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Cruising With The Top Down In A ’55 Pontiac

'55 Pontiac Star Chief

The reported number of Pontiac Star Chief Convertibles produced in 1955 is 19,762, all with a factory price of $2,691. The seller of this barn find is asking for a lot more then that and it definitely isn’t a brand new car. Listed here on eBay this Pontiac is parked in Jarrettsville, Maryland with zero bids at the time of writing. The starting price is $14K, which could explain why there aren’t any bids yet. We’ve featured cars from this seller in the past and they were similarly priced as this one.

'55 Pontiac Star Chief int.

This is a big car and a big project.  The seller reports the car has been in storage for over 30 years.

'55 Pontiac Star Chief under

The under side does look to be in good order. There are more images with the ad. The next owner may want to replace the exhaust system and apply some rust inhibitor while working on the under side.

'55 Pontiac Star Chief rear

The seller says this Star Chief is a very solid car. It looks like they may actually be right about that, but it’s also missing lots of pieces.

'55 Pontiac Star Chief left front

The top is missing but the bows are included. It would be nice to at least have the original top, just in case you can’t find a new replacement and have to have one made.

'55 Pontiac Star Chief barn

A replacement windshield is included for the cracked one installed now. The seller believes most of the parts are included to complete this puzzle. The seats are included but will need to be worked on. This Star Chief last ran about 15 years ago, so all systems will have to be gone through before you will be able to go for a cruise. The seller says, “what you see is what you will get.” This car will be sold with a Bill of Sale with a $250 deposit due at the end of the auction. We have seen restored units go for over $40K in the past. Are you ready to ante-up $14K for this big, big winter project?




  1. Avatar photo Joe Nose

    “The seller reports the car has been in storage for over 30 years.”

    Looks more like “…the car has been USED FOR storage for over 30 years.”

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      GOOD one!

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  2. Avatar photo Cos vallelonga

    In the right hands that car would be worth every penny…nothing beats the feel of cruising with the top down in a classic car especially a pontiac and some 1 will always be willing to pay for that…

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  3. Avatar photo Mark S

    Nice potential project car, but if you are looking for a project because you want to keep and enjoy this big classic then buy it. If your looking to restore and flip for a profit then don’t buy it, mostly because this seller has NOT left enough meat on the bone for the next guy. In the current state of this car with all that is missing as well the seller might consider dropping the ( 1 ) at the front of his asking price. The next guy is going to need that $10K just to buy the missing parts if he/she can find them. These are very nice cars restored IMHO much nicer then the Chevies so no doubt someone will snap it up and pay to much, that’s there deal. The one good thing is at least it has been kept dry, the floor pan have not been used as a bath tub for rodents, that will help when it comes time to do the metal work. Good luck to the buyer.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      NO greedy eBay or Craigslist seller ever leaves any meat on the bone. They want ALL the profit, and to hell with the new owner if he has to take a dive.

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      • Avatar photo Al8apex

        some how this flipper keeps on being “featured” …

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  4. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Reminds me of Lucy and Desi driving to California.

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  5. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Has been continusley relisted on eBay for maby a year now.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      Then he has absolutely 100% NO interest in selling.

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  6. Avatar photo Jim

    Even in this inflated market I can’t see anyone paying more than $6 or $8k for this car.

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  7. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    I’m sure the seller “saw one on TV sell for over $100k” and thinks this is an easy restoration to get it there.

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  8. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    really surprised at the condition of the floor pans, even with inside storage for 30 years. Car is a major project, but metal work looks decent. the starting bid is about 10-12K to high. I looked at other items he has for sale on e-bay, and most are in the stratosphere price wise for the starting bid. I wonder if he really wants to sell anything.

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  9. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Way too much for this. I do like these cars. I almost bought a 56.

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  10. Avatar photo bcavileer

    6 to 8 k tops. That is one expensive resto, even with good bones. You will have 50k invested by the first drive, let alone fine tuning to win at AACA levels. Love the big cruiser though. 5 friends and a valley wine tour, priceless.
    Check p/s front bumper.. looks a little a , bent… but so am I.

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  11. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Agree the underside looks amazingly good. Too bad all old cars don’t look like this under there. We’d all be driving interesting old cars sooner.

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  12. Avatar photo piper62j

    I’m probably wrong, but wondering if this one is an older restoration.. The underbelly looks too clean for the years of storage in a barn with slats for walls. JMHO

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  13. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    I would love to have this car and finish it properly. Trouble is, eBay as become the Disneyland for Day Dreaming Sellers with Day Dream Expectations.

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