Daytona Twin: 1986 Chrysler Laser XT


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We often hear about the Dodge Daytona as one of Mopar’s signature 80’s turbo cars, but for a time, it had a twin in the Chrysler Laser. This 1986 XT model here on eBay is a desirable high-specification model with leather sport seats, T-tops and the numbers-matching turbo motor up front. 


The seller has set up the auction with a reserve and there’s no Buy-It-Now, so it’s anyone’s guess where the numbers will end up. Although it’s a rare car, rare doesn’t always translate to “desirable,” but there are a lot of Mopar fans out there who can squeeze lots of performance out of the turbo’d four-cylinders. Of course, you’ll have to be content living with an automatic in this particular example and without the desirable digital dash.


The Laser was considered to be Chrysler’s first sports car, albeit with a focus on being a more upmarket twin to the Daytona. It didn’t stick around long, being phased out after a short production run and thus explaining why you don’t see many on the roads today. Based on the top photo of this entry, the seller has a healthy obsession with 80s Mopar turbo products. With less than 100K on the clock, there should be plenty of life left in this mill.


With the classic 80’s window louvers still in place and the racy profile of Chrysler’s windswept sports car, it’s not hard to mistake this Laser for a member of the Daytona family. However, I more enjoy the fact that it set the precedent for one of my favorite 80’s sports cars, the Chrysler Conquest. It’s hard to wrap my head around the thought of an automatic, but this is still a very nice survivor-grade example of a rarely seen variant.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. GTOJeff

    I worked on these new. Most folks hate the 80’s era of cars but I like them.

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  2. Teresa

    This is my car for sale.. thanks for the write up… hope it finds a new home!

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  3. Alan (Michigan)

    And the CSX in the background can be just as much fun, just has less style…

    Looks like the seller is a FWD MoPar man?

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    • grant

      Judging by the comment up above, she’s a Mopar girl.

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      • Alan (Michigan )

        Well then, I appreciate the nudge!
        Mopar does not discriminate!

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  4. boxdin

    I had one of these back in the day, great fun car kinda luxurious and plenty fast. It got stolen one day and the cops didn’t find it.

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  5. Chris in Nashville

    I would be bidding, if it was a stick…

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    • Tirefriar

      Definitely! The fact it has analog gauges is a HUGE plus.

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  6. HeadMaster1

    I see an 87 CSX and an 88 CSX-T parked there, I’d rather have either of those

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  7. Joe Muzy

    I have a 84 Dodge 600 Turbo convertible. Not worth much but it sure is a lot of fun and handles well in the mountains. Great value

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  8. Jamie

    I had one with the digital dash and leather I drove it everywhere and eventually drove it into the ground when I spun a bearing at close to 200k.

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  9. Adam

    I had a 1985-1/2 Laser XT that I ordered brand new before the dealer I bought it from even knew about it. I sold it in 2004 with only about 40,000 miles on it. It was a great car for the time. It was a little different than the 1986’s. Mine had the 5 speed stick (a fun car has to have a stick!!!) and only came with a digital dash.

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    I was going to comment that it must be a chicks car with the automatic transmission.nice car

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  11. M B

    Neat car, but over-shadowed by the Dodge Daytona sibling. Looks great!

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  12. Mike

    2 things for all the anti auto shift guys. Automatics can be built, and nothing shifts faster than an automatic. We had a Daytona built to run in the 10s, it had to be converted to an automatic, as the clutch and pressure plates couldn’t handle the horsepower. Yes Manual transmissions are fun, but I wouldn’t call an automatic, a chicks car, Chrysler Master Tech, Viper Certified, ASE Certified.

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