Dad’s All Original 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

It isn’t a Z/28, an SS or even an RS, but this survivor Camaro is still incredibly cool, especially when you hear it’s story! You see, the 93 year old standing next to it inherited it from her father, who purchased the car brand new. She’s kept her dad’s car all these years and has taken great care of it. The odometer is showing just 77k miles and we believe it! Time has finally come to let it go to a good home where her dad’s car can be preserved and enjoyed. It’s set to be auctioned off at the 2017 Columbus Winter Heavy Equipment auction on December 9th in Stoutsville, Ohio. Special thanks to Brad R for the tip!

The auction house, Dunn Deal Auctions, is thin on information on this one, but they do offer lots of photos of it. It really does look to be fantastic condition inside and out. They do state that it’s a 327 V8 car with the Powerglide automatic. It might not be a high output V8, but the 327 is a great little V8 that should provide plenty of power to make this a nice driver. If were were close to Columbus, Ohio, we would definitely be attending this auction just to see this Camaro in person and to see where bidding goes. If any of you happen to be near by and attend the auction, we would love to hear about it!


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    Drive it for a lifetime, just as it is. Well… since I live in the desert, I would add A/C Fantastic find

  2. Steve R

    Nice car. I hope they get a lot of money for this car, it deserves it.

    Steve R

    • PatM Member

      Watched the Auction. It went for $ 19,500.00 this morning. Beautiful car for the money.

  3. Steve

    Looks like a nice car. My 71 El Camino originally had the same hubcaps. Not correct for a 67 Camaro.

    • Henry Drake

      It’s a 68, and it’s been pointed out that 1/2 the hubcaps are right, and 1/2 are wrong. See also:

    • Paul Hudson

      Look like Chevelle hubcaps. I remember seeing them on a 1969 back then.

  4. Len

    The caps in the picture with the owner are definitely original to it. My 68 RS had those and sent them home with the car when my grandfather bought the car for my grandmother. The ones in the second pic are not. If this car was blue with the RS package I would be checking my garage to make sure it was still in there.

    • 68custom

      actually the hubcaps on the passenger side are correct, the set on the drivers side are not. I believe they came on 70 novas for the drivers side. looks like a very nice 68!
      equipped with the 210 horse power 327/powerglide and note the column mounted shifter in the standard interior not deluxe interior.

  5. Rich

    What? A plethora of pictures in the ad and all you offer are two and no interior shots?? Nice car. I’d like to see more of it without going to the auction house website. That’s why I use this site.

  6. Deadeye

    I have seen this car personally and it is a nice survivor.

  7. newfieldscarnut

    A set of original rally wheels , dual exhaust and drive . A great find .

  8. Brad

    Have a ‘ 65 Honey Gold Mustang with a black vinyl roof and this car would sure look good in the garage with it !

  9. Ryan

    I have seen that car in person….She works at the church where my son goes to daycare. It is an awesome car! I hope it stays in it present form!!!!

  10. Dan

    Hubcaps make for good target practice out in the woods…..just sayin’…

  11. RoughDiamond

    It says auction conducted for “secured creditors”. One would hate to think that this poor woman is down on her luck.

    • Billy

      Funny, not any younger family members who wants this family heirloom? Of course, our nation is not very kind to its seniors has gotten expensive. If she wants her meds, this car will pay for a supply of them. I’m guessing that her Daddy had money. Back in the 60s he would have already been retired, yet he could afford a new sports car to drive sparingly. Back in the good ol’ union days, people had the American Dream firmly in hand, not so much anymore. I wish this lady well.

      Like 1
      • Mountainwoodie

        Hear hear Billy. Right on Point. ( Assuming arguendo her situation is as you surmise)

    • Ron

      Not just “secured creditors”, read the whole list. Consignments are being accepted. Here is the full statement from the auction listing: “Auction Conducted For… Secured Creditors, 674 Sales LLC, Consignors & Owners 2017 Columbus Winter Equipment & Truck Auction on Sat., December 9th @ 9am Sharp! 150+ Large Equipment – Truck Units along with Many Wagon Loads of Smalls Accepting Consignments up until Wed., Dec. 6th, 2017 @ 5 pm”

  12. ccrvtt

    What a beauty! Hard to believe that it’s only 210 hp. My mother’s ’67 Caprice wagon had a 327 with 275 hp. That car would run.

    But back to this Camaro – nice find. It will be worth every penny it fetches at auction.

  13. glen

    I laboured over some extra clicks to see the pictures! Nice car.

  14. Mattyou63

    I think it means you have to have proof you can pay before bidding.😎

  15. LAB3

    That is my first car EXACTLY, right down to the engine and color! Of course, mine was a rust bucket and got painted blue after a five gallon pail of Bondo, but that’s it exactly!

    • Jeffro

      So you’re probably saying,only thing let of it is a big blob of blue painted bondo?

      • LAB3

        I’m quite sure it’s been scrapped, turned into another car and scrapped again by now, that was a long time ago, even before Al Gore invented the internet!

        Like 1
  16. DEC

    Nice to see a flipper didn’t get in the middle of the transaction.

  17. JW

    Nice car for sure.

  18. Jeff Sparks

    I went and looked at the car the other day its nice but its been resprayed. So not sure if it classifies as survivor as far as paint. It has a couple paint bubbles and some bubbling under the vinyl roof. Some rust on the rocker panel. The story i heard was the car hit a gaurd rail and had to be fixed. I wish had a magnet to check for mud. That would be a concern of mine. Its too bad it isnt a badge car otherwise it would be worth the journey and standing in the 20 degree weather.

  19. Dan

    No better place to sell a valuable heirloom sporty car than at a heavy equipment auction house!

    • Deadeye

      They have a collector car auction every June. She didn’t want to wait that long.

  20. Kimbo

    All I could say ! Ask one simple question ? Is this the original vinyl roof ?
    If it is she’s a keeper!


    The driver’s side wheel covers are the same as the ones I had on my 71 RS. I hope we find out how much it sells for.

  22. Rex Kahrs Member

    I don’t know how much the auctioneer is going to take as a commission, but you would think they could have cleaned the car out and vacuumed it.

  23. Rex Kahrs Member

    So, Ryan, Sparks, and Deadeye, you’re all Buckeyes? Me too! Hey Jeff, do you know Ray Sparks…a guy I met years ago because we both played the Dobro.

  24. Deadeye

    all the pictures were taken on site when she pulled it out of her garage.
    These were taken as it was sitting in her garage. No cleanup has been done. This car is completely original and unmolested.

  25. Paul

    Really nice car I like the color, I would love to be at the auction!

    My bet someone will buy it there for a great price and we will all see it on eBay……the person that’s sells it next will make the money that this owner should be making.

    • Jeff Sparks

      I cannot see any money being made for a flipper especially when the auction company has already told me prices will be in the 20-25k range. I think might even go higher than the average car enthusiast or keeper can afford. I have even seen much cheaper ebay deals and ebay even reaches an audience of millions of people. It would be nice to see a person who will keep it get the car.

  26. Roger

    The mother of my neighbor had a ’68 that was very similar to this one but after she passed away I don’t know where it ended up,it was a 327 just like this one and the same color as well,not for sure but think it was a column shift car as well,it was just like brand new,this one was sold new at Dallas Chevrolet in Jackson,Ohio (one of the GM dealers who was shut down during their financial problems a few years ago)the lady who owns this one lives around 30 miles from where I used to.

  27. Joe Cat

    Nice car and great story. I do wonder a bit about the 67 tail lights on a 68.

    • Tyler

      Those are definitely 68 tail lights…

      • Joe Cat

        yes you are correct. My error. Confused with reverse light.

  28. Patrick

    New owner selling all ready on eBay.after taxes and fees,shipping looks like trying to break even at $23500

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