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Crunch Top: 1954 Buick Century Model 54

right front

This old Buick sat aging gracefully in the barn for 48 years and almost made it, but that last rude winter played it’s cruel trick and down came the barn. This car is almost complete, very original and said to be rust free. The grill and chrome trim are complete and the old bias ply tires still hold air. It’s in central New Jersey and listed on craigslist for a reasonable asking price of $1,850.

buick rear

That barn was certainly unkind when it came tumbling down and beamed this old buick, but it could have been much worse.

front seat

The interior is complete and doesn’t show any signs of its rodent residents, but I wonder what it smells like.


The 322 nailhead engine is complete. It even has the oil bath air cleaner with the silencer and the glass windshield bottle, but is that the heater motor that is missing? This old Buick has lots of rare parts and might well be parted out, but I hope someone repairs it and restores it some.


  1. 1ST-RAT

    It’s not a Century. They had 4 venti-ports on the fender.

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    • Steve

      1954 Bick Special. Engine is a 264 nail head. I have one only different color.

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  2. NC Shifter


    I think it is a century. You can see the Century script on the rear fenders and between the gauges center of the steering column.
    Roadmaster’s had the 4 venti port.

    I had a daily driver ’54 Super barn find for years.
    Bullet proof.

    Personally, I’d hack that roof and have a nice summer party ride!

    Fresh battery, fuel pump, rebuild the master cylinder, some other minor details, and go!

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  3. Dale

    Same car? someone pulled some parts and now passing it along?

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    • Dominic

      Don’t know why anyone else is agreeing with you, but I am!

      These cars always just look saaaad to me. It makes ME sad that it’s been crunched.

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    • Michael

      Yep, looks like its the same car

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  4. DENIS

    Nope, not 4 ports on the ’54 Century,1st-RAT, only 3 according to my warped mind.

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  5. jaygryph

    Looks like a good candidate to clean up and saw the top and door frames off and weld up the holes nice to have a fixed open top car to cruise around in. Seems like a reasonable price to me.

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  6. Alan (Michigan)

    Dunno why, as a lot of the front styling on cars of this era were on the garish side…
    But of all of them I find this Buick to be least appealing. Grille and headlight surround combo perhaps?

    The appearance is sad/angry somehow. Reminds me of the lantern fish found in the deepest areas of the sea.

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    • JW454

      Yes the front end is quite sad looking. I can’t imagine even with bright shiny chrome and paint how they ever sold any of these things back in ’54.

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      • starsailing

        They sold a ton of these….and what do you think the front end looks like…..
        A. Nose cone of bullet shaped jet or prop plane……
        B. Jane Russell from the movie “The Outlaw”……
        Pssst….Pick B…all though in front of their wives …..guys will say it’s A.

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  7. NC Shifter

    Lantern Fish! ?
    That works.

    I always thought of it more like a sperm whale.

    Handles like one too!

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  8. Chebby

    Heheh, this car comes up in its own related finds, no matter which one you’re looking at!

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  9. Barry T


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  10. Jake S.

    Just sayin’ 😀

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  11. Charles

    Easy enough to graft another top onto the car, or use the car as parts to build another car.

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  12. David Frank David Member

    Update, Sadly, this old Buick is being parted out. Perhaps parts will save another car.

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