Crusty Goat: 1964 Pontiac GTO Project

This ’64 GTO looks like a ton of fun to cause some trouble in! It almost has that “don’t care” rat rod attitude and would be fun to drive as-is while you worked on it. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $6,600. Located in Middlesboro, Kentucky, the seller says this is a real barn find and has been sitting for quite a while. If it was mine, I’d get it running and driving well and enjoy it. Let’s take a look and see what you think.

Besides the dash, door panels, and steering wheel, the interior doesn’t look too bad. The factory buckets/console combo is nice. The rear seat looks good too and this car would be more than comfortable for four people. The seller does say that the car needs the floor pans and trunk pan replaced, which adds to the to-do list. Hopefully, the rot isn’t too bad, but a thorough inspection would be advised if the new owner is going to drive it much.

The ad says the car sat for a long time, but with a fresh battery and gas, the engine runs smoothly. The transmission and clutch work well and each gear seems good. The only mechanical issues mentioned are the brakes need going through and it has no exhaust system past the manifolds. The seller also mentions the cylinder head casting number appears to be correct to this car, so they are assuming the drive train is original.

Overall, this car has a great stance and great patina. I’d have a hard time not addressing some of the major issues, then driving it as-is. These cars do look great restored, but I like it the way it is. What do you think?

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  1. Weasel

    I took my drivers test in one exactly like this. Blue

  2. Classic Steel

    I like it …A Kentucky thoroughbred ready to get back on the track !

  3. Shaun Dymond

    As much as I love a beautifully restored car, I agree with Montana. Get her road legal then drive as is. What a wonderful Goat!

  4. jerry z

    This is one rusty mofo! When the steering wheel has rust, wonder how long this car has been sitting. ’65 is my favorite year GTO but ’64 is a close second.

  5. Troy s

    Yeah, these look great all restored but I actually like “day two” cars a bit more. More or less picking up where the factory left off, personalized I guess.
    She’s rough, the interior is there but a mess for even my low standards! Looks like trouble, a problem child special.
    Lots of pre-hippy era muscle here today with 426 Mopars and 427 Impala’s, now this early GTO. Cool stuff.

  6. FordGuy1972

    While some are OK with the post-Apocalyptic look, I’m not. The floors need replacing so you might as well keep going and restore the body; it’s got a lot of rust with dents and dings everywhere. Then apply fresh paint. The rattle can engine paint job looks awful so you might as well pull it out and do it right. You can then restore the engine bay while you’re at it, too. It’s a desirable Goat but a restoration won’t be cheap.

    • Dave

      1-800-EASTWOOD for the bodywork.
      1-800-WILWOOD for the brakes.
      1-800-SUMMIT for the go fast stuff.
      1-800-DISCOVER to pay for the goodies.

      • John Oliveri

        That just about sums that up

  7. Rocco Ruggiero

    doing one just like it! a 65 needed floors and trunk, when said and done this will be one fine goat!! By the way it will be done by spring.

  8. Gaspumpchas

    Yea she’s a ruffian, even has some rot in the dashboard to the left of the speedo cluster. Fix er up. Not for the faint of heart, and would neeed to see the underbelly. Sure would be a cutie fixed up!! Looker over good.

  9. John Oliveri

    Even more fun if the rockers are there to weld the new pans into, and the frame isn’t Swiss cheese, we all have a vivid imagination, it’s called cabin fever, but when spring arrives, and you start digging, that’s when the heart aches begin

  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Back when these were $500 or less to buy, there were a bunch on the road just like you describe. Probably why there aren’t many left – they were bought 3rd, 4th, or 5th hand and whatever life was left was quickly extracted.

  11. Jimmy

    As much as a GTO lover in me says restore it the financial side says PASS !!!

  12. Dennis

    Back in the day, (70’s) I had a 1970 429 Cobra w/ 525 hp..It was very hard to beat..trouble I had was coming out of the hole it would go sideways on me..However, one day early in the morning at Ft Hood, TX where i was station was going to a muster formation at O-Dark Thirty when this GTO pull up beside me and was reeving his engine like he wanted to race..I said to my self (Way to early for this) but I out it down in low rang (sp) and we were off to the race’s..He hit 3 gears by my door and I said why having I beat him yet? I heard the motor really rung up, I look down and I was still in Low Range!! It push the range indicator one more tick and wave bye to him, by now he was beating on his dash and wife trying calm him down…What a rush!!!!

  13. TimM

    Rougher than a stucco bathtub!! Full restoration here hope the price stays at the $6600 cause it’s going to take another 50K and lots of elbow grease to make her pretty again!!!

  14. Paolo

    I bought a blue one like this with 4 speed for $400 about 40 years ago, in nicer condition. That’s a long time!

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