Dark Bronze 1969 Dodge Charger Project

Is this a diamond in the rough or is it too far gone to get it back on the road? This 1969 Dodge Charger is listed here on eBay with a bid of $2,800 with 4 days remaining on the auction.  Six bidders think this Charger, located in Houston, Texas, is worth saving or at least has some valuable parts. The seller states the frame rails are good but the quarters appear to have substantial rust corrosion. This is the first 1969 Charger I have seen with a luggage rack mounted on the rear trunk lid. The car does not have an engine or transmission but the console indicates that it was originally built with an automatic transmission.  The interior shows not to be in better shape than the exterior but appears to be originally tan or beige that matched the vinyl top.

In 1969, the interior was pretty much the same as in 1968 but the ignition switch was moved from the dash to the steering column. The car is said to originally be equipped with a 383 cubic inch V8 which came in both a 2 bbl and 4 bbl configuration for the 1969 Dodge Charger. The 2 bbl 383 V8 engine provided 290 horsepower, while the 4 bbl 383 V8 provided 330 horsepower. The 318 cubic inch V8 engine was the base engine for 1969 but a buyer could opt for a slant six, 383, 426 or 440 cubic inch engine. Only about 500 Chargers were built with the slant six in 1969. Unfortunately, there are no engine bay pictures and the trunk floor has been cut out. The seller states that he has a 440 cubic inch V8 engine and A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission but there is no promise that these components come with the sale.

It is hard to believe that the Dodge Charger is over 50 years old. The 1969 Dodge Charger is a favorite model for many enthusiasts because it combines the divided grill with no chrome surround with the full length tail lights in the rear. Unfortunately, this car is going to need new tail lights and a number of other parts. Total Dodge Charger production in 1969 was just over 89,000 units. For those of us who grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard, the Dodge Charger has always been one of the cool cars to own. Does anyone know if the rear luggage rack was a factory option? With such a large trunk, it seems to be a cosmetic add on instead of something that was functional.

This is definitely a project and will need not only a number of body panels but also structural parts for the trunk and interior. If you restored this car, would you keep it the same color?  Do you like the tan vinyl top that matches the interior? Would you opt for the 440 cubic inch engine that the seller has?


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  1. Chris M.

    Here we go again.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Not a lot of go in this one… more like gone.

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  3. flmikey

    …love the optional vise grip steering handle…and this is not the first time I have seen that…the seller makes no secret that he is a flipper…his screen name on ebay is “flippinsell”…betcha you can buy the Grand Prix AND the T/A listed earlier today for what this POS goes for…

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  4. J_Paul Member

    How many floods has this thing been at the bottom of?

    At least the color matches with how I would describe it.

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  5. Gunner

    Is that the rare vice grip steering wheel option? Lol….

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    • Dave

      You know, that vise grip is legal in several African, Middle Eastern, and southeast Asian countries…

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      • Stangalang

        Also legal in the southern US..yeeeehaaarrr bubba

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    • DNC

      I have a few vise grip steering wheels if anyone would like to purchase. $300 each. LOL

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  6. SusanOliver

    There is no way to make money here on the finished product. If you do it yourself, for yourself, even then, it would be cheaper to buy a different one. If it was a good deal, there would be many more bidders. Strip it and crush the rest. A fools bargain.

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    • Chris M.

      Parts I say, parts!

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  7. Kam

    Looks like nothing more than a already picked over rotted parts car

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  8. 8banger Dave Member

    I’m inspired. I think I’m going to replace the steering wheel on my Galaxie with this Vise Grip thing. I should be able to just hit the ground wire to it to operate the horn. Merry Christmas!

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  9. bone

    Its just another stripped out car a flipper bought out of a junkyard- Its likely the first time its moved since the early eighties – and thats when the last owner pulled the drivetrain and junked the carcass !

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  10. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    The luggage rack was an option. This is restorable.

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  11. Del

    Just scrap


    Ziltch left to part

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  12. Shifty

    “but the quarters appear to have substantial rust corrosion.”

    Quarters? I don’t see any quarter panels.

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    • IkeyHeyman

      Quarters? We don’t need no stinkin’ quarters! Seller has zero seller feedback, he thinks he’ll work his way into flipping by bottom-feeding a couple wrecks. He is also selling a ’60 Impala with a 350, not as bad looking as the Dodge, at least.

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  13. robh693

    $3000 luggage rack.

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  14. Stangalang

    Am I seeing that right!!?? A bid for $2800..uhhh really?? Rust prices are going up

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  15. Gaspumpchas

    Ah dew believe dats one o dem dere kwick disconnect steerin wheels lak dey use in dem race carz. Dis wun has da ventilated roofz. ahh put in zum truk tailites and go. We don’t need no stinkin moter.


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  16. Stangalang

    Lmao at gaspump🤣👍

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  17. Howard A Member

    Just think, the $7,099 dollar gas cap from the last one ( incredibly, THAT’S what that hulk sold for) and $3g’s here, look what you have for $10 grand!! Comments are great, but this is so sad, BUT, tell you what, rather than complaining about it, we should be scouring the countryside and swamps, for this stuff and VW buses and such, what the heck? Can’t beat ’em, join ’em. It’s what these people are doing, and laughing all the way to the bank. Who’s stupid now, eh?

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  18. John

    This doesn’t qualify as a diamond in the rough

  19. Stevieg

    This was probably a sharp car a very long time ago. To bad it is in such terrible condition now.

  20. Hemidave

    Was a cool car, too bad it was left to die. My friend bought on of these a few years ago that was hit by a train in 1971, mashed twisted rusted junk, he parted out, made over 6500 bucks. I’m still in shock

  21. Kenn

    TCOPPS is correct – the luggage rack is restorable. Beyond that, I don’t see any parts that would be worth the effort to remove. Or am I missing something?

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  22. Tennistim

    Agree with Kennabove. What a rusty piece of junk. But hard to make money off of this one

  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $6,400.

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