Crusty Cabrito: 1970 Pontiac GTO

Cabrito is the Spanish word for young goat. This is more like an old goat and it is battered and bruised. It is for sale here on eBay at no reserve. The car is located in Moreno Valley, California and there are three days remaining in the auction. The current bid on the car is up to $5,109. There were three engine options available in 1970 in addition to the base 400 cid 4 barrel engine.

The seller states that the car is equipped with its original Pontiac V8 motor. It is most likely the base 400 cubic inch engine but it could be a Ram Air III 400 cubic inch engine that was rated at 366 horsepower (gross) for 1970. The engine is mated to an automatic transmission that is operated by a floor mounted shifter in the console between the bucket seats. The engine and transmission are said to be in running condition.

The interior almost looks as bad as the exterior. The seats and dash are ripped and cracked. The carpet is moldy and dirty and there is no lid on the console compartment. The car needs a new ignition switch which may indicate some wiring problems. The car was originally equipped with power steering, power brakes and air conditioning.

This side of the car looks great compared to the driver side which will need a new door, front fender and quarter panel. The front end and lower valance will need to be replaced and there is some rust in the hood and trunk pan. The tires are holding air and the seller states that they are new along with a new battery. This car has a lot of surgery in its future but I hope it is put on the road again.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Okay, here’s a great example of what happened to these highly cherished 5 figure Goats of today, we trashed them. They were $500 beaters. That’s why it’s so hard for me to accept that they are 5 figure cars today, back then, they were nothing special. After about the 4th owner of abuse, usually there was nothing left, which, I suppose, is why they are so rare today. It was a fun time, but it’s too bad people have to pay such a high price to enjoy these today, we did it for $500 bucks. Nice find for someone with deep pockets. I know a guy that restored his moms ’70 Judge. It wasn’t near this bad and even admits himself, he has WAY too much into it and was at a cross roads if he should even finish it. The only reason he did was because it was his moms. I think we’ll get to a point, if we aren’t there now, restoring these will be cost prohibitive, and just attend an auction and drive ‘er home that very evening.

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    • Darrun

      You’re right. These cars could be bought cheap, back in the day. A friend in high school (1978) offered me his 70 442 for $500. It looked nice, and the only issue, it needed a shifter cable. Definately makes it hard to pay today prices.

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    I didn’t know you spoke the ‘Nish Bruce. I agree that a lot of work needs to be done to save this one, but considering it’s a most likely the 350 horse 400 I say build it as a restomod either building up the 400 in it or sourcing a 455 and dropping it in. Also I’d keep the gold paint but leave the vinyl top off

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  3. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Makes me regret selling my Pepper Green ’70 GTO 455 with Turbo 400 transmission and factory Ram Air that I purchased from the original owner in 1980.

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  4. Turbo

    Somebody beat this thing like a rented mule. It’s only original once; may as well go full on restomod. I’ve owned several Pontiacs over the years and still own a 64 and a 67. They are not fuel efficient but they do run smoothly and build mountains of torque. In my opinion, better street engines than their Chevy cousins. But these LS motors are unreal with OD transmissions and EFI. That’s probably the way to go if you want to drive it far and/or often.

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  5. Connecticut Mark

    I do not see crusty, little rust, more dents and replacement parts. With the options and engine. Should be given another go-around.

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  6. ed the welder

    I would make it roadworthy , make the interior as livable as possible and leave the body as is . What a head turner for all the old folks who remember these as Howard A says as ” 500 dollar beaters.

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  7. Rob

    That one looks like it sat in Arizona for many years. Baked long and hard. May have had the oven up a bit high, but it did cook through.

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  8. George Mattar

    Howard A is correct. I bought a rust free Palisade Green 70 hardtop in 1986 in California. These cars were just 16 years old then. I lived near Philadelphia PA, land of salt and rain. I looked at a dozen 70 GTOs and every one was about $2.000 or so with tons of rust. This was 34 years ago and no good sheet metal available. So I found my car in a magazine and took a risk and sent the owner $5,500. It was shipped to my house and I immediately drove it to work. The next day I took it to my local garage for state inspection. The shop boss called me and said where did you find this car. I told him Southern California. It was entirely rust free, original shocks, orig exhaust and not stupid kiddie mod. I am a dumb ass for selling it. The motto of the story is buy the best car you can. I recently doing a mechanical restoration on my 73 Corvette. The receipt pile is 4 inches thick. That’s with zero bodywork. You will be over your head with this pile of trash. And for a base engine dime a dozen car.

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  9. JCA

    “Recently taken out of storage”….at a junk yard in Arizona?

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  10. Keith

    Car is at 7600 and that is 7k more then it is worth. Car needs everything.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I see a lot of possibilities with this car. Has a lot of nice options. Replacement parts are easy to find, so with a certain amount of elbow grease, patience and some cash flow this could be a nice daily driver. Forget the past, it’s gone, live for today, accept today’s cost of living and enjoy Life to its fullest.
    God bless America

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  12. Stangalang

    That driver’s side though..almost looks like it was done on purpose! (Pissed off wife or girlfriend maybe) grab the hammer and dolly 🤣👍

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  13. johnny

    Golmer’s pile

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  14. Carla Hernandez

    In 1974 I with $300 of my paper route and lawn mowing money I bought a Marina Blue 1966 SS 396 360 HP Chevelle!
    It was awesome with its bucket seats and 4-speed console!
    And it was FAST! It was QUICK!
    I grew up with mini-bikes, dirt bikes, go-carts and wasn’t afraid to hammer the motor and I was very good at run’n the Hurst from one gear to the next barely tap’n the clutch pedal.
    Riding dirt bike was a Great teacher! I learned early on how to ring out a motor while coaxing it through to the next run…a few of us meeting up on the outskirts of town to run our cars was an exciting and fun time!
    The car had been in paid-up, enclosed storage into the first couple years of my USAF duty when I learned it had been stolen…I never lost a street race given my experience being quick but I ultimately lost the car to someone who was quick at getting in, getting out.
    While the car would be sentimentally priceless to me, today, I wonder what it would sell for?

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  15. John L.

    This thing can barely be classified as a parts car, much less a restoreable car. Those new tires look like trailer tires.

  16. Eddie Dee

    I graduated in 85 and yes you could buy real nice gto’s or chevelle’s for $3,500 all day long! Good old days

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  17. karl

    This poor Goat looks like my old 70 Lemans after a few Enduro races ! Not sure if ts worth a restoration , but it could really be solid underneath

  18. Stan Marks

    I wondered what the going rate, on trash is. Now I know……
    Some poor soul bought this heap, for $7800.
    What’s the old saying, There’s a sucker born every minute.

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