Daily Driver: 1992 Dodge Ramcharger LE Survivor

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On a recent junkyard visit, I saw an old Ramcharger going into the yard – its final resting place. The fenders were rotted out, the tires were clearly cheap mudders, and the interior was in shambles. Sadly, I see many of this generation of two-door 4x4s in this sort of condition, making this 1992 Dodge Ramcharger LE a treat. With mostly original paint and a gorgeous interior, this example has lived a far different life than the one I saw last weekend. Find it here on eBay where bidding is at $7,500 with the reserve unmet and just over a day left in the auction.

While it’s currently in Ohio, the Ramcharger was purchased in Tennessee, which likely has a lot to do with its current state of condition. You have to love seeing one of these on the original tire and wheel package, which now looks almost laughably small considering how many have been jacked up with larger wheels and tires. Glass and paint look exceptionally clean, and the red pinstriping matches nicely with the cardinal cloth interior. The seller notes some paintwork to correct sunfade on the roof and hood.

The interior is in superb condition, and the bucket seats surprised me considering how many came with benches (at least, it seems that way.) The later Ramchargers actually had decently modern cabins, with an interior that doesn’t look like it was stuck in 1985. While still a far cry from the high-zoot offerings of the Eddie Bauer package Broncos, this looks like a fine place to spend time, with only some minor soiling on the carpets noted as visible flaws. Air conditioning and all power options with the exception of cruise control are said to work well.

Could you daily drive one of these? I think so, as there’s plenty of creature comforts and that commanding view of the road to make darting around inattentive drivers less worrisome. Of course, handling is not a Ramcharger’s strong suit, which is why so many of them found their way to off-road trails where they could truly shine. I’m not surprised to see the reserve unmet, as this has to be one of a very few late production variants still in near-showroom condition. I’d use it on gentle off-road excursions, free from major climbs, descents, or rust-inducing river crossings; then again, where’s the fun in that?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Not a real fan of the “let’s stylize the interior of our off-road capable truck with cheesy red valor to resemble a dive bar or bordello” BUT I’d own this one in a heartbeat-crazy money for these anymore though like a lot of appreciable machines.

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      VELOUR not valor!

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  2. NotSure

    I wouldn’t have said so when this was new, but I now say that this is an elegant truck!

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  3. CapNemo

    I really like these, and this is a nice specimen! Daily driver? The fuel cost may prevent that for some.

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      Aw, c’mon CapNemo! 12MPG is GREAT mileage-if you live in Texas and your friends with someone at a refinery….
      On my income it’d be very short daily trips or I’d be riding my motorcycle to offset the difference (44 MPG-if the right side hand grip isn’t locked in the OMG position..).

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      • CapNemo

        LMAO!! Here’s to ya, Nevadahalfrack!

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    • Rodney

      The guy who managed the body shop at the Dodge place I worked when this was new had a TWO-wheel drive and swore he got 6 or 7 mpg. I love this thing but Leo’s complaining about gas mileage stuck with me.

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      • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

        I can appreciate that-my bike is supposed to get 51 MPG according to the specs but I average 44… but then again I probably ride more enthusiastically than they are allowed to!🥳

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  4. art

    Nice departure from the current batch of SUV’s. Bullet proof drive train, cheap to repair, cheap to insure, and a virtual Tank. Plan on oil leaks and lots of gasoline but I’d jump at this vs the current batch of look-a-like, plastic, rounded, suv/truck wanna be’s we have now.
    This is an honest vehicle that must be a blast to drive. Love it.

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    • Danielle Smartt

      I have an ’84. Daily driver. Bought it for $1200 in Spokane 3 years ago.
      12 – 14 mpg if tuned right.
      360 auto, balanced, ported, and will take you anywhere, almost.
      Wouldn’t sell it for the world.
      Ugly, dented, gorilla tape to hold some trim in place until I get around to it, but mechanically very sound.
      Had a couple problems mechanics up there said could not be fixed.
      Found mechanic in Portland. Less than 2 hours to track down and fix both.
      So don’t dispair if you are ever told something cant be done.
      Find another shop and keep trying.
      Someone out there can think.
      Between this, my 69 Glaxy convertible and a rat class 69 Montego, I should be good for life. The Montego cost me $900, 135,000 original miles on a 302 automatic.
      This old broad wont buy anything made out of recycled pop bottles and beer cans.

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  5. Bakyrdhero

    12MPG isn’t so bad. My 2012 Tundra with the small 4.6 V8 gets 14-16 MPG and it’s 20 years newer. These were great trucks…you know, for a Dodge:)

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  6. Plymouth Doctor

    I owned two of these – an ’81 and an ’82 both with the 318 automotive 4WD.
    Averaging just about 12 MPG I swapped out the Thermo Quad for an Edelbrock 600 and saw my average jump to 16. At 65 MPH on a trip it would get between 18 and 20. No other modifications were made.
    I really appreciated them in the Michigan winters and on family trips in the summers as they rode and handled nicely and in my opinion were a much better looking vehicle than the Bronco or Blazer of that era.

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  7. Terry Bowman

    Lets get to the numbers. V-8(5.7 or 5.9) Dodge Ram Charger, 12 miles to the gal;Toyota Tundra V-8(4.6) 16 miles to the gal.(on the high side). That would be a 25% savings with the Toyota. Lets say you spent $1,200 a year with the Tundra, that would be $1,600 on the dodge. A difference of $400 a year or $33.33 a month or $1.00 a day, just about the cost of a bottle of water. Also don’t forget the Ram Charger is geared for off road, it is not a highway vehicle. Around town,Yes. I have a 72′ Dodge Van B300 with a 70′ 340 in it that gets 10 miles to the gal. and wouldn’t trade it for no Tundra or anything else that has better fuel mileage.Not saying the Tundra is a bad truck, just saying don’t let the fuel mileage sway you in your choice of a ride. I believe “COOL” trumps fuel savings.

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  8. Ellie Campbell

    We had one and never want another. It would die at anytime and at any speed!

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  9. Bakyrdhero

    Terry the whole point of my post was to point out the difference is gas mileage is not a big factor. No need to shame my Toyota, It’s plenty cool for me.

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    • WH

      I had an 86 Ramcharger that I bought new. It had a 360 automatic and 4wd. I ordered it in two tone blue.
      Light metallic blue/dark metallic blue. I miss that truck. Wish I had kept it.

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      • bob carroll

        also had an 86 new, have been looking for one for four years, just found an 87, low mileage, original interior, not a dent or speck of rust on the body. the biggest problem i am having is finding parts. so many were junked for “cash for clunkers”, parts are scarce. 318 2WD, 13-14 MPG. love it, but shocked by the difference in technology from then to now.

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  10. Miguel

    Do these trucks have any value in 2WD form?

    I know where there are a lot of them that are 2WD that have either a 318 or a 360 completely de-smogged. I mean to say all the drivability problems the US versions had, the Mexican versions did not.

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  11. Terry Bowman

    Bakyrdhero. I didn’t mean to “Shame” you or anyone else. I also wanted to point out, that don’t let the fuel mileage”only” sway anyone on a purchase of a vehicle.Everyone has their own reason for their choice. I too often hear say “my whatever gets great fuel mileage”, before I hear “What a great vehicle it is”. Maybe you misunderstood “Cool”. What may be “Cool” to one may not be cool to another. Again, just don’t let the mileage sway a decision on that merit only.

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  12. Del

    I owned 2 of these. Both 4×4 and both were used on and off as daily drivers.

    One was a 76 factiry order and the next ine a 90.

    Great trucks. Drove both until they rusted out

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  13. Terry Bowman

    Bob Carroll, many parts can be found from trucks of that era or engine and other common parts from cars also. Good luck, sounds like you have a good find.

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