not being “in your face”, are pleasant enough and would make you a little less conspicuous than if it were, say, bright red! The seller describes the body as rust-free, and although that term seems to mean different things to different people, I’m hoping the seller’s interpretation is the same as mine.


I love the interior. Whether vinyl or leather I don’t know, but either way it’s in remarkable condition after 43 years and over 93,000 miles. But the choice I’d have to make if it were mine: to relax in the back, or enjoy the drive from the front. I think ultimately, I’d choose the front, but it would be a tough choice between two excellent alternatives.


The engine is the venerable Buick 350 V8, the only year the Centurion was available with something other than the 455. Honestly, the smaller engine wouldn’t bother me a bit in this application; I wouldn’t be doing any racing with this car, and double-digit fuel economy isn’t a bad thing! The valve covers look recently painted, but the seller doesn’t tell us anything about the engine other than it’s been recently serviced. I’m sure bidding will go higher than it is right now, but if not it will be one heck of a bargain! What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Marty Member

    I’ll never be able to see one of these again without thinking of the 1980 Kurt Russell movie “Used Cars”, a cult-classic car film if there ever was one. With a cast of thousands (of cars), so to speak, a nearly identical ’73 Buick Centurion convertible is featured prominantly.

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    • Avatar photo grant

      I haven’t seen that movie in forever! Wonder if it’s on Netflix….

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      and the rear bumper got yanked off, didn’t it?

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  2. Avatar photo James

    Looks very nice. A bargain, for now!

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  3. Avatar photo piper62j

    Nice to see a beauty like this one that’s not hacked up or rotted out.. the price is right , but you know it will go up.. these cars are great on the highway and tons of fun with the top down..
    I like it..

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  4. Avatar photo Rick

    too bad its brown

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  5. Avatar photo George

    I’ve always wanted a convertible land yacht. This one looks perfect for me! Too bad my wife isn’t on board…

    I’d rather sell my 68 Camaro and buy this (and split the extra money between a savings account and air ride + nice wheels + other goodies) than continue to make mine more perfect.

    Anyone want to talk my wife into this?

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    • Avatar photo Dairymen

      Trade the wife…

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      George, my wife might be able to talk her into it :-)

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    • Avatar photo Jamie p

      Tell her exactly what you just said….

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  6. Avatar photo Steve

    HaHa Dairyman!
    These cars were a common site back in the 70’s. My girlfriend had a pretty sky blue metallic one with white top and interior. Nothing special then but it had a big backseat! Wink wink

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  7. Avatar photo MountainMan

    A friend in high school had a 73 Olds 88 vert with the 455. I loved that car and have always liked big American convertibles from the 70s every since. This one is great even in the not so stunning brown color. The smaller V8 in this one would be ok, as mentioned the slightly better fuel economy would be welcomed

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  8. Avatar photo Jamie B

    Bid is north of $6,000 already. Not sure it will go much higher. I sold my essentially similar ’72 Pontiac Grand Ville 3 years ago and had to settle for $2,000 less than that. Maybe the market is heating up for these? If so, time to find an Olds Delta ’88 driven by a little old lady!

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  9. Avatar photo Bill O Member

    I’m pretty sure that is a vinyl interior. Vinyl actually holds up better than leather after that many years. My dad had a 1973 LeSabre Custom with this interior in the herringbone cloth, that was an unusual but very nice interior. I don’t think Buick offered leather until about 1974.

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  10. Avatar photo Van

    Just take the wife and another couple and just enjoy, have dinner, see a show
    God bless the USA
    and for now gas is cheep

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  11. Avatar photo z1rider

    I had a 72 ragtop Centurion with a 455. At the national speed limit of 55 back then ( I would crowd 60-61) it got 16 mpg on a trip from Houston to Dallas. In town was more like 12.

    Most people with the 455 and the quadrajet would flip the air cleaner cover over. That snorkel wouldn’t flow as much air as the carburetor when at wide open throttle. It also made a glorious sound too.

    My then girlfriend loved that car. Fun times.

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  12. Avatar photo dj

    I just did one of these for a friend. Black on black on black. No air and a 350. Why in the world a 350 in such a heavy car, I’ll never know. And his had no air either. A very hot car in the summer.

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