Delorean Designed: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

With only one owner all of its life, this ’69 Grand Prix is a sweet upscale muscle car that has been very well maintained. 1969 was the first year for this Grand Prix re-design which John Delorean had a hand in. Appearing to be a clean and neat example of a survivor, this Pontiac is offered for $28,260. Find it here on craigslist out of Redding, California.

Dusty yet clean, the massive 428 cubic inch V8 has only covered 360 miles. It is not exactly clear when the engine was rebuilt, but it would appear it has been sometime since this Grand Prix hit the streets. Having covered 115,000 miles in its life time, the engine bay is very tidy with no signs of rust, or damage. It is not exactly clear, but I would assume this SJ to be a driver.

In very nice condition, the interior shows beautifully with only a few minor signs of age. The seats have some wrinkles from use, and the rim of the steering wheel is slightly off color. The factory rubber mats are installed but the driver side mat is split. There is a mark on the lower portion of the dash on the driver side, and the steering column trim is slightly off color. Beyond those factors, this green interior has been nicely maintained, and suffers from no major issues.

Described as having no dings or bondo, I suspect that this Pontiac may have been resprayed in its lifetime as the paint has a lot of depth to it, and it is very shiny. Even is this car has had a respray, that takes nothing away from the beauty of this classic. The paint is wonderfully shiny, and without any flaws. Panel gaps, and fitment look excellent, and all of the body trim is fit and clean. The unique grill and bumper is clean without any dents or obvious rust, and the rear bumper is just a nice. With no visible condition issues this Grand Prix SJ is a very nice upscale muscle car, and a great example of Delorean design. Are you a fan of this Delorean designed Pontiacs?

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  1. Chebby

    Always loved these GPs, you rarely see them. Seats even appear to be leather. The price is eye-popping however, and appears to be from a flipper or dealer, who could at least detail the car and take good photos to justify his asking price.

  2. Jeffro

    Sweet ride.

  3. dj

    Looks great. You can get them cheaper.

  4. Vin in NJ

    Love that cockpit style dash. Green must have been the color of the 70s. I’m sure in 40 years, people will wonder what was our fascination with grey tones.

  5. Bob S

    Mum had a Green one with a 400 4 bbl. Great car. Not a muscle car, a personal luxury car. Sorry, but it won’t sell at 28K.

  6. Mark Hoffman

    We had a neighbor that bought a new Pontiac Catalina 2-door every even numbered year.

    When the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix came out he traded his 68 Catalina for a 69 Grand Prix.

    All his cars were silver, black upscale interior, and black vinyl top.

  7. Don

    Does a remanufactured engine mean a different engine our the original?

    • dj

      Yep, that means it doesn’t have the original engine with it. Thus making it a non matching numbers car and to some worth less than a matching numbers car. There is no numbers exactly. But you can get the code seeing what year the engine is and check the build date on the heads and so forth.

  8. 70Kingswood

    looks like a very nice example and while the price seems a little high I would not be surprised if it sells for close to asking price. you rarely see power bucket seat in these.

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    The 69 GP is a gorgeous design. Right up there with a 65 Riviera to me

  10. Coventrycat

    I love GP’s, but how well maintained and loved can that be with a layer of dust like that on it, with pics that show someone desperate just to get them published? Let the flippers find another venue to flog their stuff.

  11. David Wilk Staff

    I like the 69 Grand Prix a lot, especially with the 428 (though I think it is kind of heavy on the front end as a result). But this particular one seems expensive, a a non-matching number car; and it does not feature the HO 428 engine that is much more desirable. There is one on eBay now, which seems like a better choice.

    • Car Guy

      As a kid, I went for a ride in a brand new 69 GP 428-HO like this one. I remember thinking it had to be one of the coolest cars in the world. Plenty of room in the back seat for me, and the longest hood I had ever seen……..

    • Marty Parker

      The 428 is no heavier than the 400.

  12. D

    Does snow happen in that area of CA? Looks pretty good yet I think the price is high. I like it because it is a positive different breed! I will get all 5 new tires first and it won’t need snow tires.

  13. 68 custom

    back in the day I went to look at a beat up 69 SJ. it ran well but was trashed, after seeing the owner had added aftermarket gauges in spite of the fact that it was factory equipped with gauges and the guy mangled the dash in the process I walked away. would love to own one this nice!

  14. Keith

    Big, big fan of these – and the ’71-72s as well. Too bad the asking prices have gone through the roof these past few years.

    Walked past several good candidates 10-ish years ago when a solid driver was $5-6K and my pockets were empty… now I’d jump on one for that price.

    Perhaps in a few more years, a guy could restore one without being completely upside-down on it. Survivors are getting scarce, and decent older restos are starting to bring the big bucks – but unrestored project cars are still cheap (for now).

    I’ve got a ’71 SJ sitting around that I bought in ’08 or so for a few hundred bucks. 455, triple black, fairly clean/straight – but the drivetrain is MIA, and it basically needs everything (mechanical, paint, interior). Back then it was cheaper to buy a runner than do a restoration… I suspect that won’t be the case much longer!

  15. Howard A Member

    One of my ex-BIL’s had a car like this. It was a really, really nice car. Again, flabbergasted at what they’re asking, nobody wanted these cars in the 80’s, I’m sure my BIL didn’t pay more than $500 bucks for it. Most were beat to death and the motors went in a Tempest. Nice find, but not that nice. Just try and find THAT upper radiator hose at the local Auto Houses. ( we can put 2 together for ya, that’s how freakin’ long that front end was)

    • jwinters

      Howard did you lose your glasses again? look at the hose, it has a blue tag on it with a NAPA logo. the part number is right there on that tag, you can get it at any NAPA store I bet.


    nice car but it will never be worth the asking price.

  17. Brian J Manners

    Ithink is a beautiful car just overpriced… I love my 71 GP model J 455 👍👍👍👍

  18. Luke Fitzgerald

    Maybe it was JZs car – sold for blow

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Luke, I know you’re kidding, but sadly, to some, he is more known for that, than some of the cool cars he brought us.

      • rs

        I think he was set up with that drug transaction thing – likely susceptible to a way to make some quick money with his own sports car brand on the ropes. Drug dealing was not in his past.

        I highly recommend to read his book ‘On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors’. It’s a fascinating insider look at the US auto industry from the 1950’s to the early 70’s particularly GM but the industry as a whole, including the business ‘politics’ (who could drive how expensive of a car based on their position for example) and product development and many other things. Learn how GM forced a corporate Vega design on the divisions and how the very first one broke in two at the firewall on the test course. An EXCELLENT read.

  19. scottymac

    Price vs. condition? Maybe if it was one of the rare four speeds.

  20. duke

    something is up
    there is a huge ass snow tire in the trunk

  21. Jim Benjaminson

    Had a ’70. Wish I had it back!

  22. GP Member

    I love all the G.P. attention.

  23. Rustytech

    Nice car, and I loved them, but this is over priced by at least $10k

  24. Rolf Poncho 455

    love em


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