Dad’s Sports Car: 1989 Porsche 928 S4

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Time waits for no man. Unfortunately, this 1989 Porsche 928 S4 has fallen down the slippery slope of neglect and borderline abandonment after the seller’s father reached a certain point of old age. That’s the reality of the situation for all of us, and like anything else that requires long-term planning, making sure our cars and trucks have a future is on the list of to-do’s as time catches up with us. The seller notes that this 928 suffers from body damage and rodent issues that will make its revival a labor of love. But with a reasonable opening bid of $6,000, could it be worth trying to reverse the years of dormancy? 

Given how many 928s fall into disrepair, it can be easy to forget just how special the S4 variant was. This was not just a mid-year refresh or a matter of some cosmetic tweaks. The S4 offered a boost in performance and wind-cheating aerodynamic improvements to help the car move even more rapidly down the road. In addition, the styling upgrades also yielded improved looks that modernized the 928 for the next generation of the model, with revised front and rear fascias including new taillamps and a rear spoiler. The exterior enhancements would bring the 928 into the 1990s where the model ultimately culminated with the desirable GTS offering. As you can see, the seller’s father had some difficulty navigating the car while in reverse, resulting in the damage shown here.

Updated cylinder heads, altered valve timing, and a new two-stage intake manifold were among numerous changes made to the engine that helped improve power delivery. Combined with the aerodynamic improvements that also incorporated a new belly pan and even windshield wipers that lay flatter than the previous year and you have a car that was carefully over-engineered to be even more responsive than before. It’s always a tragedy to me when cars like this end up in this type of condition once you realize just how much effort went into producing it in the first place; automobiles are so much more than just the sum of their parts. The interior is in fair condition but there are significant issues within.

The seller claims he has recently had to move his dad into an assisted living community and that the 928 last ran three years ago. It is registered as non-op in California’s DMV system and as a result of sitting, he notes that rodents have chewed through the wiring and many of the electronics do not work. In addition, you can see the timing belts and water pump sitting in the cargo bay, two jobs he notes must be done and any 928 enthusiast will tell you that you’re already on borrowed time with any example that has no record of this service being performed. This is a sad case of a good car that simply didn’t move onto a new owner a few years earlier, but hopefully, it’s not too late to save it. Find the 928 S4 here on eBay.

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  1. alphasudMember

    Nothing worse than mice infestation in a car. In many cases the car has to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly to get the smell out. 928 interiors are extremely expensive to repair and electrical issues were common on 928 cars so this is definitely going to be a labor of love. The engine will need sorted from the lack of maintenance and then there is the exterior issues.
    a number of years ago I drove up the central coast of California to purchase a 1984 euro 928 with a broken timing belt. Very similar to this one’s needs minus the rodent issue. Was a fun cruiser in the end and a break even proposition when it was time to move it on. Porsche enthusiasts are like cat and dog lovers in that you either love or hate the 928 but not many like both. I’m one of the few that like them both. Like the first generation Panamera which is like a modern interpretation of the 928 with 4-doors.

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    Sad story from all points of view.

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  3. jwaltb

    eBay listing has lousy pictures and a pathetic description of the car. Guy must just want to move the metal.

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    • MilitaryGuy

      Although that’s not a metal moving price. Plus it’s an automatic…
      This car screams NO on so many levels

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  4. Sam Giacchina

    I have had a 78, 84 euro, and a 86. I am not sure if you are saying. The timing belts and water pump have been changed or need to. I now do not have a 928. I still have a full set of 12 factory repair manuals in English for sale.

    Unfortunately, I would only offer $3,000. The reason is the cost of repair and the amount of time to put it back on the road. If it did not have mice wiring issues. I would go the 6k. You have a good 928 if someone wanted to make a track car out of it. The rewiring would be minimal and worth 6k.

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