A Cry For Help: 1965 Mustang Project


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This is one sad, sad 1965 Ford Mustang. I have a hard time believing someone would treat a car like this. Any car. However, there are some good points, including a low price. It’s located in Lake Park, Minnesota and is being sold here on eBay, with the buy-it-now a low $1,500 but even lower offers are being welcomed. 


Ok. With a rear spoiler made from some flat piece of stuff bolted through what I think is a chunk of 2×4 with carriage bolts, we have hit a new low in automotive modifications. I’m not a fan of the spring mount extensions, either, nor the painted bumper (although I can hope that the paint has helped to preserve the chrome).


With a damaged hood, bumper, front valence and grille surround, as well as peeling paint, it’s not pretty here either. But all isn’t lost. The basic parts here are solid, and you can get anything for an early Mustang to complete the project. I’m not saying it’s worth $1,500, but the seller is obviously willing to accept less than that.


Unfortunately, a previous owner’s desire to hang other parts on the car didn’t end on the outside. That’s a Mustang II-era (Fairmont?) steering wheel, and I’m not sure what the seats are from, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t 1965 Mustang! And the clutch pedal doesn’t exactly match the auto shifter either. However, there’s a good side to this interior as well. I can’t see through the floor, the gauge panel looks intact and the passenger side door panel actually looks great.


Here’s a surprise! Despite the data plate that says it left the factory with a 200 cubic inch inline 6, this looks suspiciously like a Ford small block V8 to me. I had to laugh at the mismatched valve covers, but the shock towers look ok. The seller hasn’t tried to start the car and the price reflects that. However, if you could get the car for under $1,000, this might be a worthwhile project for someone willing to do some cutting and welding. What do you think about the previous owners’ modifications, and what would you tackle first if this were your car? For me, it would be the spoiler–I don’t think I’d even wait to winch it on my trailer before I unbolted it!

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  1. Alan (Michigan)

    The Mustang is only part of the story.
    There is much sadness in that yard, lots of iron waiting to be adopted and cared for.

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  2. roger

    Floors under carpet are probably gone like most mustangs.
    Would be good S10 frame swap car since outside body is ok.
    Mustangs fit on s10 chassis quite well and you never know it is there until you wonder why shock towers are gone.and see a arms,
    The 2×4 wing would have to go first

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  3. Rocco

    Well, at least they put a 5-lug (V-8) suspension (rear end & front hubs) on the car.

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  4. piper62j

    This one’s a challenge.. Guaranteed floor and trunk rot.. Engine is probably NG also.. Parts are cheap and available along with complete bodies if you want to go all new sheet metal..

    Decent fine..

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  5. van

    Perfect car to keep Jr out of trouble
    By the time he gets it nice enough to drive he will be going to college.

    Buy upolstry fabric and safety pins for the seats, rattle can paint job, make it run and save your money.
    Or spend 10 grand an this 5 grand car.

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  6. JW

    My wife’s first mustang was a 67 that looked like this when we got it in a trade we spent thousands getting it in to a nice driving car and then lost our butts when we sold it. It was a very good learning experience for me. Someone will have that same experience with this one.

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  7. Casey

    This one will be a labor of love even if you get it for free, but it seems saveable. Nice candidate for a resto mod since it started as such a low spec model.

    Yes every part is available but you’ll be dropping a grand here and a grand there until pretty soon it adds up to real money. Best to not save the receipts and just have fun. I’d say buy this one to have for yourself, then the money pored in won’t sting as bad and you’ll have a fun and iconic car to enjoy.

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  8. JIm

    I live in Mn and I can almost guarantee there is a few pounds of bondo in those rear quarters.(esp around the wheels) Those are normally the first to go.

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  9. Jim

    Cars like this are a leave it alone. This is at best a $500 parts car. I own and build these cars. You can pick them up for just a little more from a low rust area that will save you a ton of money. It has what looks like mid 70s Camaro seats and it is sporting a 66 grill. The torque boxes are probably gone as well as the rear sub frames. Floors and outer wheel houses will also be suspect. I would not buy this car with out inspecting it first. Remember they made an million of them so picking one in better shape will save big in the long run.

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    • Keith

      Jim you are completely correct. I too work on these cars as a hobby, and for about $1500/$2000 more you can get one without 70% of the headaches this one has. Also guarantee the rear wheel housings are shot and most likely the rockers, too. The whole interior can be done for $300-$400 if you buy the parts and do it yourself, the big money suck is the bodywork and whatever mechanicals come up. When a V8 conversion has been done, unless you did it or know what to look for, you never know if it was done correctly. This can cause major headaches down the line.
      I see the car is now sold the seller accepted the best offer. Curious what he got for it.

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  10. art moore

    You could spend thousands getting it into tip top shape..better for it to be used for parts imo..or use it for a kid to learn how to do basic welding and bodywork on it ..4 or 5 sheets of 18ga metal 20 pounds of welding rod,or wire and some tin snips…It’s better to make the mistakes on something like this without spending a fortune.It can always be flipped for parts later, or make a neat piece of ‘yard art’..:)..It looks too far gone to me..to be viable as a resto

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