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Custom Shorty Van: 1973 Dodge B100

Sometimes, a vehicle just hits you as being perfect as-is. When it comes to custom vans, a short wheelbase version is the obvious choice, but then finding one with all the other details dialed in is the real hat trick. This 1973 Dodge B100 is almost exactly how I’d build mine, especially with the fender flares, side pipes, and nicely raked suspension. This Dodge is said to be rust-free and ready to drive anywhere, and is listed here on eBay with bids to $16,500 and the reserve unmet.

Ah, look at that! I love how the front lip of the fender flares curls out from behind the wheel. The way the van sits with the rear haunches slightly higher than the front makes me love it even more. Cragars are sort of the played-out choice by now and I’d spec a different wheel, but they obviously work on a period-correct van build such as this. The chrome bumpers appear to be in good shape, and while the side pipes are new, they are not currently hooked up to the exhaust system.

This was originally a pretty basic van in terms of options, as you can see it’s pretty barebones in the driver’s compartment. There are no windows going down the sides, either, and while I generally like the cleaner lines of a van such as this with no glass, I do think the smaller porthole-style design would be appropriate here to let some daylight into the rear. Regardless, this Dodge is super clean throughout, and the seller confirms the dashboard is in perfect condition.

The seller has cleaned up the rear compartment with a new wood floor and carpeting, and obviously this sweet swivel chair. The back of the van isn’t like many we see with the full assortment of lounge equipment like beds and mini-fridges, but this still looks like a comfy setup for someone who’s flying solo. As the seller suggests, perhaps you could store your Harley in the back of the van and just pass out on the floor when you’re ready to call it a night. Simple pleasures for a simple man, and all that – that’s what van life is about.


  1. Uncle Ed

    I was hoping the interior would be a little more insanely shagadelic 1970’s, but buying it like this lets you do your own thing without worrying about decades of DNA that’s been left in this thing

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    • Rw

      Buy it and do it yourself.

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      • Neil R Norris

        Just one thing to say about this one … YEEEEEAHHHHH BABY!!!!!

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  2. John

    Way too pricey for a plain interior. And the way the side pipes exit. The rear fenders will really flare after still in traffic a bit. Lol

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    • ALAN

      Side pipes are show only, non functional

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      • BA

        We don’t even get to look under the turtle shell to see what motivates this thing & is there A/C ? It might turn into a rotisserie with no frolicking around trying not to sweat to death!

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    • Darwin Tansey

      We did it all through the 70s. I had a 350 Chevy Van with side pipes and fender flares. My buddy Rusty had this exact model. Same pipes and flares. None of us ever had a fender flare get damaged at all. All of ours were functional. In fact I never heard of that happening. Most times when people don’t know what they are talking about, they should just be quiet.

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      • Chevylubber

        You’d have to idle with zero wind forever,,,and even then, the flares are most likely durable fiberglass.

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  3. Andy

    So many experts

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  4. H Siegel

    I love this van I remember when you saw vans like this everywhere. There were a lot of van clubs back then. I always wanted a van like this but back then I was to busy chasing the dollar. I like the period correct crager wheels. I also like the side pipes another item from back in the day. I like the empty interior gives the new owner a blank canvas. GLWTA

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    • Terry Bowman

      I bought a 72′ Dodge Sportsman Royal Maxi during High School (my first ride) $5,800, $102 a month payment. Just got rid of it 3 years ago, due to rust. Great van!!!!!

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      • Charlie Patterson

        Hey Terry. Are you from Waverly, TN?

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  5. Mark

    One can achieve the same look with an Astro panel for half the price…..

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    • Big C

      Yeah, but then you’re left with a garbage can Chevy mini van. Not even the same thing.

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    • Kevin

      Sorry, but no you can’t!, An astro is a decent van, but no comparison whatsoever to a 70’s style king like this dodge, however if it was a 73 Chevy or GMC, now we’re talking cool, like original A-team with the shorty GMC vandura!

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    • Hoss

      Not even close.

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  6. JE Vizzusi

    Faux side pipes? No paneling, bare bones, price should be around 5k tops. Most of these are completely trashed. Interesting what new paint can do. There was this scammer in San Jose back in the day that bought fleets of these vans, painted cows and mountains on the sides and sold them for 2,999.00. You were lucky to make it to 50k miles. Basically junk but I always wondered what was going on in the back.
    jv – smash palace

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  7. Russ Ashley

    You guys never let me down. No matter what the price is, some of you throw out some ridiculously low price that is usually about a quarter of what the vehicle market value is. This van has 50 bids and has gotten up to $16.6 K with four more days to go on the auction. It’s rust free, has new wheels and tires, and ready to be driven anywhere per the ad. I expect it will reach $20 K or more. It would be hard to find one nicer than this. GLWTS

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    • T. Mann Member

      What does GLWTS mean?

      Initialism of: Good luck with that.

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    Re Mark’s comment: I owned an Astro Van for about 3 years and hated the v-6 that was in it. Threw a rod through the block, put in a rebuilt engine, and it came apart before I put 10K miles on it.

    I liked the seating position but otherwise a POS IMHO.

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    • Hans H

      Interesting, I had a Safari with the V6 and went 300,000 pretty much trouble free miles. One of the best vehicles I ever owned.

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  9. T. Mann Member

    Watching this sale very close to see what I will get for my 7000 mile 1980 Dodge van.

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    • Big H

      I was just a young Ladd about 4 or 5 years old and my dad had a 73 shorty like this paint color was some shade of period correct orange,no side windows and some kind of plastic brownish colored covers on the back windows with some kind of a raised circular finish that reminded me of a beer can bottom…dad drank the cheap stuff,Drewerys,PBR,Black Label etc,etc,he turtle waxed it every Friday and mom,dad,my twin brother and older brother he was 9 or 10 would load up in Detroit and head 2 hours north to grandpa and grandma’s every weekend so dad could drive grandpa’s Massey Harris 44 around the neighborhood drinking beer and hauling a trailer behind loaded with us and the 5 neighbor kids for a stroll around Camelot lake where he took us fishing.. dad passed in 2000..his wish was to be cremated and the following memorial day my brother’s and our half sister took dad’s ashes and laid pops to rest at Camelot lake…his 73 was his prized possesion…

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  10. Beauwayne5000

    Had a cop trade in a similar van sidepipes Cragers big Rear tires only it had a tow hitch & fully done interior w/bed & tiny kitchen etc.
    I took the boat out & had fun …sold it the next week.
    Btw it had the name PADDY WAGON with Jail bars & a Goofy Cop pic on the Side.
    Cop humor go figure

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  11. Greg in Texas

    You better be outfitting this for a journey with your girlfriend, because otherwise you’re looking like the neighborhood unibomber or Rittenhouse gun panty equipment freako. But it’s kinda cool. Blank canvas. Just don’t be a kidnapper thanks.

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  12. H Siegel

    Good luck with the sale/GLWTS and GLWTA/ Good luck with the auction

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  13. Big C

    Thanks for the commentary. Still hung up on that, huh?

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  14. Van Nella

    I’m the owner of the van and love all the comments. All except the one stating only worth 5k. Please find me as many rust free ones that you can at that price and I’ll buy all of them. The side pipes are not fake. Just had them put on and just no time to get them hooked up. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Tons of interest in it.

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  15. T. Mann

    Van, GLWTA/ Good luck with the auction

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  16. Van Nella


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  17. Russ Ashley

    $18K with 2 days left, I still think it will go over $20K.

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  18. Falcon Fever Member

    US $18,000.00
    54 bids
    Ended09/03, 08:00 PM
    Reserve not met

    Relisted, then:
    US $18,000.00
    Best offer accepted

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